Monday, April 30, 2012

Peratusan peluang pingat Olimpik

Kurang 100 hari dari sekarang bukan saja bulan Ramadhan tetapi juga temasya Olimpik bermula. Jadi apakah peluang kontinjen negara?

Aku rasa peluang terbaik untuk kutip pingat dalam acara terjun.

70 peratus daripada Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

50 peratus daripada Azizulhasni Awang.

40 peratus daripada team memanah diketuai Chen Chu Sian.

Yang pasti pegawai-pegawai 100 peratus dapat makan angin...hehe..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tokcik on Zabri

Former RTM producer Zabri Adil passed away on Thursday. He was the progenitor of journalist-turned-press secretary-turned-businessman Adlin Murtadza Zabri, old boy of VI, and my fellow Johannian Adlan Mustafa Zabri. Zabri produced numerous football matches in the 70s and also the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1977. A fitting tribute was written by former TV and radio sports commentator, Haji Amran A Hamid, fondly known as Tokcik. Read it here. Tokcik's blog by right should be made a point of reference for people connected to the broadcasting industry, especially those currently running the various stations in the country. Jangan ingat dah terror sangat. Heartfelt condolences to Adlin's family. Al-Fatihah.

Ragbi 10 sekolah-sekolah Cobra-Yayasan CIMB

Spoon, bowl, plate dan cup - ah, istilah ini bukan untuk makan tapi khas ada dalam sukan ragbi. Semua kategori ini dipertandingkan pada Kejohanan Sekolah-sekolah Ragbi 10 Cobra Yayasan CIMB baru-baru ini.

Laporannya dalam di sini

Kejohanan dua hari itu membabitkan 14 sekolah berasrama penuh, sebuah sekolah sukan dan lima dari lur negara, Thailand, China, Australia, Taiwan dan New Zealand.

Final spoon
Sakti Kota Tinggi 27 MRSM Balik Pulau 7

Final bowl
SSTMI 14 Sekolah Yahya Petra 0

Final plate

Final cup (kategori utama lah)
STAR 21 Zaaba 7

Pemain terbaik: Mohd Azim Zainurin (STAR)

Hadiah disampaikan oleh CEO Yayasan CIMB, Datuk Shukri Hussin.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Malaysian MotoGP Visit Spain...

Come October, the world's premier motorcycling championship, the World MotoGP, will reach our shores as the 2012 Malaysian Motorcycling Championship - Visit Spain.

Tourism Spain has replaced Shell Advanced as the title sponsor of the Malaysian leg in Sepang.

So which Spanish brand will be associated with the Malaysian MotoGP...Barca?

Matador and bullfighting?

A Frenchman, a Brazilian, a Portuguese and a German promoting the Spanish capital?

Or this logo?

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) CEO Datuk Razlan Razali revealed this during last week's Kafe Sukan

Expressing his disappointment that no Malaysian brand will be projected to the world come October.

Read the Dorna-Tourism Spain deal here

Kafe Sukan, two years on...

Kafe Sukan was one of Astro Arena's signature show when the channel was launched in March 2010, alongside Formasi hosted by Zainal Abidin Rawop.

When Astro Arena chief the late Matt McKeown spoke to me about my role in Astro Arena in late 2009, he wanted a blogger to be part of one issue-based program. Read here. Later I discovered it was Slamet Sazly Yakub who had proposed my name to Matt and channel manager Venu Ramadass, a former national cricketer whom I had the privilege of knowing while writing for the Malay Mail. They identified the blogger first, before identifying the host. Bukan angkat bakul, merely stating fact. Several discussions on what was supposed to be the elements on the show were held between Venu, Slamet and I.

The first episode kicked-off on March 29, 2010, produced by Slamet. Read here. Later Nasser Zainal Abidin became producer until June 2011.

Original promo

Akbar pre-i-Pad/tablet days

Live at the impressive near Subang Jaya

I invited former NSC director-general, Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad and former Berita Harian sports editor, Norbakti Alias

Datuk Lee Chong Wei was in a relaxed mood throughout the show

Not only I proposed and invited most of the guests, but also initiated Kafe Sukan live at Kolej Komuniti Selayang following suggestions by Chef Aswad. The show featured Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal and Datuk K. Rajagobal.

Akbar and I on the receiving end

Akbar is the face of Kafe Sukan, hosting issues on various sports, including motorsports

The doping scandal was discussed by Tan Sri Dr M. Jegathesan and Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz

Abdul Halim Kader, ISTAF secretary general enjoying the limelight

Musa Noor Mohamad and Manshahar Abdul Jalil spoke about coaches

Hamberi Mahat, among those who had the balls to speak against Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim

Following the AFF Cup win, I told Slamet we must get Rajagobal. In order to get Rajagobal to the studio, the process began days earlier, taking me to FAM, Filem Negara and Astro Arena. I don't think any frontliner on any TV station would have done the same. Let me refresh your memory here

Kafe Sukan is now produced by either Rozaini Ahmad, Lukman Salleh and Slamet.

Merci, Maman

99 days from today, the curtains to the 30th Olympic Games (the summer edition) will be raised as London extends its warm welcome to the rest of the world, athletes, coaches, officials and the media. The journey for all athletes, though, began years ago, as you can see in this video. The journey for most Malaysian officials began a few years back with numerous reconnaissance trips. Lucky you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nothing wrong with Beng Hai's report

Read the New Straits Times report in February 2011 here, Ismail Abu's case here. Read Voice in Sports, always a voice of reason, here and here.

