Saturday, September 17, 2011

With TG, part 1 - It's more than football

"There's no place for sentiments in football, Datuk."

"Yes you are right..." Datuk Chan Tien Ghee, chairman of Cardiff City, nodded in agreement.

The subject of discussion was Safee Sali and his two-week trial in the Welsh capital, or CCFC to be specific.

Cardiff boss, Malky Mackay, does not seem too impressed with the Malaysian goalscoring ace. Read here and also here

Currently a non-EU player applying for the permit must have played for his country in at least 75% of its competitive 'A' team matches for which he was available for selection during the previous two years. In this respect Safee meets the criteria.

And his country must have averaged at least 70th place in the official FIFA world rankings over the previous two years. - Aha, this is the issue! Malaysia's current ranking is 146. Our highest ever was 75, over two decades ago. 

If a player does not meet those criteria, the club wishing to sign him may appeal if they believe that he is a special talent and "able to contribute significantly to the development of the game at the top level in the UK." - Now, that's also a bit beyond Safee la. Honestly.

Does the same set of rules apply for a player to be eligible for consideration in the NPower Championship league, the second-tier of the English game?

"Yes, so it's not true that its easier for a player to be eligible for signing in Npower Championship than the top flight," said TG in a tete-a-tete with loose cannon at his office in Sri Hartamas.

That's why in my column on the Astro Arena website here, I highlighted the fact the Thai trio of Teerasil Dangda, Suree Sukha and Kiatprawut Saiwaeo were shipped to Switzerland and Belgium for not meeting the criteria despite having signed for Manchester City under the patronage of Thaksin Shinawatra in 2007! And kindly note Thai superstar Kiatisuk Senamuang and Indian captain Baichung Bhutia were content on warming the bench and making occasional appearances for Huddersfield Town and Bury in the lower rungs respectively, in 1999-2000.

Based on the stringent regulation, TG concedes that any Malaysian player wishing to obtain a work permit and ply his trade in the UK would have to go through a third country.

But he's willing to move mountains if Safee, Safiq Rahim or any Malaysian player creates an impression on the manager.

"We are willing to help any potential candidate realise his potential at CCF."

TG lays down his cards on the table, so to speak, which centre on community-based and grassroots development programmes

The two hours yours truly spent with TG this morning reinforces my belief his foray into football is not publicity-driven. It goes beyond the usual business transaction and boardroom dealings.

TG was pleased to reveal for the first time ever, the Malaysia Merdeka Day celebrations in the UK will be held outside London this year, with Cardiff City Stadium playing host on Sept 25.

"We will have a dance troupe from Terengganu and a Malaysian chef specially flown for the occasion," said TG.

And the old boy of La Salle PJ who spent 15 years in London but never set foot onto a football stadium until 2009, was quick to remind CCFC has made its mark in other aspects, for instance read here.

To TG lawyer businessman-turned-football club owner, it's more than football...its a journey of life that he wants to share with his partner Tan Sri Vincent Tan, family and the rest of Malaysia too...

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

macam mana Kiatisuk Senamuang (Ex Perlis FA) dan Bhutia Baichung (Ex Perak FA / MK Land FC & Public Bank FC) boleh beraksi di Liga Divison 1 & 2 heran betul ?

Nohtakh ujan said...

Siapa Safee?Beckham Malaysia?Harap semua peminat bolasepak Malaysia faham dan terima hakikat.Bolasepak eropah sgt profesioanal.Bukan nak memperkecilkan bakat anak Malaysia.

Nohtakh ujan said...

Siapa Safee?Beckham Malaysia?Harap semua peminat bolasepak Malaysia faham dan terima hakikat.Bolasepak eropah sgt profesioanal.Bukan nak memperkecilkan bakat anak Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Harap2 Safee dapat la maen untuk Cardiff City...harap2 Safee dapat permit kerja...xsilap kite bole bwat rayuan kan berkenaan isu permit ni??

Nohtakh ujan said...

Bhutia Baichung memang the best dan legend.
Semoga Safee juga berjaya.Bukan sekadar pemanas baku simpanan.

Nohtakh ujan said...

Kiatisuk Senamuang "Zico"sepatutnya menjadi inspirasi kpd pemain asia tenggara dan tempatan.
Baca kisah dia yg pernah main di Malaysia,England,singapore,vietnam.
tengok video kat you tube.

