Thursday, October 14, 2010

Al-Fatihah, Dollah Kassim

Slightly a year after he collapsed at half-time during the veterans' match at the Sultan of Selangor Cup, Singapore icon Dollah Kassim, known as dribbler extraordinaire during his heyday, passed away this morning. Read here

His death came just two days before the latest edition takes place at Shah Alam Stadium.

Dollah, also nicknamed the Gelek King, was the second former Singapore international to suffer a heart attack during the Cup - a friendly between ex-internationals from Malaysia and Singapore - in the last four years.

S. Rajagopal, another household name from the 1970s, also had a heart attack while on the pitch in 2006.


Unknown said...

I remember his gelek..Al-

nstman said...

Can anyone explain the mysterious deaths of former top footballers in their fifties. First it was Ali Bakar, then Rajagopal, Isa Bakar and now Dollah Kassim. Simply inexplicable. Doesnt make sense. Shocking.