Friday, January 15, 2010

This song should accompany the national team everywhere

Courtesy of the passionate guys at

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Incik Rizal, I love the song, very inspiring.
And the video is fantastic.
How I miss watching Malaya (Malaysia) cup or whatever cups old days.

Especially when my friend and neighbour Abdul Ghani, Arthur Koh playing. Not forgetting Robert Choe of Malacca too. And that Indian fellow with long hands, Arumugam?

Dulu2 ada member ke stadium Merdeka, dapat masuk FOC, ha ha, best seats too.

How you doing, my friend? You just stay easy and have a great weekend.
If nothing better to do drop by my pondok, but I suggest you minum a strong cup of kopi oh first, ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.