Read the interview with the Star in March 2009 here and also Beng Hai does Malaysia proud here. Also read Beng Hai terap disiplin tinggi here, setting Hai standards here and some of the issues raised in 2008/2009 here.

Now let's read the Star's Tai-tanic here.

Particularly this paragraph: “It was a period of turbulence. It was a period of fire fighting to get the house in order. The problems ranged from missing training, faking injury, financial problems (owing money to loan sharks), Internet gambling, skipping gym to play kuda machine, match-fixing, coming to morning training drunk, skipping training after a night out drinking, clubbing into the wee hours of the morning, poor injury management (some injured for 1-2 years), poor training attitude and commitment, poor fitness and strength, and, in 2011, use of recreational drugs as well.”

This particular list was part of Beng Hai's conclusion which read:

It is clear that the spill-over from earlier problems or approach is taking affect of the team. However we must be positive that we are not too far away from qualifying for the Olympic Games or World Cup. The players' natural talent have made the turn-around easier but whether we get to the next level depends on the small and minor details in getting all the things right.

He mentioned the 2002 World Cup and the 2009/2010 turbulent period before adding in the following paragraph that after 2010, he had managed to eradicate most of the problems or contain it and focused on chasing results.

His recommendation, in his own words: "My recommendation should also be concurrently implemented with the shortcomings for the OQ (Olympic Qualifiers). Together with better problem solving solutions we should be able to address the source of the problem.

The Australian for example after the Montreal Olympics established the Australian Institute of Sports to address their humiliation of not winning a single gold medal. It was made worse when the Australian hockey team lost to New Zealand for the gold medal.

Australian hockey always finished among the top 6 in every Olympic. Did they win the gold the very next Olympics after forming the AIS? It took the Australians 28 years to solve whatever issues they had.

Australia finally won the gold medal in Athens in 2004. In Beijing, the men came home with the bronze.

The Malaysian hockey issues are different from that of Australia but the Decline of Asian Hockey by BBC's Ken Wilson should be used to probe further into finding the remedy. Listen to it here

In Beng Hai's report, he also posed the question whether there was an evolution after 2009, while pointing out in 2012, Malaysia registered an all-time high of 1,119 points to be ranked 13 in the FIH rankings.

In what I believe is truly an in-depth and honest assessment of what ails the game today, Beng Hai offered a very frank take.

In compiling a brief dossier of each player, Beng Hai was objective in his judgement. Praising when needed and pointing out weaknesses when required.

Among the shortcomings at the qualifiers, he said, was anger management among the players. Failure would result in getting carded. Internally he revealed the coaches had imposed monetary fines to deter the players from losing their head.

For every single shortcoming highlighted, Beng Hai proposed a solution. In order to move forward in any aspect of life, one has to be self-introspective, open to criticism and open to ideas.

Beng Hai's report was thought-provoking, intended to invite the hockey fraternity to discuss and dissect every issue. One has to wonder why the ruckus after it was leaked!

Tahniah LCW, Lulu Dolphin

Tahniah diucapkan kepada Datuk Lee Chong Wei dan Pandelela Rinong yang masing-masing membawa pulang trofi Anugerah Olahragawan dan Olahragawati Kebangsaan 2011 malam tadi. Juga kepada semua pemenang lain, termasuk bekas Setiausaha Persekutuan Lumba Basikal Selangor, Shaharuddin Jaafar, yang menerima Anugerah Khas.

Kerana Kafe Sukan, aku mendapat penghormatan menemu bual LCW. Baca LCW good mood

Kerana Kafe Sukan, aku menerima penghormatan menemu ramah ratu terjun negara, Pandelela, atau Lulu Dolphin.

Gambar terbaru Pandelela, dengan Olahragawan Muar, Fahmi Omar, bekas wartawan Bernama, Berita Harian dan Harian Metro yang kini jadi PRO MSN

Pandelela baru selesai bertanding pada pusingan ketiga Siri Terjun Dunia (WDS) di Moscow, Rusia, Sabtu lalu dan sepatutnya terus berlepas ke Tijuana, Mexico bagi menghadapi pusingan terakhir WDS. Namun dia memilih untuk mengharungi perjalanan pulang sejauh 11,300 kilometer ke ibu negara semata-mata untuk menghadiri Majlis Anugerah Sukan Negara (ASN) 2011 yang berlangsung di Palace of Golden Horses, Seri Kembangan malam tadi.

Pandelela yang merupakan antara calon untuk Olahragawati Kebangsaan 2011 pulang ke Kuala Lumpur bagi mengetahui keputusan Anugerah Sukan Negara sebelum berangkat semula ke Mexico yang bakal memakan masa selama 21 jam, hari ini.


