Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ganga seeks an explanation, Razif for secretary?

When Razif Sidek was the chief coach of the national team, his siblings severed their ties with the BA of Malaysia (BAM) to form Nusa Mahsuri in 1994.

Now Razif is touted to be among the candidates to replace P. Ganga Rao. Read the Star's piece here

But in the meantime, Ganga wants to clear his name. Read here. Norbakti Alias, meanwhile, is bidding farewell to the world of sports journalism. Read his final column here.


Gaban said...

Salam bro....

Selain Razif ada nama lagi yang disebut2 dari N9...Cari lah siapa individu terbabit

Anonymous said...

Ganga ni memang boleh menangis. Kalau tak silap saya, dua tahun yang lepas, dia pun ada menangis kat tv dan suratkhabar, sekarang dia nangis lagi. Setiap kali kena pecat, dia nangis. Persoalannya kenapa boleh kena pecat begitu banyak kali, kalau tak ada masalah. Pikir sebelum nangis.....

Anonymous said...

According to my sources, the termination letter was sent to Ganga's house in Selayang, since most people don't know his address in Australia. But he was advised by his lawyer friend not to receive the letter. Why is he claiming that no letter was sent to him?

Anonymous said...

Think the question here is whether BAM's constitution provides for an inquiry to be done. I believe not and if Dato Nadzmi has absolute power to hire and fire so be it and as Dato Nadzmi so aptly puts it.." I am a corporate figure...dont you think I know the procedure.."
I was keeping an eye on the whole organisation and the preparation of the players throughout the period after THE SACKING. This was done through newspaper reports, friends and the general public's perception and I have come to the conclusion that 'The preparation and organisation of the event was done the best that can be done'. Of course like all events, it will have its glitches but I thought the event went rather smoothly.
So the ex BAM secretary should move on and stop behaving like an immature adult and if ganga really thinks of the sport the way he claims then close the chapter and move on. He must recognise that the constitution allows the president to remove him WITHOUT assigning any reason and by calling the council members to form an independent committee to look into his dismissal is 'trying to bring the game to a disrepute' and attempting to cause factions within the council so what is his objective?
On another note, on the reasons why the players have not performed, I do have my views and I think the development of players have not taken place.
In a team event, BAM needs a pool of balanced players and not 1 or 2 good players. The team with balanced players will do better.
Just to draw an analogy, if Dato Nadzmi is a par excellence corporate figure but his managers and car assemblers are just mediocre how can the company compete.
Going back to BAM, this problem of development MUST be in place. I hear the coaches are intp politics themselves and there are those who are only interested in keeping their job secure.
Players who are past their prime should be used to guide younger ones. There must be a bigger pool of talented players not just playres making up the numbers. BAM must at grassroot level convince parents that there's a future in Badminton in Malaysia as parents are reluctant to allow their kids to play badminton if the kids academic performance is ok.
So there you are...the view of a badminton loving person..
Do keep up the good work loose cannon cos its people like you that will make a difference to sports and not those interfering personalities.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Ganga "acts" when he sounded surprised when asked that he was plotting to remove Dato Nadzmi. Maybe he should be a bollywood star. The so called rumours were so strong and even his friends in another sports association in KL have confirmed that he was plotting.
Just LEAVE...!!
I urge Dato Nadzmi to give careful consideration to the candidate for the secretary's post. The candidate must be knowledgeble about the game not necessarily be an ex player, have a passion for the game and have good administration skills.

Mr. Olympism said...

I am not a supporter of Ganga, but the way Nadzmi puts it, he have absolute powers to remove the Secretary sounds very dictatorial. Perhaps the constitution may have drafted in that manner.
Now it is the court of public opinion, and the public wants to know why was Ganga sacked?
Are you suggesting that Nadzmi is so absolute that he owes the public no explanation?
I think not, for when we are talking about a sporting body, the spirit of justice and fair play runs through the veins of any decision.
I say sack Ganga by all means but do it with just cause or excuse. As a Corporate figure, Nadzmi is not above the scrutiny of the public. As it stand now, I rate him very low until we know why Ganga was sacked.

Anonymous said...

I think we, Malaysians should not be arguing on why BAM's constitution is drafted that way or this way. That should be discussed at a different platform. My general perception of Malaysian public's feeling is sports must move on since a decision is already made. As to whether Dato Nadzmi should offer an explanation or not is his prerogative. If BAM's council feels that Dato Nadzmi should not have absolute power in making such decisions then BAM's constitution should be amended accordingly.
I believe Ganga and Dato Nadzmi and alot of people within the badminton fraternity knows the real reason and maybe Dato Nadzmi in not wanting to divulge the reason is to protect the game.
So just move on..close the chapter