Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kelly for FAT

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) bid farewell to assistant general secretary Kelly Sathiraj tomorrow. Read jaihomalaysia's Winds of change for Kelly

Kelly, a sports management graduate of University Malaya, spent four years at Wisma FAM, joining the national body as the assistant head of competitions in 2008.

The Malaccan-born former hockey and cricket player began his career as the regional development officer at the Asian Football Confedereation (AFC) in 2000, during the days when I used to pay media director A. Subramaniam a visit at least once a month.

In early 2008 he joined FAM in the competitions department before he was tasked to head the international affairs and national teams's department a year later. In 2010 he was promoted to the assistant general secretary's post.

Kelly's resignation leaves a huge vacuum in FAM as far as international contacts are concerned. He is rich in experience, having worked as general coordinator at the FIFA World Cup in 2002 and other international tournaments plus numerous youth competitions all over Asia.

He has the unique distinction of having represented Malacca in cricket (Sukma), hockey (Sukma) and athletics, as well as playing football up to district level.

Kelly will take up the role as a consultant for Worawi Makudi, FA of Thailand (FAT) president. tasked to propose measures to restructure the governing body.

It is a pity that Kelly, like the rest of his predecessors who left FAM for greener pastures, could not restructure FAM. Read Pakar Bola Kita.


Nizar Irman Nordin (NIN) said...

These people are my source of inspiration. Profesionals runing the sports organization. Congrates to Kelly, working in a big football organizations is always my dream. Hopefully will follow his footsteps.

Anonymous said...

BRO - sangat setuju sebab yang tinggalkan FAM adalah mereka2 yang tak bagus & tak reti pasal bola. Yang bijak pandai je duduk kat FAM, sebab tu kita ranking tinggi kat FIFA. SELAMAT MAJU JAYA KEPADA BOLASEPAK MALAYSIA.

Tak mustahil satu hari nanti kita dgn Timor Leste pun boleh kecundang?


Management come and go. If u can the best means you can beat the rest.

HSKAMAL said...

What we are lacking seriously is human management. Managing sports bodies is not difficult considering our past leaders such as; the late Tan sri Hamzah and Khir. Can we emulate them? if so, i believe we can be in the right track.

To compare the current management people in sports and to say how good they are is a bit over broad. We have a proven track record during the seventies and early eighties. So, for me its no big deal wt the current management people. Frankly they are all cronies and kaki ampu and bodek.(Jai Ho). I, used to comment and tonched on many issues concerning FAM but non published by the blogger(Takut kena marah dgn TM).

Lets not pretendlah. How long can we go on like this? "Pls wipe-out the wabak" find a cure before we all are consumed by it.