Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meeting Annuar

At Eastin Hotel, Nov 4, 2009, 10.15pm

Loose cannon was a rookie reporter when Annuar Musa took charge of the Sports Ministry. Fate had it that one of loose cannon's guiding lights at Berita Harian, Rahime Yusoff, was made Annuar's press secretary in 1992.

Rahime had a real flair for writing and mentored loose cannon on the choice of words that could create the desired impact in a story.

Last night, after chasing him for three days, loose cannon finally managed to get Tan Sri Annuar to speak on football, Manchester United, FA of Malaysia (FAM), Kelantan and the Malaysia Cup final, of course. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

What so special about him? we dont see his views or comments of any value....find somebody else lah

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Incik Rizal, ha ha, everytime saya bacha your 'loose cannon' mention saya senyum.
It is sad sini it's eat, sleep ice hockey and baseball! And basket ball.
I sure miss badminton!

Hardly any football shows on tv.
Only recently they started a North American league.
No standard la...dapat Abdul Ghani, Robert Choe, Arthur Koh of long ago, tentu boleh bungkus the teams here, ha ha.

I was long ago a Wolverhampton Wanderers or 'Wolves' fan. Like Manchester United or Liverpool too.
You have a pleasant weekend and enjoy the asam ikan nanas pedas, Lee.

D'Shahrul said...

Bila nak kuar ni bro?

With all due respect, his view on how to rejuvenate Malaysian football, from my opinion, is spot on. Plus he has proven it with Kelantan. Remember that fans came back to support Kelantan not just because the team did better (because they didn't really, having only finished 3rd in Liga Premier, and promoted to Super league only by luck), but because Annuar gave publicity to the team.

I think the whole league needs more publicity which is currently being consumed by (or rather fed to) EPL.

rizal hashim said...

Watch this space and the interview in EPLx Kosmo! tomorrow.

Uncle Lee,

Wolves fan? Must be during Stan Cullis' days hahahah, but once they were the unofficial kingpins of Europe. As far as I'm concerned, Andy Gray and John Richards were the symbols for Wolves in the early 1980s, I remember the blunder by Peter Shilton led to Gray's solitary goal in the league cup final in 1980 or 1981, it was shown over and over again in the opening credits of Big League Soccer! Aiyah Tan Sri we cannot be forever clinging on to the memories of yore, Ghani, Robert et al! Hahaha.
From Toronto you can expect to watch Wayne Gretzky, for me no rezeki la!

Saudara Shahrul, yes you are right, Malaysian football needs the hype. It needs marketing gimmicks which I believe is Toronto-based Tan Sri Lee's expertise! Jangan lupa baca EPLx Kosmo! muka 31 esok!