Olahragawan - Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Olahragawati Kebangsaan - Pandelela Rinong

Pasukan Lelaki Kebangsaan - Skuad Memanah Negara
(Cheng Chu Sian, Khairul Anuar Mohamad, Haziq Kamaruddin)

Pasukan Wanita Kebangsaan - Renang Berirama
(Katrina Ann Abdul Hadi, Png Hui Chuen, Lee Zhien Huey, Yeo Pei Ling, Tan May Mei, Mandy Yeap Mun Xin, Tasha Jane Taher Ali, Gan Zhen Yu, Lee Yzhing Huey, Emanuelle Mah Thil Da)

Olahragawan Paralimpik Kebangsaan - Allahyarham Muhamad Salam Sidik

Olahragawati Paralimpik Kebangsaan - Hemala Devi Eni Kutty

Jurulatih Lelaki Kebangsaan - Syed Mohd Hussaini Syed Mazlan

Jurulatih Wanita Kebangsaan- Rosniza Abu Bakar

Anugerah Kepimpinan Sukan- Datuk Seri Kee Yong Wee

Anugerah Tokoh Sukan - Tiada Pemenang

Anugerah Khas - Shaharudin Jaffar

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liga 1MCC - connecting communities

"Junior Football League (JFL) hijacked by 1MCC?" Hmmmm big story, eh? Read The Malay Mail report here

When I posed this question to Gobi Nair, Liga 1MCC tournament director, while waiting for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's arrival for the launch at RRI field in Sungai Buloh on April 8, he said:

"Do you know that JFL was actually mooted by me and my brother? We started the league in 2009." His elder brother is former national chief coach, B. Sathianathan.

Read the Malay Mail report quoting Manvir here and later the response and clarification from 1MCC here. Read also the the Star report when everything was rosy here

Also read Manvir's open letter in blogger Bottomline's blog  here and finally the the announcement of Liga 1MCC 2012  here and here

When loose cannon was given a tour of 1MCC's HQ at Plaza Damas last year, he saw a tightly-knit squad helming the show. We had a good discussion, among them read here

And was given an opportunity to ask a few questions to Datuk TG on Kafe Sukan.

Back to the Liga 1MCC launch, loose cannon's host and partner on Kafe Sukan emceeing the launch....MA$$$YYUUUKKKK

With football activists from Batu Pahat, who disclosed that it was financially taxing for them to be handling a team to travel back and forth every weekend. On the average they have to spend RM30,000 to participate in the league, travelling by two vans. Batu Pahat is of course Tan Sri Vincent Tan's birthplace...they have proposed to 1MCC to have the event decentralised...this will allow more teams from remote areas to participate in the league. Batu Pahat may host the southern right Liga 1MCC is the best platform for communities from other districts to get connected through sports. Part of the nation-building process. Enjoy the video below.

Eksklusif bersama Rexy, episod 2

Rexy Mainaky akan berangkat ke Manila, Ahad ini, sekali gus menutup peluang aku menjemput bekas juara  dunia dalam beregu itu ke program Kafe Sukan, apa lagi Dengan Izin yang berehat sementara.

Selepas tujuh tahun, bapa kepada dua anak itu akan membuka lembaran baru, diberi kuasa dan lesen besar sebagai Pengarah Kejurulatihan Filipina.

LC: Apa khabar, Rexy?

RM: Khabar baik.

LC: Bila ke Manila?

RM: Ahad ini...

LC: Jadi tidak bisa untuk ke Kafe Sukan?

RM: Kita skype sajalah...

LC: OK, nanti saya bincang sama penerbit...jadi, selepas tujuh tahun, mencari cabaran baru?

RM: Begitulah...sebenarnya saya dihubungi oleh Minarti Timur, yang menjadi pelatih peribadi buat Albee Benitez, setiausaha agung BA Filipina. Minarti minta saya syorkan beberapa nama untuk menjadi jurulatih di Manila, jadi saya beri nama calon dari Indonesia dan Malaysia. Tapi tanpa melihat nama-nama itu, Albee tanya Minarti siapa yang syor senarai itu, dia sebut Rexy. Sudahnya saya ditawarkan kerja itu, seawal tahun ini.

LC: Rexy diberi lesen, kuasa dan lebih penting, free hand?

RM: Ya, itu sebenarnya penting. Saya diberi kuasa memilih pemain, membimbing jurulatih dan mengenal pasti bakat di kalangan kelompok usia 12 hingga 17 tahun.

LC: Rexy dapat tawaran dari tanah air sendiri, Russia dan England tetapi kenapa pilih Manila?

RM: Dari segi budayanya, ramai percaya orang Filipina tidak jauh beza dengan orang kita. Tapi di sana saya dapat tahu ada ramai pemain berusia 13-14 tahun, muncul juara menggunakan raket dan kasut yang dipinjam. Ini bermakna ramai di sana masih ada survival instincts yang kuat, berdikari dan ada desire. Kesungguhan ini harus diasuh dengan cara yang betul. Di Russia, saya berasakan mungkin kurang sesuai jika keluarga dibawa bersama. England ada tawarkan kemungkinan menjadi ketua jurulatih beregu selepas temasya Olimpik. Mengikut kata Jens Grill, pengarah prestasi BA Great Britain, mungkin ada kekosongan selepas London 2012. Pak Christian Hadinata juga ada mengesyorkan nama saya untuk menjaga kumpulan remaja di Indonesia. Saya berasakan Filipina memberi saya peluang membina satu legasi.

LC: Saya masih ingat kehadiran Rexy pada 2005...

RM: Ketika itu BAM diurus oleh Ganga. Dia beri saya free hand. Sebab itu muncul banyak bakat baru.

LC: Adakah ini bermakna pengurusan di BAM satu faktor penghijrahan Rexy?

