Monday, December 15, 2008

MAAU, many are against U

It saddens me that the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) continue to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Rajemah Sheikh Ahmad, a former hurdler and wife of former horizontal jumper Kamaruddin Maidin, was as expected shown the door, suffering a slim defeat in her bid to defend her vice-presidency on Sunday. She lost to Datuk Paduka Dr Mumtaz Jaffar (picture) and K. Yogasveran by the slimmest of margins in the MAAU elections on Sunday.

I wonder what else can Mumtaz, a sprinter in her heyday, contribute. She was an office-bearer in the 90s and was in fact coach of Watson Nyambek. Some say Mumtaz was the reason behind Watson's failure to realise his potential. But it helps that Mumtaz is close to the powers-that-be. She can thus put in a good word about MAAU president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim to whoever that matters lah!

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With Shahidan continuing as the MAAU president, we can PERHAPS expect:

1. Reporters to receive envelopes when they cover an MAAU event or meeting

2. The welfare of athletes and coaches be the least of MAAU's concerns

Shahidan has suggested MAAU dropped the amateur word, but as far as I'm concerned, the oldest sports body in the country remains amateurish in every aspect. I make no apologies about it.


Anonymous said...

apa mumtaz boleh buat sedangkan kehadiranya di msn dan msns dahulu tidak di senangi.

apa jadi dengan watson dan jacinta, kuganeswari dan pelari pahang semuanya merundum bila dengan mumtaz

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Hey you've really got a way of chosing your words. Who'd have thought of MAAU.......

The Malaysian Explorer

Anonymous said...

Bagilah chance dekat Mumtaz. Dia x athlete dia pahamlah atlit semua

Anonymous said...

Envelopes pay bills