Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Pete's sake, release the list lah!

These are the three individuals who form the independent panel to oversee the Olympic Council of Malaysia's annual general meeting on May 30!

As a former Deputy Secretary General or in Government lingo, TKSU of the Sports Ministry and the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and Posts and highly experienced in sports politics, having spearheaded netball's governing body for 24 years, why can't she release the names of the candidates for the OCM elections on May 30? Sorry ah Cik Hajjah, it's been quite a while since we last argued. She is a well-known Sieh Kok Chi sympathiser

It was fun covering Adam Malik during his heyday and his father Datuk Malik Salleh who was once the Selangor State legal adviser and LTAM boss. Now president of Selangor Lawn Tennis Association.

Once the dust has settled, Stanley Charles Louis, once with Sukom'98 Berhad, can focus on ensuring the OCM sports channel is up and running on Astro by November

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GK said...

Kenapa Cik Hajjah tak masuk bertanding?