Monday, April 16, 2012

Mums bound for the mother of all events

What better way than having your mum providing moral support metres away from the action? Thanks to Dutch Lady Malaysia, four ladies will get to mother their offsprings come the London Olympics in July.

Competing at the highest level warrants total focus, commitment, sacrifices, energy and can be psychologically demanding, so Azizulhasni Awang, Pandelela Rinong, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong will be ensured of comforting words from the ladies who gave them to the world, as they seek to beat the rest of the world in London on July-August.

This special recognition, covering their return air ticket to London, accommodation and tickets to the events, is Dutch Lady Malaysia’s reward to them for having nurtured and raised champions for the nation.

Pandelela’s mother, Hartini Lamim, who was present during the signing ceremony between Dutch Lady Malaysia and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), expressed her gratitude to Dutch Lady Malaysia for giving her a chance to watch her daughter in action.

“Pandelela couldn’t join us today as she is competing in the FINA / Midea Diving tournament in Moscow which starts on 13 April. However she has also asked me to express her deepest gratitude to Dutch Lady Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to be there with her during the London 2012 Olympics Games. I know she will do her very best to make us all proud,” said Hartini.

Azizulhasni Awang, a medal contender in the sprint, said: "I have always had the drive and willpower to excel in my preferred sport, but it was my mother, Selamiah Yong, who ensured that I was eating right. Mama realised that my life’s path lay in sports so my diet was adjusted accordingly to give me the proper nutrition that I needed,” said Azizul who has been consuming 2 glasses of milk a day since the age of three.

For Azizul especially, his mother's trip to London will co-incide with the puasa month. Dutch Lady Malaysia is in fact arranging for the mothers to prepare a buka puasa meal for the contingent in London. Nice touch there...

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Awek Belanda said...

Wah sekarang MOM banyak kaya ah!. itu hari maxis kasi million million, sekarang dutchlady. Itu wang apa dia orang buat. Kawan saya cakap itu dua orang tua guna duit pigi joli sini joli sana betulkah?

Orang bagi duit untuk pembangunan sukan bukan untuk pegawai MOM duduk 1st Class & eksefutif class pegi oversea.

Hei Rizal, itu 2 orang tua bila mau pencen ah?

Anonymous said...

Hello Awek Belanda,

Sejak bila MOM dapat Million-million? tolong teliti dulu sebelum kutuk. Duit yang ada bukan diguna oleh SKC atau Imran pergi joli. Minta Maaf la kalau tak tahu jangan tuduh begitu.

MOM gunakan duit untuk hantar atlet2 ke temasya sukan antarabangsa. Kalau atlet2 tak layak dari merit, MOM bantu dulu.

Pasal bila nak pencen itu kenalah tanya mereka sendiri