Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Sports Commssioner?

UPDATED 7.40am, May 26 - Oops, an apology is due to the relevant parties, particularly Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof. Bernama last night carried a report quoting Nik Mahmud as saying his contract as the Sports Commissioner would only expire in June next year.

This was also confirmed by the Ministry's Secretary-General, Datuk Yasin Salleh in his reply to my SMS.

But this still does not change the fact that Nik Mahmud is not suited for the role. Another 12 months of selective persecution and lack of decisiveness, perhaps?

Time for him to go...lah


The Sports Ministry is expected to install a new Sports Commissioner to replace Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof whose contract expired recently.

I for one would be glad to see the back of the former Secretary-General of the Sports Ministry. To me, he had committed numerous blunders, getting involved in his capacity as the adviser to Azalina Othman Said and failing to justify the decisions pertaining to issues such as the Champions Youth Cup (CYC) and the Tour de Langkawi controversy. Prior to his appointment as the Secretary General of the Ministry, he had no track record in sports!

Whether or not Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek has anybody in mind to replace Nik Mahmud is not my problem, but it will be problem if his contract is renewed. Either the Ministry converts the position into a permanent post or give it to someone who has a track record in sports, like for instance...

Zaki Abdul Rahman who was the COO of the 2001 SEA Games and director of development at the National Sports Council (NSC) for a long time...

...or Wan Ahmad Radzi Wan Abdul Rahman who was the head honcho of the Sports Division of the Youth and Sports Ministry in the 70s. He is the progenitor of two renowned athletes - Wan Nor Zaleha and Wan Maizan.

Tan Sri Elyas Omar (left) wielded the big stick when he was the Commissioner from 2005 to 2008. Pic taken from Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim's Jelebak Jelebu


nstman said...

Even god doesnt know there is a sports comissioner because there is hardly any input from this guy. By the way, what's the name of the commissioner? The trouble with appointing faceless functionaries is that they dont even know what they are supposed to do. For good measure, they dont even have the faintest idea of their functions.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness !! not Zaki for heaven's sake !!!
and dont you think Tan Sri Elyas has also done "enough" in his capacity as SC. dunno if he can contribute anymore.
Howz about Datuk Dell ??? now that could be something Xplosive.

another nstman said...

faceless functionaries, isn't that you nstman?

Anonymous said...

The SC is the 'registrar of sports bodies'. if one goes back to 1997 when the idea of such a registrar was mooted. it was to register 3 levels of governing body of a particular sport i.e district,state & national.

All was well until Jan 2005. The SC's then onwards do not seem to know where their 'function' begins and where does it end. The trouble is no one bothers to appreciate the 43 sections, 2 schedules and 3 regulations that exist in the Sports Dev Act 1997.

"I am the Law" seem to be the theme of operations.

The Ministers after 2005, Azalina, Ismail acknowledged the problem with the SC. Lets wait for Shabery's response.

SC's office should be closed and replaced as the extension of the Registrar of Societies. The Act to be repealed.

Anonymous said...

Before 1997 the ROS used to register and 'manage' sports bodies. The ROS officer was never a sports great or even a sports person. Why do we need a sports person or a sports great to do the administrative work.

Simple- just follow the law and do your job. Don't act smart. You don't contribute anything.You are not suppose to. Just register accordingly.

Anonymous said...

lupa untuk masukan mazlan ahmad dalam pertimbangan calon.

ACA said...


Did you know that the MACC has a file opened on the Sport Com's office. They even have interviewed some officials in the sports organisations.

This is all because of the publicity in the media about the Sports Com's office. The outcome is going to be interesting. Lets wait and see.

They welcome any member from any sports organisation having 'issues' with the SC's office to go forward and assist them with their investigations and findings. They should approach 'Systems & Procedure' department

The outcome is going to be interesting. Lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

mr Loose Cannon, you are not on the ball. Elementary mistakes of this nature are not acceptable you know.

~ Commissioner for oath ~

Anonymous said...

Rizal, takkanlah dapat makan laksa sarawak engkau terus nak sokong Elyas.. dia dah tua, dah nyanyok.

dah banyak dia rosakkan, tengok saja MTA, SBA, KLBA....

so tolonglah, now aku takkan kasihan dia sebab dia memang tak guna.

jangan lupa kes lawan pedang dulu ya.... hamlou punya orang lah dia ni

KerjaGomen said...

Better leave office now before causing further damage to sports associations.

Isnt it obvious that anything they touch ends up either in court or in trouble.

The golden rule is "IF IT AINT BROKEN, DONT TRY TO FIX IT"

Maybe the Ministers should be told that this is not the place for retired KSU's to cari makan.

PJSwannabe said...

What? Slip up? Mistake? I rasa its a good thing you brought it up. Let the new Minister know that the office ought to be CLOSED DOWN!

Bro you would have all the facts and figures of the PJS wrong doings. from badminton, tekwando, cycling, hockey etc. It is your moral duty to the sports fratenity to unfold all to the Minister.
(But then again, maybe the minister also know already and just palying dumb)

If you remember. the previous minister also admitted to the mistakes by the PJS office. What some more.

Who should be the next PJS? Answer: none. Pejabat PJS telah dibubar setelah Akta 576 dibatal di Parlimen, Harap Maklum.

NeedScrotalGumption said...

What business does the SC have in directing the NSA's and SSA's to do this and that. SC has NO SUCH POWERS. I didnt know this until aha..

sometime last year the SC's office called all to consider the amendment to the ACT. Thats when it was so apparent that the SC's office now wants to include sections in the Act to give them the powers to do the things they are already doing.

I think its called placing the cart before the horse or something like that.

So isnt it unlawful for the SC's office to direct this and that when they dont have the power to do so in the first place.

Then why are they still behaving with such arrogance..B e c o z
all the NSA and SSA are all pengecut. As long as there are pengecuts, there wil always be bullies.

This is where i take my hats off to my friends in the badminton association who took the SC tocourt.

Wa CAYA SAMA LU..oh oh ya you too la the fellas in tekwando. But not my friends in Golf.

OLDMAN said...

Dear Mr.Rizal,

I dont remember reading about the Registrar of Societies when he used to register sports bodies as much as I do about the commissioner that i do today.

WHen i spoke to my retired buddy who was once the ROS about this, he just said 'what to do'. somewhat similar to the article by the mole in MalayMail recently.

His response to my question was the Comm and his job was no different. In 1997 when Muhiddin Yassin wanted to get some Akta ennacted, they rushed through the SPorts Act. I know that the Secretary in OCM was all out against the manner on how shabilly it was done and on how the associtions were not given protection and what not.

But 'what to do' Hamzah just told him to not make so much noise. The Akta according to my buddy, was suppose to be a friendly Act. An Act to facilitate and promote sports administration. Even the Minister promised that it will not be abused.

Today, its all different. As time passes, people forget the REASON and PURPOSE for the Act. Just like many other things in our lives. The Act was not ennacted to POLICE the sports people but to assist and help. Not how it is done today.

I understand that the Secretary still holds firm to what he stood for in 1997 which has off course made him unpopular among the people in the Commissioner's office.

If you are suggesting a replacement, why not a retired ROS, who would know how to deal with constitutions and regulations and what not.

Semetimes its good to look for help from outside the box.

cheers Rizal