RM: Mungkin juga. Suasana di BAM sekarang agak berbeza berbanding kehadiran saya dulu.

LC: Boleh ulas lanjut?

RM: Tidak apalah, sekarang ini saya mahu tinggalkan BAM dan Malaysia dengan cara yang baik, sebagaimana waktu saya hadir dulu.

LC: Apakah Rexy akan kekalkan status penduduk tetap?

RM: Sudah tentu, saya sudah bertanya rakan imigresen, selagi saya tidak gugurkan hak itu, saya tetap penduduk tetap Malaysia. Saya sudah ada rumah di Segambut yang akan saya sewakan.

LC: Apakah kemudahan yang disediakan di Filipina membentangkan suasana yang ideal?

RM: Saya bincang sama Albee dan dia sudah berusaha membuat banyak perubahan, dari segi persediaan akademik untuk pemain, kemudahan asas daripada lapangan konkrit kepada kayu, bilik kemudahan dan lain-lain. Saya lihat mereka benar-benar serius membawa perubahan.

LC: Kenapa agaknya Rexy tidak menunggu sekurang-kurangnya anak didik Rexy mara ke Sukan Olimpik?

RM: Banyak sebab tapi saya fikir ini masa sesuai mengubah angin.

LC: Tidak menolak kemungkinan kembali menabur budi di Kuala Lumpur?

RM: Kenapa tidak, saya ada rumah di sini, family saya pun happy di sini.

LC: Isteri agaknya happy mau ke Manila?

RM: Sebenarnya saya negotiate kontrak saya berdasarkan keperluan teknikal saya. Bab sekolah, rumah dan kenderaan saya serahkan kepada isteri saya yang cukup supportive. Saya percaya family akan happy di sana.

LC: Berapa lama kontrak di sana?

RM: Dua tahun, bermula Mei 2012 walaupun mereka menawarkan kontrak lima tahun. Tapi bagi saya, dua tahun untuk membina asas, dua tahun untuk memenuhi target. Saya akan pilih 10 jurulatih untuk meninjau bakat di sana.


Baca juga tulisan terdahulu di sinispekulasi Rexy ke Manila oleh New Straits Timesinterviu dengan The Starperancangan BA Filipinalaman web BA Filipina dan laporan Sports Inquirer

Albee Benitez (left) is an influential politician. Middle is Jejomar Binay, Philippines BA vice-president. On the right is Datuk Lee Chong Wei...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mums bound for the mother of all events

What better way than having your mum providing moral support metres away from the action? Thanks to Dutch Lady Malaysia, four ladies will get to mother their offsprings come the London Olympics in July.

Competing at the highest level warrants total focus, commitment, sacrifices, energy and can be psychologically demanding, so Azizulhasni Awang, Pandelela Rinong, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong will be ensured of comforting words from the ladies who gave them to the world, as they seek to beat the rest of the world in London on July-August.

This special recognition, covering their return air ticket to London, accommodation and tickets to the events, is Dutch Lady Malaysia’s reward to them for having nurtured and raised champions for the nation.

Pandelela’s mother, Hartini Lamim, who was present during the signing ceremony between Dutch Lady Malaysia and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), expressed her gratitude to Dutch Lady Malaysia for giving her a chance to watch her daughter in action.

“Pandelela couldn’t join us today as she is competing in the FINA / Midea Diving tournament in Moscow which starts on 13 April. However she has also asked me to express her deepest gratitude to Dutch Lady Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to be there with her during the London 2012 Olympics Games. I know she will do her very best to make us all proud,” said Hartini.

Azizulhasni Awang, a medal contender in the sprint, said: "I have always had the drive and willpower to excel in my preferred sport, but it was my mother, Selamiah Yong, who ensured that I was eating right. Mama realised that my life’s path lay in sports so my diet was adjusted accordingly to give me the proper nutrition that I needed,” said Azizul who has been consuming 2 glasses of milk a day since the age of three.

For Azizul especially, his mother's trip to London will co-incide with the puasa month. Dutch Lady Malaysia is in fact arranging for the mothers to prepare a buka puasa meal for the contingent in London. Nice touch there...

Read here

Tahniah Zulfahmi, tapi apa jadi kepada Farid?

Kejayaan Zulfahmi Khairuddin menduduki tangga keenam di Litar Lusail, Qatar, minggu lalu harus menjadi penyuluh laluan buat anak muda dari Banting itu. Tapi apa pula yang berlaku kepada pelumba muda, Farid Badrul Hisham?

Farid sudahpun mencipta nama dalam perlumbaan British Superbike dan diberi peluang menemani Zulfahmi di grid pada perlumbaan MotoGP Sepang Oktober lalu menerusi program wildcard Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC). Baca di sini

Jika Zulfahmi sudah masuk tiga musim bersaing dalam kategori 125cc, (pembetulan, dua musim terdahulu 125cc, kini 250cc) apa cerita pelumba lain?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apakah perlu Anugerah Sukan Negara dijenamakan semula?

Kalau ditanya kepada bos-bos besar Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Anugerah Sukan Negara tidak perlu apa-apa perubahan. Tapi mungkin bos-bos besar MSN boleh pertimbangkan antara lain:

1. Buka undian kepada orang ramai. Peratusannya 40 peratus, selebihnya dipilih jawatankuasa pemilihan dan rakan-rakan atlet. Jadi kelompok pemilih di kalangan penonton dan peminat, pegawai, wartawan dan rakan-rakan atlet yang berlatih, bermain dan berjuang di sisi calon-calon.

