Sunday, January 29, 2012

Footy drills on i-Phone, i-Pad

Pic Four-Four-Two

I've always had the highest degree of respect for Ron Smith, FA of Malaysia's former director of coaching. We spoke about football development at great length and both of us who had the privilege of touring Japan in 1999, were impressed with the footy culture over there which is virtually impossible to emulate and replicate in Malaysia so long we have individuals/politicians with vested interests running the show here.

So when former Perak coach Steve Darby highlighted Ron's latest tech mobile idea, I am only too pleased to share it here.

Steve wrote:

Never done this before, but its good that football people are doing things for the game and not just "take money and run" people. May be of great use to coaches (especially younger ones)

My friend, Ron Smith,(Ex AIS Head Coach and on Socceroo staff) has launched an iPhone App called "Football Practices". There are 30 practices with a sample of a practice for any number of players from 3 right through to 20. They are animated so all you have to do is select the practice you want to see, press play and then just watch and listen to the instructions.

There are three categories to select from, 3-10, 11-20 and Shooting Practices and they are mostly opposed practices. The App is free to download to view the 3 free samples, once you see those you will want to download the other 27 for $1.99.

I think the App is great and could be very handy to have in my phone but it also works on the iPad and iPod. Read the 4-4-2 report on Ron's app.

As soon as my 6 year old downloads it I'll be using it!!!

Ron will be launching a new website in a couple of months so if you want to be notified when it is ready go to and enter your email address and you'll be notified.

Hope its of use.


Anonymous said...

Rizal, tumpang tempel sekejap.

Selangor dapat undi kela penyokong terbaik.

Tapi tengok kat TV, Selangor vs Sarawak, kososng je....


Anonymous said...

Dah download and very interesting apps.

Basic coaching can be applied if we follow the apps instruction.

But in terms of fitness not be explained,may be some other apps can be developed.


Aidil... said...

Bila FAM nak buat pemilihan utk committee & AJK....ada baiknya saudara bertanding sekali...Ada rezeki boleh menang...ini kerana melalui tulisan banyak sangat idea yang saudara war2kan...mungkin u can be a person u can change the FAM or Malaysia Rank...base on your intelligent idea...implement semua ideas tu utk kebaikan bersama...I'll challenge you....Gambate

Anonymous said...

off topik..
gua baru tgk latest dengan izin...apasal bro bukan main baik lagi dengan si razali ibrahim dengan org lain bukan main dahsyat lagi soalan2 yg ditanya??? Tak adil betullah bro...dgn mamat ISTAF ko bukan main lagi hantam...dengan si razali, macam menikus pulak...macam kelas tadika pulak aku tgk...

Anonymous said...

selangor d undi bkn sebab penyokong ramai, tp d nilai sebagai penyokong yg krg menimbulkn kekecohan. tak guna penyokong ramai tp disiplin zero.

Anonymous said...

biasalah si rizal neh, xkn korang sume xtau lg. razali tu kn satu bendera dgn dia, xkn dia nk hentam kot. blogger sampah mcm ni faham2 je la.

mdfaizal said...

Saudara rizal, nak tumpang komen sini.
[ & ]

Dua website RASMI berkaitan Liga-M.Tetapi result tak update, statistik takde, nak tau sapa yg score pun tak dpt. Profesional ke mcm ni? Sapa yg maintain dua web ni, FAM gantikan je dgn staff/vendor lain.

nak juga tau 1st eleven setiap game, statistik, sapa yg score min berapa.
dlm pun takde!!
web betting pun lagi bagus dlm hal ni. malu la sikit..

Saudara rizal, anda boleh tlg ingatkan perkara ni kpd pihak berkaitan??