Monday, December 22, 2008

An arena for local sports

The Malaysia-centric round-the-clock sports channel is going to be called AstroArena on channel 181.

Local production house Peninsular Digital tasked by the Olympic Council of Malaysia to produce the programmes have apparently succeeded in sourcing for the RM20 million required to run the channel.

The man behind it, it seems, is the son of a famous judge.

It was last year that the OCM signed a joint venture agreement with the production house to establish a dedicated Malaysian TV sports channel with Astro as the platform.

The idea is to provide OCM's affiliates an avenue to promote their respective sports and activities over a channel that is similar to Astro Supersports, ESPN, Star Sports and Eurosports. The new channel is set to feature daily sports news, live telecast of sporting events and talk shows. The big difference is of course it will feature the likes of Nicol David, Esther Cheah, Lee Chong Wei and Safee Sali instead of Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton.

I was told it was supposed to be launched last month. I wonder what's holding them back! There is also a call to have a dedicated radio sports channel. Is that feasible?


Pejuang Ufuk Timur said...

Are you joining them bro? They should take you in now that you're... available...!

Anonymous said...

Saya dengar saudara akan joint mereka, tahniah sebab mereka memerlukan kepakaran saudara

kajang-today said...

talk show? i just know who's going to be invited!
let's hope it'll be a no holds barred session.

wak Arjun said...

In all honesty, besides squash, bowling and badminton, do we have enough material to be broadcasted, round-the-clock that's worth 20M?

And strictly Malaysian sports stuff? 24-7?

Maysia memang boleh......

nstman said...

This dedicated channel will be doomed if you have the wrong people in charge. The trouble is, most of our start-ups usually end up having the wrong people. For starters, the channel must have a real professional, a person who loves, breathes sports. A true professional. We can get these people from the ranks of the various sports desks in the country. As for the No 1 post, it's a no-brainer. That man is Malaysia's understated Loose Cannon, aka Rizal. Rizal's the guy. Period.

zv said...

Bro Rizal...

Met with two of the directors of PDSB to be in-charge with the project. Our discussion revolved around getting the channel on the air in the earnest.

Maybe they have sourced 20M (like u said) for its launch (the word is tx) in April 2009 but they are still in need of sponsors or title sponsors to keep the channel running.

I was consulted based on my experience as the former msl ceo. Also the fact that i am now a media and communication consultant...he he he..

Was told that the likes of Saadullah is already hooked up with them for new while there are lots of opportunities for production of sports programmes but independent producers are advised to also source for sponsors.

Who is this Saadullah, Bro Riz? Heard also that Saad has roped in Pekan Sabtu formerly with Tv3 for the channel.

Talking about getting the right guys for the job, are these ppl up to it? This is a private channel of which the income is to be derived from sponsorship and airtime sales...if the right juice are not getting out og this channel the moola might just stay away, get my drift?

Salam from Mergong...

rizal hashim said...

Bro ZV,

Mr Sa'adullah Che Nor was one of Media Prima's top editorial bosses, bespectacled, berkumis...he's qualified no doubt, and Pekan is well-connected too. But they have to work doubly hard, eh...yes I agree with you!