Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mike oh Mike

I heard Maninderjit Singh or Mike as he is better known in hockey circles incurred the wrath of Malaysian Hockey Council (MHC) leaders. Why? Read his scathing attack on the international body in Jugjet Singh's blog  here. Next time Mike, as the general secretary of a very prominent body, you should seek the advise of your journalist friends. Some of us have the ability to "attack" in a very subtle manner, or write in a style that can be construed as hard with a tinge of humility. Really, tak tipu.

Mike (left) should learn a thing or two from Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) honorary secretary, Datuk Sieh Kok Chi on how to deal with international bodies...

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Anonymous said...

hoki dahlah tak bagus tapi cerita je lebih. dengan team lemah pun kadang2 tak larat nak menang. bilalah Malaysia nak masuk top ranking dan layak main kat Champions Trophy secara Merit?