2. Bawa Anugerah ke luar dari Lembah Klang, satu cari mendekati masyarakat, membawa atlet kepada orang ramai dan menjadikan anugerah prestij itu mesra peminat. Secara bergilir.

Baca nukilan aku tahun lalu di sini dan pandangan bekas Ketua Pengarah MSN, Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad, di sini

Baca calon anugerah tahun ini di sini. Baca pula artikel yang diedarkan kepada media di bawah. Kalau ada salah jangan marah, saja tak edit.


Majlis Anugerah Sukan Negara edisi ke-46 pada tahun ini merupakan satu anugerah tertinggi Kerajaan kepada atlet, pegawai, badan dan pertubuhan sukan sama ada diperingkat amatur atau profesional sebagai penghargaan kepada sumbangan cemerlang yang mereka berikan di dalam pembangunan sukan negara.
Majlis berprestij ini akan diadakan pada 17 April 2010 di Hotel Palace of the Golden Horses , Seri Kembangan Selangor.

Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah akan berangkat dan menyampaikan anugerah-anugerah utama dan akan disiarkan secara langsung di saluran TV2 pada jam 10malam.

Bagi Penerima Anugerah Olahragawan dan Olahragawati masing-masing akan menerima RM20,000 berbanding RM10,000 tahun sebelumnya. Dua atlet elit bergelar Datuk, Lee Chong Wei dari sukan badminton dan ratu skuasy negara Nicol Ann David, terus menjadi calon popular yang tersenarai bagi merebut anugerah Olahragawan dan Olahragawati Kebangsaan 2011. Turut dinaikkan ialah habuan untuk pemenang bagi kategori Pasukan Lelaki Kebangsaan dan Pasukan Wanita Kebangsaan, yang mana masing-masing akan menerima RM20,000 atau RM3,000 seorang, berbanding RM10,000 atau RM1,500 seorang tahun sebelumnya.

Antara senarai calon kategori Olahragawan Kebangsaan, Chong Wei akan disaingi Sazali Abdul Samad (bina badan), Cheng Chu Sian (memanah), Bryan Nickson Anak Lomas (terjun), Adrian Ang Hsien Loong (tenpin boling) dan Leong Tze Wai (karate). Bagi calon Olahragawati, Nicol dicabar Nur Suryani Muhamed (menembak), Fatehah Mustapa (berbasikal) dan Pandelela Rinong (terjun). Jacqueline Jenelee Sijore (Tenpin Boling), Chai Fong Ying (wushu)

Majlis juga akan menganugerahkan Anugerah Kepimpinan Sukan dan Anugerah Khas sebagai menghargai individu yang terlibat dalam pembangunan sukan negara samada di peringkat tempatan mahupun antarabangsa.

Dinner with the US envoys

Almost two months back I was invited for a dinner hosted by the US Embassy. Read here and that's me in blue (foreground, second from left), listening to former Hertha Berlin and US international defender Tony Sanneh's speech.

Sanneh gives his speech (pic US Embassy)

Sanneh formed the three-man (one man, two women, actually) entourage that offered footballing tips to Malaysian youth through the US Sport Envoys program in February. Read herehereStreets report and another Streets report

 Mr Scott Rauland, the embassy's Counselor for Public Affairs, played gracious host that night. FYI, he has served in Germany, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Russia...

Former hurdler Datuk Marina Chin was among the guests. The principal of Bukit Jalil Sports School, Marina renews ties with her former Ohio university mate Cheryl Bailey, while Sanneh, Danielle and US Ambassador to KL, Paul Jones, look on

 Sanneh denies Messi the space

And teaching the kids to utilise space

If Sanneh could stop Messi in his tracks, that did not mean he would enjoy the same luxury here...a kid managed to outfox him... 

Being seated face to face with Sanneh, I took the opportunity to break the ice by asking him who did he think was the best player at the moment.

"I don't quite rate players who play from the flanks. I admire Xavi," Sanneh said.

"What about Messi? Ronaldo?" I asked, innocently.

"They play from the flanks, cut inside and score but people tend to forget those who make others play from the centre."

"Hmmm, personally that is why I miss the presence of players like Zidane, who placed team ethics above his personal interests," I gave Sanneh my two sen's worth.


 Winners of the trivia contest pose with Danielle, Sanneh and Cheryl

The five-day program served its purpose to promote mutual understanding through sports. Whether or not Malaysian football can produce its own version of Hope Solo, only time will tell.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Berkawan dengan Frenz

Bekas pemain kebangsaan Ahmad Fairuz Yunus yang pernah menabur budi sebagai jurulatih remaja di Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil (SSBJ) kini menyumbang bakti di akar umbi. Apai adalah ketua jurulatih Frenz United Football Academy yang berpangkalan di Janda Baik. Apai dibantu sepasukan tujuh jurulatih yang dipantau oleh Pengarah Teknikal, Omar Ali, bekas jurulatih akademi Selangor dan UiTM Shah Alam yang muncul juara Liga IPT dua musim berturut-turut. Kemudahan asas yang cukup mengagumkan di akademi itu harus membuka mata banyak pihak. Lawati laman web Frenz United dan laman Facebooknya Pada 4 Mei ini, Frenz United akan menganjurkan Frenz Trophy Under-14 Pro Junior League Tournament, atau Kejohanan Liga Pro Junior Trofi Frenz Bawah 14 tahun di empat lokasi.

