Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Malaysia that I know has no 1 before it...

Hey, we are one Malaysia without having to keep on reminding ourselves of 1Malaysia. Why is it that we have to have 1Malaysia everywhere?

The idea of having Malaysia represented in Formula1 will bring about intangible benefits, for sure but it seems anything and everything that is connected to Malaysia must have the 1Malaysia branding.

Why don't we just stick to Malaysia, our beloved country. As far as loose cannon is concerned, a major portion of his life has always been to espouse the spirit of understanding, tolerance, camaraderie, co-operation and of course, of faith and toil with all, regardless of race and religion. Loose cannon can't help it for he was schooled in St John's, one of Kuala Lumpur's premier schools, which happens to be the alma mater of the man behind 1Malaysia.

Anyway read S.S Dhaliwal's entry here and Joe Marcose's posting here.


Anonymous said...

i agree wholeheartedly. 1Malaysia is now ubiquitous it makes me question the actual motive behind it. years ago, we didn't have to be reminded that we're all indeed Malaysian living in the same country.

i say they should stop having 1Malaysia stamped on every single new thing launched. soon enough, it'll become old.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should also credit Haresh Deol for scooping Malaysian press on Air Asia's involvement in F1.

Anonymous said...

Havent we learn from out past mistakes in F1? I have this feeling that a repeat of Minardi is bound to happen. Oh, I forgot. Then it was Malaysia, and now its 1Malaysia. - Once an angry young frenchman.

Anonymous said...

1 malaysia is a domestic and internal campaign.

by calling it 1 malaysia on the international front it would inevitably invite curiosity and later even misconceptions/accusations/allegations/beliefs etc that malaysia is a racist country.

besides, the name of the team is more corny than it is seriously glamourous. and f1 is all about glamour.

i got not problem with the setting up of a team. while the government has stated in the media that it's participation is via proton, i feel they should distance the federal administration from this venture as it will or already has invited strong criticisms. they gov has more pressing matters to attend to and with very little time.

the proposed color scheme of the car by the way is not going to win malaysia any popularity contest. again, it's about glamour.

at the moment, from the bits and pieces of news being released, the venture is still in its infancy stages. there is still time to organise the team well before the start of the season.

for a start and as a matter of housekeeping, i would suggest that the team, led by principal tony fernandes, set some strict ground rules about who is allowed to make press statements or speak to the media about team matters. at the moment it's just open season and free for all.

Harris Iskandar Taib

rizal hashim said...

Hitman, well said!

Anonymous said...

Do we have qualified staff to be an all-Malaysian team?

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

lazarus rokk said...

Gentlemen, the 1Malaysia concept is good, internally, because like it or not, we are divided by ethnic and religious classifications. The recent cow-head incident is testimony of that. And not to mention there is also that bumi-non-bumi division. So if you look at it, there are just far too many elements that are set to keep us apart rather than join us together. However if the intention of 1Malaysia is to eventually dissolve these classifications and leave us to be classified only as Malaysians or non-Malaysians, then this concept will work.

On the F1 political front, I totally agree with Haris, we would be implying to the world at large that we are not united. Some salient points there Haris.

As for the sport's element in it, maybe we should give Fairuz Fauzy a chance before we pre-judge him on our past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia is good but as pointed out above, it's getting corny. all races have been living in this country for decades without having to be reminded that we are "one".

maybe 1Malaysia is needed to assure equality across all gender, races etc. but i'm hoping that instead of that, we will someday gain back the trait of tolerance that Malaysians once practise.

as for our F1 team, i agree that if they're determined to make it an all-Malaysian team, please at least leave it to the professionals only. F1 is too huge an investment for the Government to be majorly involved in; their time and money are better off spent on the rakyat and its issues.

cikgu said...

From the very start I don't subscribe to the concept of 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Haresh Deol scooped the world but pity Malay Mail bosses didn't appreciate his efforts or play up the story.

NST tried to poke fun at Haresh's story but looks like you trained your protege well.

How much will the whole F1 deal cost? Apart for Fairuz, can you name another Malaysian who can be part of the F1 team?

Remember, it is a high performance sport? Could the-powers-that-be be looking at A1's team as it has some capable engineers, mechanics and bosses who are Malaysians.

KakiBola said...

walau apapun kupasan commentators di sini, saya langsung tidak bersetuju dengan penubuhan pasukan F1 untuk mewakili Malaysia atau pun 1Malaysia. saya yakin saudara-saudara semua maklum bahawa projek RASAKSA ini adalah gimik politik untuk popular. Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Anon 4:16, peristiwa Minardi bakal berulang. Konglomerat mana sekalipun yang terlibat dalam projek ini, kerajaan tidak terlepas daripada penglibatan mereka secara langsung dalam aspek kewangan. Rakyat tidak dapat menerima projek mega seumpama ini. Saya secara terus terang mengkritik keputusan kerajaan dengan projek F1 ini. Lebih banyak perkara yang perlu dibereskan oleh kerajaan dalam menyelesaikan kemelut sedia ada. Peminat di Malaysia perlu disogokkan dengan tiket percuma untuk datang menonton menyaksikan perlumbaan F1 di Malaysia bagi memenuhi quota penonton. Cukuplah, tumpukan pada sukan yang benar benar melibatkan rakyat Malaysia secara majorititnya untuk menakluki matlamat 1Malaysia. Wallahu'alam

teachuhman said...


I too disagree with the Idea of the government being involved directly in the team. Then too sell it with a cliche like '1MALAYSIA' is even worse.
Seems like we Malaysians seem to be preoccupied with rhetoric rather than reality of life itself.

Sad Malaysian

The Third Eye said...

Yes Bro, number one all the way. Last time only Malaysia. Corot also can and tengah also can? But now we must be numero uno. Number one and nothing less. So we must keep reminding Malaysians to be one even though there will be some who do not want to be united and we must remind them that we need to be number one in anything we do, nothing less. So ordinary Malaysians, lets strive to be number one in Malaysia and in the world.