Anonymous said...


First of all..tahnIah bro rizal, dpt buat coverage hebat interview TG.

About Safee, he is the best in dout...and anytime he can match into this two club (Cardiff & QPR strike force)....the only problem is the work permit which im sure if he impress the manager the club management will be working all out to make sure that he got the permit.

For me personaly, he will get the permit...because of his talent. No dout that he is 27 yrs old but the management will work hard if he fit the bill....

Anyway....Safiq Rahim for me is far from the standard...if he can bring Selangor to you think he can do wonder in cardiff...QPR? Maybe he can joint Asean league before a move to europe....

Anyway....the 3 young tigers (wan zack,fadhli saas, fazli) had played 2 games in Vion..i think bro should cover them in the next headline....


Duit raya takde ke?

Zulfikar GSM Amizan AhaMED

Anonymous said...

tanyalah FAM, selama ni depa buat apa? ranking kita sekarang siapa punya salah? FAM jawablah kalau berani...........?

mimya said...

Gua harap yg terbaik buat safee sali.kalu TG boleh buat kalu nak dia join third country dulu utk masuk england...maybe masalah sket...dia dah 27 tahun tuu..

tp kalu safee dpt la katakan...FAM jgn nak bangga sgt.gua lagi bangga kalu FAM bole jayakan dulu kerjasama akademi bolasepak dgn Cardiff (or QPR maybe)....bagi nampak hasil dulu.kejayaan kerjasama akademi bolasepak lebih beri manfaat utk masa depan bolasepak negara berbanding hanya safee dan safiq shj bermain di sana.

HSKAMAL said...

jgn buang masa dgn pemain senior. fam harus bangunkan pemain2 bawah 12 tahun untuk mendapatkan peluang masuk akedemi2 eropah.
lupakan saja hasrat yg impossible ini..

Standard mcm safee dan safig begitu ramai di negara afrika. Pemain2 afrika di pilih di peringkat remaja.
mereka di bentuk dan di latih sehingga dpt beraksi di liga2 eropah.

bangunlah FAM dari tidur. Jgnlah beri harapan palsu kepada Rakyat malaysia terutama sekali pemain2 malaysia. Buatlah yg nyata..jgn syok sendiri.

Anonymous said...


Bro Rizal... (Part 1)

Just to add on and share some information i gathered on your topic for a malaysia player to play in EPL/N POwer Championship if we want to naturalize our national players:

The following list is a short summary of the duration of legal residence before a national of a foreign state, without any cultural, historical, or marriage ties or connections to the state in question, can request citizenship under that state's naturalization laws.

Argentina: 2 years continuous as a permanent resident immediately before the application (dual citizenship is allowed)

Denmark: 9 years continuous as a permanent resident immediately before the application (dual citizenship is not allowed)

Canada: 3 years continuous (1,095 days) as a permanent resident (dual citizenship is allowed)

Colombia: 5 years as a permanent resident (dual citizenship is allowed).

Finland 6 years of continuous residence (dual citizenship is allowed).

Netherlands: 5 years continuous (dual citizenship allowed under specific circumstances, such as acquiring a spouse's nationality, otherwise prohibited)

New Zealand: 5 years continuous (reside in NZ for at least 240 days in each of those 5 years, 1,350 days in total) as a permanent resident immediately before the application (dual citizenship is allowed)

Norway: 7 years out of the previous 10 (with out-of-realm vacations of up to 2 months per year) as a permanent resident immediately before the application (dual citizenship is permitted under certain conditions)

Belgium: 3 years continuous (dual citizenship is allowed)
Ireland: 5 years over the last 9 years, including at least 1 year before applying. Dual citizenship is allowed, however Irish citizenship can be revoked if a naturalized citizen obtains citizenship of another state (other than automatic citizenship by marriage) subsequent to naturalization.

France: 5 years continuous. (dual citizenship is allowed)

Italy: 10 years continuous. (dual citizenship is allowed)
Germany: 8 years continuous. (dual citizenship is generally allowed only for other EU nationals)

Switzerland: 12 years (the years between the age of 10 and 20 count double). (dual citizenship is allowed)

Sweden: 5 years continuous (dual citizenship is allowed). 4 years continuous for stateless people and refugees.

