Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adieu, sayonara, Slider

I'm in the dark as to why Haris Hussain is called Slider by his friends, aides, accomplices and cohorts. But that's not the issue here.

The recently promoted associate editor of the Malay Mail tendered his resignation recently.

So I attended Slider's farewell do at Sooka Sentral, exactly a week ago! It was good to meet old colleagues and bitch about people, hahahaaha!Those who really made their presence felt were Nudge, Muli the Politician from Perlis and his significant other, my fellow Johoreans Dawn, Chew and Adly plus Jyja, the sales "girl" whom I have had the pleasure of being friends with since our teenage years. While they were in merry-making mood, I merely ate.

I don't have to agree with what His Momma says...and I also do not understand why does Haris have to show his tongue, it's not exactly tongue-in-cheek, eh? Seen in the background is Graig Nunis who thinks life revolves around either Liverpool or Seremban. And that is sad. Right after taking this picture, my battery went "kong"...and what does that tell you???

Introducing Raven, Malay Mail's version of Padayappa. We used to join forces in designing pages from Open Letters, the Mole column to the write-ups during the 2006 World Cup. He used to say: "I don't like you la are fussy!" Although this is a non-smoking blog (that means I don't smoke and I don't condone smoking), I've no idea how to crop the cigarette out of the here is Raven at his most Padayappa.

Dawn (right) and Chew...hey Dawn take me to your uncle's shop at Kluang Railway Station. Roti kahwin 3 set...

Yaakob Yusof (left) and T. Vignesh (his nickname at the sports desk was Apom)...the two self-proclaimed "bouncers". Yaakob is now with the production company that produces Expose Mistik at 105 (that's Astro Prima for the uninitiated) while Apom "the gangsta rapper" is enjoying life at the New Straits Times...


Fowler is God said...

I'm not surprised your camera kaputted after taking my picture. It is a sophisticated equipment - you are most definitely not - and recognises perfection when it sees it ... hence it stopped working after snapping my picture as it knew it could not get anything better after that :-p

Besides Liverpool and Seremban, nothing else matters, apart from Subanj Jaya muuuuuuaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Fowler is God said...

oops i meant subang jaya.

Btw, i tot u the one bitching the most :-p

Anonymous said...

I am only Muli's significant other ah? Not worth mentioning ah? And I have to put up with you calling at odd hours (odd to me as most times you call, the kids and I are tucking in already), missing the most important person in our bunk!!!


Anonymous said...

Rizal, you should have picked up the bill. You dapat VSS mah. Anyway, to the organiser/s, tq 4 inviting me and me wife. Sori that we couldn't stay long enough for the dancing-dancing that night. had to 'bunk'.. ;)


Mrs TK said...

Wah Rizal, thanks for the FREE advertisement for my Unca Jack. He sure love you long time. Jom la, kita convoy to Kluang for the real thang, dudes! Yeah I agree with Mr Bunk Bunk that you should have picked up the tab. Come on Rizal, give me back my money! Thanks for coming and memanjangkan the last supper table. See u soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering, why you guys didn't invite MM Editor Mr Yushaimi Yahaya? Slider and Yush, buddy-buddy what. How come Slider's farewell do, Yush wasn't there. Where's the faith?


Anonymous said...

Mentang mentang lah I tak tau berdansa, you all tak invite I.


cantona is god said...

Bad (Mr Merajuk),

Don't sulk bro. Do you know that you are not popular among reporters?

What goes around, comes around. You should earn their respect, not ask from them.

Look at Rizal, even though he's no longer in MM, reporters there still remember him with high regards and because of that he was invited. He didn't ask to be invited.

The only thing he did wrong that night, like Mr PFP and Mrs tk said, was that he didn't pick up the tab.

And to answer K.S (or is it K. Sujartha?), your editor was not invited simply because we don't trust him anymore. We have lost faith in him.