Frenz dalam Grandstand Ahad Astro Arena, bahagian pertama

Bahagian kedua

Mike's chronicles

This email was distributed to all last night, courtesy of former Malaysian Hockey Federation (later Malaysian Hockey Confederation) secretary. Unedited...We shall thank Mike for his contribution. He has achieved so much in such a short time. The first full-fledged international to take up the post, Mike has shown a high degree of accountability by quitting after the national team failed to land a berth in the Olympic Games. If only the rest of Malaysia think that way...

Dear All

I would like to personally thank everyone during my tenure as the General Manager and Secretary General of MHF & MHC since July 2009.

This has been a very difficult decision for me, but I feel it is appropriate choice for my future undertakings in term of career advancement and family. Please read below the milestones that were achieved during the tenure.

Thanking you again for all the support rendered.

JULY 2009 – MARCH 2012

These few years has left with invaluable lessons.

Some are painful and some are joyful. With this, MHF and MHC have achieved several vital milestones as stated below:-

Constitutional Changes

- Amendments of six (6) Articles of the MHF Constitution namely:
o Article 5 – Definitions
o Article 12 – Congress and Congress Meetings
o Article 14 – Management Committee
o Article 15 – General Meetings
o Article 16 – Duties of Principal Elected Office-Bearers
o Article 17 – Committees

- Spearheaded and facilitated the new MHC Constitution to be compliance with FIH Statutes.

- Communicated and coordinated with FIH, AHF, OCM, MHF & MWHA to resolve the issue of compliance with FIH.

- Prepared a detailed sequence of events and timeline for MHC since 2006 till as of today.

- Dissolution of Malaysian Hockey Federation via EGM.

- 1st MHC Executive Board Meeting was convened successfully.


- Organized two editions of 2010 and 2011 Sultan Azlan Cup in Ipoh, Perak.
- Secured and facilitated Televisyen and Broadcasting Rights with Astro Arena for domestic competition.
- Secured RM3million deal for Sultan Azlan Shah Cup (2010-2013).
- Initiated and obtain approval from FIH to organize first Annual Under 21 Men’s Junior hockey tournament called Sultan of Johor Cup in 2011.
- Remodeling two vital Domestic Events i.e. TNBMHL & Tun Abdul Razak.
- Organized two (2) Inaugural Indoor Hockey Tournament i.e. National Indoor Championship and National Under-16.
- Managed age-group events – Sukma, National Under 21, Under 16 and Under 14.
- Reviewed and Increased Allowances for Tournament Officials.
- Increased TNBMHL Prize Money by 30%.
- Increased MJHL Prize Money by 80% and record breaking of 26 teams.
- Increased Hosting Grant by 40% to RM35,000.
- Secured TNB, 100Plus, QNet, Milo (Nestle) for events.
- Rebrand with new logos for the events: TARC, MHL and MJHL.
- Dedicated Website, Twitter and facebook were established.
- Coordination and communication with Media on Press Conference and provide latest updates on the events.


- Increased Hosting Grant by 40% to RM35,000.
- Subsidy from RM3,000 to RM5,000 for each affiliate to participate.
- Introduced Incentive Schemes for State Under-18 League for the Affiliates.
- Organized a Tour to Dublin to support the Malaysian Hockey Team – total of 23 people.
- Special scheme of Air-Ticket (50%) will be absorbed by MHC for Sabah & Sarawak to play in the National Under 14 and Under 16 event.
- Administrative grant of RM10,000 for each Affiliates. Total payout of RM160,000 in 2011.
- Regular emails are sent to keep all the Affiliates updated on the upcoming events and urgent matters.


- Established a Strategic Planning for six years from 2010 till 2016 with objectives and targets to achieve by MHC.
- Appointment of General Manager effective from August 2009.
- Achieved “Grade A” Scale from Malaysia Sports Commissioner’s Office.
- Attained 63.60% in the Annual OCM Rating Programme.
- Facilitated Management, Council and General Meetings for the year 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
- Streamlining Meetings and Reports with 2-year Calendar in placed.
- Obtained four (4) cars and two (2) Multi-Purpose Vehicle on loan from Hyundai-Sime Darby Malaysia.
- DRB-HICOM donated a motorcycle.
- Skali Group established a website and to maintain it.
- University of Stirling of Scotland has accredited MHC at 3.3 points which is above the requirement of 3.0 points. We were ranked third best NSA among 56 after BAM and SRAM.
- Established twitter and facebook account.
- Prepare speeches for Office Bearers for Meeting and events.


- Solicited funds from the Government, Sponsors and well wishers to the tune of RM17.0 million.
- Cleared the debts of RM1.4million.

- Managed to send five (5) Coaches to attend FIH High Performance Coaching Course in the Hero Honda Hockey World Cup and Champions Trophy in Germany.
- Undertaken MHF Level 1, 2 & 3.
- Organized Workshop to review the syllabus of Level 1 & 2.
- Communicated with NSI (Coaching Division) on the funding for the yearly courses.
- Also assisted in the recent FIH-AHF DUC Workshop.
- Conducted FIH-MHC High Performance Coaching Course in-conjunction with Sultan of Johor Cup 2011. About 20 person attended.
- FIH-MHC Coaching Course Advance Level 3 (A) will be organized in May during the Sultan Azlan Cup 2012.
- MHC won the Best Coaches category during the Anugerah Sukan Negara 2010.