Chile : 5 years continuous. (dual citizenship is not allowed).

Turkey: 5 years continuous residence (dual citizenship is allowed). The applicant must be a fluent speaker of the Turkish language.

Israel: 3 years out of the previous 5 as a permanent resident (dual citizenship is allowed). All naturalization requests are at the discretion of the Minister of the Interior.

Now let us look at our Malaysia Nationality Law :

Malaysian nationality law is the law of Malaysia that deals with citizenship and other forms of nationality. Nationality law is mentioned in the Constitution of Malaysia.

A person can become a citizen of Malaysia either by registration or naturalization. In cases by registration, where a person is by operation of law is a citizen but have yet to be registered, such person is entitled to citizenship upon application and be registered as a citizen of Malaysia. For cases by naturalization, this refers to the process of admitting a person not a citizen of Malaysia to citizenship. This is subjected to the requirements and conditions of the Federal Government.

Any person holding Malaysian citizenship is also disallowed to hold any other country's citizenship. Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

To Be Continue in Part 2


Anonymous said...


Bro Rizal......(Part 2)cont frm Part 1

I hope the info i gathered and shared is correct, if this happen even we send our young player to third country (in order to naturalized them)we still will have issue with our own national law. So....the only way for a Malaysian players to play in EPL is to have a wonderful talent so that the club management can convinced the british home office that this player have special talent that can take the club to another level. Just like what arsene Wenger did to Ryo Miyaichi of japan.

In this ryo miyaichi case, even Japan FIFA ranking met the requirement but he did not play certaine numbers of games with the japan national team. But he is excepted as the manager describe him as "EXCEPTIONAL TALENT"

So Malaysian need a good consultant before a move aboard. The consultant will advise you what to do before you make a press statement....i respect Safee Sali of his talent but...sometime wrong information to him will misled a wonderful talent like Safee Sali. But..if TG/Fernesdes can would be wonderful for the nation. As they the owner should stand up and be counted if Safee is the right talent.

As for Safiq...hahaha....over reacted on all the news he recieved from clubs abroad. fail to deliver with Selangor in M'Sia cup... then do you think he can deliver in Cardiff or QPR? Hahaha...maybe he should be more pro and learn frm Safeee....

Lastly, there are others good club in europe to play, England is not the only place we can go. Languages is not an issue because if you play in England our players are also cannot communicate well in english. Lets the talent do the talking..Love malaysia...and Malaysia Till I Die..
....tomorrow....Japan 0 - Msia 0


Saiful said...

ini bolasepak, bukan politik. bagi saya ..safee lebih beruntung main dipelita jaya..mat salleh ego sikit..
TG mmg dok guna cc utk politik..ygk saja 1malaysia cc..baju ada malaysia..sapa bayar..mungkin duit rakyat..lepas ni sewa stadium utk hari malaysia..
duit kjaan masuk cc..
safee jgn terjebak..sayang bola..main bola..nanti hari malaysia kat cc..sah safee akan dijual..itk promosi..

Saiful said...

saya org cardiff..saya dah tgk cc min cm mana..safee jgn terjebak..didinin sejuk..hujan..murung..saja harinya..jgn bazir kan masa and safee..pelita asean ni..main kat asia..byk league tak dak duit ..kalu sign ..dia nak berpolitk..
nak duit malaysia..belanja urus club bukan murah..
umur dah 27 tahun..buat legenda diindonesia yg marketnya juma ribuan saja yg minat..
tapi your decision..jgn terjebak..

Anonymous said...

ala buang massa la player HM nk
cuba kat BPL tu...nk juga main
kat europe pegi lak ke german ka
holland ka..atau bagus mcm safee
test je kat area asia ni j league
k league china league , siam
league,club siam pun buriram utd
dh main dlm AFC pe siap debik j
league club kashiwa reysol juga
debik club kaya china guangzhou
evergrande..ryo miyaichi yg
arsenal beli ni baru 19 ,lepas
sekolah je arsene wenger sambar
kira bkn handal mana pun dn tak
main dln j league lagi pun tp psk
ranking japun ni tinggi tu yg
senang2 je dpt join club2 kat BPL.
lupa kan la angan2 nk main dlm BPL
cari tmpt lain la...