Friday, July 20, 2012

Open letter by Thai coach

Wah, Thai national coach Winfried Schaefer has written an open letter asking everyone connected to the game to throw their weight behind the team ahead of the AFF Cup in November. One day Ong Kim Swee might be tempted to do the same!

Read it here


Anonymous said...


The letter is well writen by someone who really want to make a changes in Thai Football. He speak not only for sake of his career, but for sake of the thai's football.

No way...In Malaysia we will see this kind of open letter. What we will see is just a butch of media statement, very politically spoken to cover arse.

But, as a fan of Msia football. If our coaches did not write a open letter pun, we will still support our nation. I believe the fan out there looking forward fo9r the AFF cup despite all those disagreement with FAM and FA's warlords.

How to improve local football? to leave to OKS or Dato K alone wont help, but those warlords in FA must understand...Jgn Asyik Jaga kepentingan sendiri..and when these warlords bring the same attitute to FAM (basically org yg sama je state FA n FAM) will surely kill the game...

It may not need a rocket scientist to run a FA but these dumb arse are just killing the fan n football in general.

Juan Pablo Nakata

HSKAMAL said...

Well, most often coaches play the mind game on the players they coach. But here we see the Thai coach throwing in the towel before a fight or he is simply telling the Thai FA officials to do more...?

As for Ong Kim Swee, to do the same will result in his sacking.
I am not sure of the Thai FA officials reactions but i am very sure of what reactions to expect from our FA officials(TSAM)

It is sad to note that football officials in SEA region lack the sense of urgency and priorities.
But nevertheless, here i believe the Thai FA are better then us in so many ways...-their success thus far speaks for it selves.

The culture being practice in this region are those of stone-age where stupidity and ignorance prevails more often then anything-else. Here we have been nurtured to obey and follow the elders even-though you are right and they were wrong.

So, it is better for Ong Kim Swee not to follow-suit unless, he is prepared to come out and speak the truth and get the sack.