Tuesday, May 26, 2009

U wartawan, I pun wartawan

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the phone

Last night I was invited as guest of U Wartawan

Thanks Astro Awani for the opportunity to discuss Malaysian football "live" on U Wartawan last night. I came in as a last-minute substitute for my fellow Kluangite Shebby Singh. Truth be told, I've given up on local football, well I mean the national team qualifying for a major tournament, let alone the World Cup. The football fraternity has explored a number of ideas over the decades to no avail.

I cited the example of a private sector-association joint venture between Ringgit Kreatif and KAFA in the early 90s and other initiatives that might even make the most pessimistic fan to see the glass half full but I sense that the ideas would not be successfully implemented.

I too pointed out there could be solutions in Robert Alberts' Road Map but what has happened to it? Why is FA of Malaysia sitting on it?

My visit to Japan in 1999 too enlightened me on the fact the Japanese make football a national agenda and a community affair. Host Haji Nazri Kahar who hails from Serkam, Melaka, confessed he is a Liverpool fan, so I pity him (hehe). We reminisced about Malacca (well, my late mum was from Merlimau) winning the league but nothing much to show otherwise. I had the privilege of meeting Awani's top bosses, Suhaimi Sulaiman and Kamarul Baharin Haron, in the flesh. Thanks Awani and Izzah.


ilhan mansis said...


makan keliling.

rtm pun masyuk.....awani pun masyuk....

ustaz said...

Masyuk dengan cara halal takpe. Dia bukan buat duit haram. Tu rezeki dia yang dah ditentukan oleh Tuhan

Anonymous said...

bodeking the awani bosses eh.
long live france hehehe

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

Anonymous said...

from ian awani

wah best masuk awani live. tp apa pun liverpool can still boast, m.u. not only failed to beat the reds this season (in fact kena thrash!) but also finally, my m.u. friends finally admit, they equal liverpool rec. last time they said tak kira bcz its division one lah, bukan epl la... but this year they finally admit. so after this they have to chase our european rec and i also hav the last laugh, eventho my team didnt win anything. i'm proud of the way the liverpool played this season, not even disappointed they didnt win the league (bcz dh 19 tahun dh... so nothing new, hehe). but thrs a lot of signs, tht they will do better next season)

i agree with rizal, barcelona will win, m.u. will fall.

and also my m.u. friends dulu said we win treble, bt nt all major trophy, now, even if m.u. win all 4, 2 nt major trophy.... so fikir la sendiri m.u. fans.

NotKJlah.... said...

Salam... Sesekali tu aku jenguk jugak blog ni. Nak keep updated dgn mana2 isu yg MUNGKIN menarik. Sensasilah tapi nak buat macamana kan.

Sesekali jugak aku tertengok tv3. Tak sengaja. Malam tadi aku ternampak si Nuar Musa bercakap. Tak sure what he was blabbing but I believe it has something to do with his unfortunate boys. Must be about his FA and his boys who are supposedly being punished by the all powerful FAM. The Acting God of Malaysian Football. F.A.M. KFA's coffer is running dry and simply said the boys would not be getting paid very very soon. It's in the news so I know this is not slanderous or anything like that.

So whats' your take on this la Tuan? Aren't we witnessing enough injustices right infront of our very eyes. Aku rasa this play-away-till-end-of-season must be a first of sorts. I cd be wrong. But i can see that the team, the boys, and their families are suffering. Kalau Juventus ke, Liverpool ke, Manyoo ke kena macamni, sah2 dia orang pun suffer. Guaranteed. Ini kan pulak budak2 dari Tanah Malaya ni.

Apa FAM tak sedar that a few families would be penniless in a few weeks or days maybe? And what are we doing about it? Nuar Musa takkan nak fork out duit dia selalu. Duit dia tu ada nak guna untuk "benda2" lain but that's a separate issue altogether la.

Come on la Tuan Blogger. Mr Loose Cannon Sir. Takkan nak tunggu warih kita yg dalam situasi begitu, tak dapat makan baru kita nak sedar? Nak bangkit?

FAM wajib disedarkan. FAM wajib dibangkitkan dari dunia mereka yg serba serbi sh*tty. There can only be a limit to any form of punishment.

Bloggers can help. Bloggers can apply some form of pressure. Sedangkan Sime Darby yg giant tu pun dapat Bloggers tumpaskan inikan pulak FAM. FAM is formed by some slimeballs, some worst kinds Malaysian have ever seen.