- Promoted several young Umpires and Umpires Managers at International arena.
- A Strategic Plan was established on the KPI’s by MHCUB.
- Organized Umpires and Umpires Managers’ Seminar in-conjunction with 19th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2010.
- Also structured a National Hockey Umpires Theory Exam throughout the Nation.
- Included and Umpire as part of Tour of the National Teams to provide exposure.

Women Hockey Association

- Contributed RM125,000 to Malaysian Women Hockey Association
- National Women Team participated in the 2010 Junior Hockey League.
- Also included women coaches into the Coaching courses and women umpires to officiate in the domestic competition.
- Review the allowance for the umpires and the officiating umpires get more than the reserve umpire.
- Managed to secure our Malaysian Women team to participate in the Lanco International Super Series event as part of CHOGM.

National Teams – Senior, 2013 and 2017 squads
- Current World Ranking at 13 in the world.
- Won Silver Medal at 2010 Asian Games.
- Won the best team award category at Anugerah Sukan Negara 2010.
- Bronze Medal at the 1st Asian Champions Trophy in 2011.
- Won the 1st Sultan of Johor Cup 2011.
- Won the 2009 & 2011 SEA Cup.
- Silver Medal in AHF Boys Under-18 event in 2009 & 2011.
- Failed to qualify for 2012 London Olympic Games & 2010 World Cup.
- Secured attire sponsorship - Kappa for National Team and Grays for National Junior Team (Project 2013).
- A ray of hope is seen in the Project 2013 and National 16 boys’ performance. Project 2013 did a good job by winning the 2009 SEA Cup gold for the country and became runners-up at the 2009 Under-18 Asia Cup tournament in Myanmar and 2011 in Singapore. They also participated in the Razak Cup & Under 23 and became runners-up and third place respectively.
- After four (4) years, the National Under-16 became runners-up after Germany and beating Holland and Belgium in the 4 Nations Mannheim event in Germany in the month of June 2010.
- By looking at the current structure of the National Teams’, we shall have two (2) Junior World Cup Project Squad of 2013 & 2017 and it will be a feeder to the National Senior Team.
- This detailed seven (7) years plan shall equip MHF to greater challenges and to attain first-rate results in the 2014 Asian Games & World Cup, and more importantly the 2016 Rio Olympics.
- Established Code of Conduct for National players.
- Established Bonus Structure for National teams’.
- Streamline the biodata and international caps for the National teams’.

- Contributed on yearly basis of RM300,000 to Malaysian Women Hockey Association for 1MAS woman program.
- 1Mas is a long term development initiative which has been conceived to produce a stream of players equipped for elite class, high performance hockey in a structured and coordinated program.
- A standard national training curriculum, progress monitoring, reporting, overseas attachments for identified talent, specialist coaches based regionally and long term collaboration with successful foreign clubs are key features of this program.
- The overall framework of this project will take Malaysia to a gold medal (1MAS) at the regional level (Asian Games) and will be the most developed age group hockey development scheme in Asia.
- Secured RM11.0million from the GOM for the 1MAS Hoki program.
- The Ministry of Education is doing its part to ensure that schools are doing the necessary things.Nationwide Inter-District Training Centres or called as “PLD”.
· 14 Selected State Sports School
· High Performance Sports School (“SPTS” program)
· Supported by two dedicated National Sports School i.e. Bukit Jalil and Bandar Penawar.

During the three (3) years, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to the management and staff for their dedication and commitment to the MHF and MHC. My gratitude also goes to the Tuanku President, Government of Malaysia (GOM), Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Olympic Council of Malaysia, International Hockey Federation (FIH), Asian Hockey Federation (AHF), National Sports Council (NSC), National Sports Institute, Task Force & Project Secretariat of “1MAS HOKI”, business associates such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Air Asia Berhad, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd (100Plus), Nestle Malaysia Berhad (MILO), Astro ARENA, DRB Hicom, SKYBUS, Chilis, QNet, Hyundai, Reebok, Kappa & Grays for attire sponsorship for the Senior and 2013 team.
I must specifically mention Tuanku President, Government of Malaysia, NSC and NSI, as they have been a source of invaluable advice to me and are willing to consider various proposals for the success of Malaysian hockey.
Also, special appreciation to the Media members’ includes the bloggers’ who have been keeping us on our toes and provides a check and balance on the ideas and actions taken for the betterment of hockey in Malaysia.
Last but not least, I wish to extend my personal thanks to my fellow Office Bearers, Council members, Committee members, staff of MHC & Shahzan House for their continued support and contributions during my tenure since 2009.

“For greater heights of Malaysian hockey, we must strive together”.
Thanking you.
Maninderjit Singh (Mike)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anugerah Arena 2012

Anugerah 3A - Anugerah Astro Arena kembali lagi, kali ini pada 24 April. Baca di sini dan undi di sini

Antara calon anugerah mengikut kategori masing-masing

Annuar v FAM

The runs a poll here

My observation immediately after the sentence is registered in here

Kindly leave your comments on the respective sites.

