Friday, June 22, 2012

Harap tuah Ong lagi

Anak buah Ong Kim Swee berdepan tugas berat dalam pusingan kelayakan Piala AFC Bawah 22 tahun di Myanmar.

Baca laporan the Star dan laporan Utusan Malaysia.

Apapun, pelanggan Astro boleh menyaksikan kempen kelayakan ini secara langsung dan lihat sendiri sama ada team ini ada Ong atau tidak!


HSKAMAL said...

Sangat mendukacitakan apabila ong mengharapkan tuah untuk menentang korea selatan. Dlm fahaman aku, tuah itu datang apabila kita memiliki kemampuan untuk bersaing.

Mampukah kita dpt bersaing? Kalau dpt barulah kita boleh mengharapkan tuah, tetapi ong awal2 lagi mengharapkan tuah. Kalau beginilah harapan Ong, maka tak ada gunanya dia menjadi jurulatih.

Kemampuan pasukan dlm permainan tidak boleh berpandukan tuah. Hanya dgn kemahiran, teknik sempurna dan kefahaman yg tinggi boleh menjurus untuk mendapatkan tuah.

Mampukah pasukan ong mempamerkan permainan yg complete sebelum mengharapkan tuah?

Kita tunggu dan lihat.

HSKAMAL said...

Malaysia suffered an early blow in their Asian U22 qualifying.
Ong Kim Swee's players managed to score in the very early stage of play. But poorly the Malaysian could not defend their lead as usual.
The Malaysians' joy proved short-lived though, as five minutes later they conceded a free-kick. The Korean player rose up unchallenged to score the equalizer while the Malaysian were busy ball watching.
However, the Malaysians' stand a very good chance of making it to the finals. They must be able to defend well, when they manage a lead and deny the opponents with high level of awareness.
Lastly, be realistic and do not base our ability on luck. A good and solid performance can create the luck to win, not verbally hoping for it.

Cerita Sendiri said...

Kenapa 2 game je ada live, game2 yg lain.


HSKAMAL said...

Once again FAM failed in their development and programme miserably.
We are not even able to overcome Myanmar? What game-plan applied? Obviously not a defeat. But poorly the Malaysian still lack the ability to understand the role they are taking on. As for Ong, i, would advice him to re-look at the methodology related to practical sessions. In-still high level of awareness during session with ultimatum. Inter-fear and provide in-put when players lacking in awareness.

As for Malaysian football, we are lost again in the wilderness...
Coaches are still in-competent in many areas of coaching. The role of a coach at every level need to be re-looked.

Coaches need to be thought on the importance of communication during sessions.
Many times coaches failed miserably when comes to communication...-they even fail to recognise weather he's understood by the parties concern.

We need a new approach! There are many wonderful ideas out there... to be explored. Only if one is willing to be truthful and honest,...the victory is theirs. Insya-Allah.