Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farewell King Arthur

A man known for his thunderbolt headers. Formed a much-vaunted triumvirate with Ghani Minhat and Robert Choe

Can you recognise Sexton Lourdes, Abdullah Nordin, Edwin Dutton, Ghani Minhat, Robert Choe among them? Arthur second from left, front row

During his heyday

Choo Seng Quee coached Malaysia to the 1958 Merdeka Tournament victory and the 1962 Asian Games bronze medal in Jakarta. Legend has it he would not allow the players to go back unless they hit the designated target during shooting practice...a real taskmaster but more appreciated across the Causeway.

Each time I bumped into him, I got the impression that he was a man of few words. Or he must have thought a journalist too young to see him play would not be interested in listening to him dwelling about the past. Much to my regret, I never did take the opportunity to dig into his past, though I knew him as a legend.
Arthur Koh was a member of the FAM disciplinary board for the past 10 years, having been brought back into the set-up by Datuk Dell Akbar Khan when he was the general secretary. But many will remember him as part of the legendary team of the 50s coached by Uncle Choo Seng Quee. King Arthur is gone. He passed away on Monday, aged 74. Rest in peace.

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