Sunday, July 22, 2012

Arsenal arrive today

UPDATED. 6.32pm...

I managed to ask only three questions in the welcome Press conference for Arsenal at Saujana a while ago...

1. Datuk K. Rajagobal, how crucial is this series of matches, against Arsenal and then Man City, in your attempt to form a decent side to defend the AFF Cup?
"...the chance to play against one of the best teams in the world is hard to come by...

2. How do you respond to criticism saying that matches of this nature do not help boost our FIFA rankings?
"...Ranking does not matter much, if you look at Brazil, they are one of the best teams but currently ranked 11. This Arsenal team has a host of world-class players and my players are assured of a top quality match..."

3. Mr Wenger, you were here in 1999 and since then have made three more visits to KL. Why do you keep on coming here?
"Why not?" he retorted followed by laughter from the floor.
"One of the reasons I did the job was to meet people from different cultures. Don't forget I spent two years here in Asia in Japan." The rest of his answer can be found in the form of this story here

Before making his welcoming remarks, Wenger faced Rajagobal, "I would like to congratulate you my friend, because you are still in charge, you must be that good," he said in what can only construed as a good-natured jibe.

When I posed Raja the first question, he began with:

"Mr Wenger, I have been with the federation (FAM) since 2002."

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ARSENAL arrive today...

It is Arsene Wenger's fourth trip to Kuala Lumpur since 1999. Read here

Arsenal FC (July 24) and Manchester City FC (July 30) - ah thankless tasks for the national team.

In recognition of the players’ selfless efforts, ProEvents – the exclusive organiser of the tour - treated the whole team and their families to a dinner at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya on Friday.

ProEvents Chief Executive Officer Julian Kam also presented the players with VIP tickets worth RM388 for the highly-anticipated matches at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

“The Malaysian national team has never failed to impress whenever they have been pitted against any team from the English Premier League. In view of the upcoming matches against Arsenal FC and against Manchester City, we would like to take this opportunity to wish our national team the best of luck for the coming games.

"It is also the perfect occasion for all within the fraternity to come together for some good food and a good time before the holy month of Ramadan begins tomorrow,” said Kam.

Tickets for the match are priced at RM58, RM68, RM108 and limited VIP tickets at RM388. Tickets are available at all Ticketpro outlets nationwide, Ticketpro hotline 03-7880-7999 and


HSKAMAL said...
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Asri said...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Rajagopal's rant on Malaysians not being patriotic enough by painting the stadium red and not wearing the national colours last year when his team faced Liverpool, deadly rival of his beloved Manchester United. To his ears, the crowd was only supporting Liverpool. Am just amazed to watch his post-match comments. Where was his professionalism?

Seemed to forget that when Malaysia XI faced United a few years ago, there was also a sea of red, but no comments/rants there on patriotism. Please tell Rajagopal to lighten up, Liverpool have never been to our shores as compared to United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich etc. So it is the LFC supporters rights to wear the red jersey while also waving the national flag and roared when Malaysia attacked & scored. There goes my rant for today. Selamat berpuasa, bro.


HSKAMAL said...

Shame on you Raja for calling Arsenal one of the best team in the world.
This shows Raja's limitation in his views and analysis They might be a very good team to Raja, but for me they are just ordinary compared to the Spanish and the Italians league teams.
Watching too much EPL will hinder the Malaysian teams progress and improvement.

"Please lah Raja, stop your nonsense and see whether you can qualify for Asia in the nearest future..."

Please ask yourself why is there difficulties for Malaysia to invite some of the top footballing countries from Asia to play us...? ...simply because, we are not up to the footballing standard yet.

Can you please explain to the football fan in Malaysia the match against Singapore in the W.cup qualifier where you and your boys lost and got kicked-out from progressing further disgracefully. Please explain with-out giving excuses like you all ways do (experimenting, injuries etc)
If you say that the Singapore team is better then us, shame on you Raja!!