Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liga 1MCC - connecting communities

"Junior Football League (JFL) hijacked by 1MCC?" Hmmmm big story, eh? Read The Malay Mail report here

When I posed this question to Gobi Nair, Liga 1MCC tournament director, while waiting for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's arrival for the launch at RRI field in Sungai Buloh on April 8, he said:

"Do you know that JFL was actually mooted by me and my brother? We started the league in 2009." His elder brother is former national chief coach, B. Sathianathan.

Read the Malay Mail report quoting Manvir here and later the response and clarification from 1MCC here. Read also the the Star report when everything was rosy here

Also read Manvir's open letter in blogger Bottomline's blog  here and finally the the announcement of Liga 1MCC 2012  here and here

When loose cannon was given a tour of 1MCC's HQ at Plaza Damas last year, he saw a tightly-knit squad helming the show. We had a good discussion, among them read here

And was given an opportunity to ask a few questions to Datuk TG on Kafe Sukan.

Back to the Liga 1MCC launch, loose cannon's host and partner on Kafe Sukan emceeing the launch....MA$$$YYUUUKKKK

With football activists from Batu Pahat, who disclosed that it was financially taxing for them to be handling a team to travel back and forth every weekend. On the average they have to spend RM30,000 to participate in the league, travelling by two vans. Batu Pahat is of course Tan Sri Vincent Tan's birthplace...they have proposed to 1MCC to have the event decentralised...this will allow more teams from remote areas to participate in the league. Batu Pahat may host the southern zone...by right Liga 1MCC is the best platform for communities from other districts to get connected through sports. Part of the nation-building process. Enjoy the video below.


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