RIP Master Vincent (Zahari)

I drafted this posting on March 27 but have been postponing it due to my other commitments...but here goes...

My schoolmates find it hard to recall anything significant about me throughout our schooldays for yours truly was truly average. But being schooled in one of the best schools that placed emphasis on sports as part of the process of growing up, helped shape my life and perspective on sports.

The class of 1980, upon receiving our respective medals on the same pitch that bore witness to Hassan Sani's unstoppable run for James Wong to score the winning goal in the pre-Olympics. Recognise the husband of Datuk Sheila Majid?

When 1983 came, I was somehow placed in the top class of Form 1. With William Goldman as our English literature teacher, Puan Sulastri as form teacher and Cikgu Badiozzaman our maths wizard who coined the nickname Kenit for me (for I was one of the shortest in class), the early years were certainly unforgettable. Academically I managed to consistently finish among the bottom three of the class, probably because of my tendency to let my mind wander each time I took a peek outside the classroom. For each time I took a glance, it was either the football Under-15 or Under-18 teams being put through their paces or the hockey teams and the rugby guys undergoing training.

The image of David Fernandez, Vincent Fernandez and Phua Seng Tiong pushing, coaxing and cajoling the seniors in their respective sports remains embedded on my memory bank.

Can you see Harith Iskander the comedian anywhere in this picture? Team skipper was Isham Hassan, brother of Zainal Abidin Hassan...Isham (with the ball) was known for his close control...front row, second from right is Preman, later assistant accountant at Wisma FAM

David Fernandez with the SJI football Under-18 team 1987. Right smack in the middle Sheldon Xavier, keeper when I was right-back of St John School One way back in 1982...Sheldon of course went on to become a football pundit. Back row, notice Hans Isaac? When the star of the team, David Hung, saw the overweight 14-year old Rizal Hashim attending the open trials, he said "wah gumuk pun mau main bola ka"...

Apart from being our PE master, Master Vincent was the voice of sports over the English channel. He had a soothing and distinctive voice perfect for commentary.

Hockey was his passion. The thrill of watching Master Vincent drill the seniors as they train and play on the pitch, winning and then having the school's name featured in the Malay Mail the following day fuelled my interest and passion. It was truly a privilege to watch S. Suriagandhi, St John Davies and Calvin Fernandez donning the green jersey of SJI before going on to represent the country at senior level.

Master Vincent (standing, extreme left), and Master Louis Rodrigues (extreme right)

SJI's array of titles in hockey

This set-piece, a brainchild of Master Vincent, was named the Johannian delight

When I bumped into Master Vincent covering events on a number of occasions in the mid-90s, I was too intimidated to introduce myself to him. Since I was an average student, no teacher would remember me! Even Badiozzaman could barely recall Kenit! Master Vincent and I often crossed paths, covering badminton tournaments at Stadium Negara, football matches at Stadium Merdeka and hockey events at Stadium Tun Razak but not once I told him that I was his student. Imagine standing before the teacher-cum-coach-cum-sports commentator, ah, not many could hold a candle to him! It was only when I joined the Malay Mail in 1996 that I plucked the courage to tell him that I was a Johannian. The NST sportswriting family then boasted old boys like Lazarus Rokk, younger brother of maths teacher-cum-football coach Kiru, national fencer Gerald Martinez, Malay Mail football coach Tony Mariadass and Faizul Azim Saiful. Then in 2009, SJI-VI organised the Rivalry Games, where I took the opportunity to snap a picture with Master Vincent. Read here

Tributes came pouring in from his students following Master Vincent's demise. One of them Jahabar Sadiq, several years my senior, a councillor prefect who used to tick us off for a lot of reasons. Read  here

When producer Markus Lim invited me for Kerusi Panas over Bernama Radio, little did I know he was a Johannian. Read here

My ex-boss Tony Mariadass, a school footballer-turned-sports journalist-cum-coach, pays his tribute

Master Vincent was laid to rest at the Bukit Kiara cemetery, with hundreds of his students in attendance. Among the crowd was actor Hans Isaac, actor-comedian Reza Zainal Abidin, TV host Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and two neighbours of mine, Hisham and Hj Azmi, chairman of our residents' association who happens to be Cikgu Zabedah's cousin. I was standing beside Y.P Sivam as he interviewed Joshua. Read here

Sorry for this late tribute, Master Vincent, but better late than never.

"I'm taking bottles of medication," said master Vincent, referring to his illness, as Zaidi Barkis snapped this picture that I will cherish forever.

Preman, the school's football rightback in 1983 who later became assistant accountant at FA of Malaysia (FAM), said: "Master Vincent was forward thinking, do you know how he prepared the school teams from various sports - football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and rugby - in terms of physical fitness? Months before the schools tournament began, he made us come to school during the December holidays to train around the natural terrains surrounding Bukit Nanas. There were maybe 70 of us, running, jogging, hurting, puffing, climbing...I won't forget the pain one had to suffer in order to perform months later."

A friend on FB, a fellow Johannian, said Master Vincent was fond of reminding his students of the saying "your attitude determines your altitude." With the right attitude human beings can move mountains. The orientation of our minds determines how high we can fly. Master Vincent flew high indeed, as high up as an eagle can be, so high that he had helped his underlings flew higher. That's the hallmark of a great man.