Your call Mr Loose Cannon.

to_ianAwani said...

ian awani.

game belum start lagi bro/sis. lagi banyak jam. so mulut jgn celupar. sure sana, sure sini. apa kata barca yg terkucil besok? what say u? alaaa.. manyoo baru 4. kita org aka the drunken kops ada 5. LIMA... hek elleh... apa lu nak cakap besok ian awani.....

so ian awani, lu pun kira cam expert la mcm rizal loose cannon ni? going by ur writing gua rasa lu banyak tokkok je. just like most of the drunkards. Yup. Drunken kops yg tak habis2 nak go down the history channel. not current langsung.

mcm ni la ian awani. lagi 5 tahun org tak ingat sapa nombor 2. dia org ingat the treble winners, champions etc etc.ok ok. maybe dia org akan ingat saper yg menang home and away against the eventual Champions but still FAILED to hold up the trophy. amazing aint it? and...Sad....

so pls get a life ian awani...

Ragunathan said...


Sebenarnya Loose cannon, BH, Metro, NST, Kosmo (sekadar menyebut beberapa media) dah acap kali melakukan serangan terhadap FAM tapi tak jalan-jalan. Entah apa ilmu yang Azzudin pakai tah.

Menurut sumber-sumber aku, semua kepincangan FAM ni tak diketahui oleh Tuanku Presiden. Oleh tu, Annuar Musa harus persembahkan kpd tuanku supaya baginda dapat selesaikan perkara ni.

Kalau nak harapkan Timbalan Presiden dan pegawai-pegawai lain, jangan mimpi lah. Suma nak cari makan....

Kuala Sepetang

Anonymous said...

ian awani said..

jangan marah bro. akhirnya tak terkucil juga barca, and 1 point for me. i sound typical drunkard kop, and you sounded typical man u fan.

huhu. suma expert pun belasah, on what they see, and the way i see football is making history, and liverpool is still the most successful club, and sir alex himself said that he's hunting liverpool record before and after they've win the 18th league.

i'm not new in sports, have been around for 10 years, that doesn't make me an expert, i don't claim. i also don't claim myself xgames expert, rizal yg tulis.

it's just the way i see it. everyone ada dia punya point of view. fr me, everyone in football is making history, esp ferguson, and currently, liverpool sucks at winning trophies, and lastest, man u suck at beating liverpool and i'm saying is head to head record, not wining the league, bcz fr me, what matters, is beating your rivals.

and currently, they suck at beating barca. and lg 5 atau 20 tahun pun, org akan ingat, liv kalah 2 kali dan tak menang league, and ia masuk dalam sejarah. mana tau esok man utd kalah sekali saja tp tak menang league, stastik tu orang bawa kuar balik and compare, cause it's a new record. fr football writers, we will always remember, ordinary ppl will 4get.

wait next season la bro. what will i write tmrw? well, watch sukan awani then...

BAG OF BONES said...


Sorry I do not symphatize with kelantan , melaka, polis, selangor or whoever faced the disciplinary Board for their own unruliness or incompetence. Their sob stories are pathethic, typical of Malaysian culture of seeking sympathy not very unlike rapist who claim they were helpless in view of the ever so seducing victim who forced them to succumb to the call of the devil and reluctantly give in to forbidden desires.

HoweverI have my reservations in the case of Ridhu (the coach la). The punishment was too harsh for a person who only championed football.

Otherwise, I totally agree with FAM's decision but at the same time, the parties should be allowed appeal and given a chance to prove that they are repentant.

The displinary Board is not faultless too, as there were cases that took too long to be arbitrated or even brought before them. And letting of serious offenders with a slap on the wrist is unacceptable too.

Well, we have some new people on the helm and hope that some good can come out of them, but remember people and fans are getting restless and fed up. Don't take too long.


Anti Pengganas Bola said...

DENGAR khabanya FAM dan batalkan penggantungan stadium Sultan Mohammed Ke-IV.

Saya mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya apa yang telah berlaku di Kota Bharu dulu tetapi menghukum sedemikian rupaya hanya 'kalah jadi arang dan menang jadi abu'. FAM rugi dan Kelantan juga rugi.

Penyakit FAM ni sejak Azzuddin jadi SU Agung ni begitu cepat menjatuhkan hukuman dan selepas itu baru nak ubah semula keputusan yang dibuat.

Orang-orang kuat FAM ni tak pandai gunakan kepala otak ke? Dulu potong 3 mata Selangor, lepas tu batalkan.

Bagi walkover pada KL Plus, lepas tu batal juga.

Gantung Stadium Kelantan, lepas tu batal juga. Apala nak jadi dengan FAM ni.

Agaknya semasa buat keputusan depa pakai kepala lutuk dan tak pakai otak kot?

FAM ni bolehlah diumpamakan macam mak bapak yang belasah dan dera anak-anak sampai lebam-lebam atau sampai separuh mati. Bila kawan tu dah lembek dan tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan, barulah nak pujuk dan bawak pi sepital. Dah tak guna dah waktu tu.

Lain kali FAM pakai lah otak sikit. Jangan ikut cara dan gaya askar saja.....

Anti Pengganas Bola
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