Thursday, May 14, 2009

Troubled waters

A former optimist sailor is in troubled waters. In his 20s, he is under investigation for alleged criminal breach of trust. He has apparently absconded with a large sum of money from a renowned bank.

There's another story. He had confided in a few people that he was desperate for money and was struggling to make ends meet. He claimed the authorities had left him to fend on his own and other sailors of his generation who had succumbed to drug addiction.

Though the allegations are serious and not to be condoned, it's clear that some of our ex-athletes are "lost" in the real world. Imagine a decade or two ago he was a celebrated sailor who represented the country in several World Championships, won a gold medal in a SEA Games and a silver medal in an Asian Games.

An optimist sailor has to upgrade him or herself to another category upon reaching 15 and the rate of success is usually slim. By 18, the sailor could be in no man's land - out of the scheme of things, unemployed and possibly with no SRP or SPM results to fall back on.

This is where the authorities - National Sports Council and the National Athletes' Welfare Foundation or YAKEB - can help. YAKEB, chaired by former sprinter Datuk Paduka Mumtaz Jaffar, perhaps can come up with a mechanism or insurance scheme that would help ease the financial burden of our ex-athletes. While it's good medals at the Asian, Commonwealth and Olympic Games guarantee medal winners a lump sum, it's worth considering a retirement scheme that would ensure a token sum is being bankrolled into their account on a monthly basis. The scheme should not be restricted to medal winners but also those who were once in the national programme.

Not every athlete can become a successful football pundit like Shebby Singh or earn a living from the sport they had served with passion.

It will dawn upon them one day that the adulation, celebration and ecstasy will not last for long. Make hay while the sun shines. In the sailor's case, the sun is no longer shining.


exinternational said...

Bro don't make me puke what mumtaz to help,where were she when Kamaruddin Maidin was dying.Ask yourself this,if even to visit a great like arwah took so long what more here and remember SHE IS ALSO BEHAVING LIKE A POLITICIAN.

Anonymous said...

too many sick people in sports and people like you bro rizal and the minghty chaps in bh are making things worse. we need quality writers also besides pro officials.

Anonymous said...

bro, ibrahim saad lawan manikvasagam jegathesan for no 2 in ocm. memang ibrahim not terbaik, tpi pasti lebh baik dari yg skrg. tolonglah skong dia

Anonymous said...

ahhhh good suggestion from our bro rizal. jangan marah anon 8:34. everybody entitle with their own opinion as much as yours. please accept that philosophy.

as YAKEB the new minister should think deeply on what roles should YAKEB play?? and should muntaz be the Pengerusi?? we should find somebody who are have clear intention and pure heart to be the chairman, baru la all the athlete di jaga dengan betul.


Anonymous said...


MSN kan ada unit kebajikan bawah ex atlet juga Zaiton Othman. Bukan tugas dia ker untuk buat keje ni semua. msn takkan takder rekod atlet yang pernah wakil peringkat dunia dan keep track perkemabangan selepas bersara.

Anonymous said...

Yakeb dan unit kebajikan MSN bukan kerja duduk dan minum kopi. Buat lah kertas kerja proposal bagi kat menteri. Menteri pun jangan dok lawat orang cedera aje, pun kena pikir apa nak buat kat orang macam sailor ni

kena tolonglah dulu diaorang ni wakil negara sampai peringkat dunia, sekarang kita kena tolong sikit

ni yakeb dengan msn ni kena lah selaras kerja, siapa nak buat itu, siapa nak buat ini...

kurang-kurang check balik rekod ada tak alamat rumah dan no telefon atlit yang masih hidup dari zaman olimpik 58, 60an sampai yang 90an. kena keja dan duduk dengan persatuan supaya yakeb dan unit kebajikan msn bukan makan gaji buta

bekas atlit

Anonymous said...

cuba kau tengok borang penerimaan pencalonan ocm. dua soalan: ada anda seorang muflis; kedua; pernahkah dulu anda tidak memakumlan kpd ocm. kok chi & roy toddy mahu halang latifah dari bertanding. this is evil. patutlah sukan kita tak bolih maju. ada iblis.

Anonymous said...

bro this story saddens me. it is a big issue but nobody is paying attention to it. the mainstream press will not pick it up because they are afraid to give you credit for it or they dont have the details. athletes must remember one moment they are on top of the world, then the world can come crushing down on them. someone must pressure Shabery to do something about this.

An Olympian

Anonymous said...

anon 8.34, gua gerenti lu org MSN yang anti-BH, hahahahahaha pasal tak dapat sokongan untuk jual nama Low Beng Choo.....takpe BH, teruskan perjuangan, jangan jadi pak turut macam org kat MSN.. hidup Kok Chi.

Anonymous said...

ya bh, musnah sukan negara. pastikan kok chi bukan sahaja jadi setiausaha, tapi juga jadi penasihat kanan menteri. kalau boleh bagi dia jadi superintendent sukan, atas persuruhjaya.

Mintak sikit said...

YAKEB tu sebenarnya utk ape?! Suruh Mumtaz jgn politik la! masa dia launch YAKEB kat stadium tu, dia jemput Rosmah, tapi tak ade yang datang cuma Ismail Sabri. Mumtaz bagi speech sampai berpeluh dan menggigil. Lepas tu, yang aku naik darah depa bagi sumbangan kpd bini Misbun sebanyak RM50 ribu utk pembedahan buah pinggang..ok la takpe its ok. TAPI ada sipolan dari BAM yang dlm skuad Olimpik kena buat operation yg sama hanya diberi RM 10 ribu. Dei amacam da? Sampai Marina Chin pun naik geram. Macam tu la kalau ada Dr. kat depan nama padahal kelulusan SRP (PMR)..pigidah!!!