Friday, November 20, 2009

Inter-Media football

The following email was sent to loose cannon a few days back!

TCP - KUALA LUMPUR: Former journalist turned blogger-cum-home maker-cum-freelance agent-cum-editor has been described as a mole by his counterparts after representing an opposing team in the recent NSC-Media Inter Games table tennis competition.

Rizal partnered a BH reporter to clinch the bronze medal in the competition - much to the dismay of his team mates at MM.

Rizal will now represent Malay Mail in the football tournament on Nov 22 but his loyalty to the team is in doubt. MM join the likes of Kosmo, Harian Metro, RTM, TV3 and Astro-Espn in Group A - dubbed as the group of death.

Efforts to contact Rizal over the matter proved futile.

Sadly, the Malay Mail team, who are lacking in numbers, will have to make do with this 'mole' who seems preoccupied with other activities and have not even updated his blog for the past four days.

"It's a sad day for us but we have no choice but to render his services. Once a mole always a mole," said a pony-tailed MM staff who declined to be named.

It is understood that Rizal, who adores France for no valid reason, still has a strong attachment with BH - a publication he once served during his rookie days and days when he was a lot more thiner.

Nevertheless, Rizal will still play in instrumental role in belittling his fellow team mates in MM to make them stronger and perhaps win the title - for the second time in a row.

This report was brought to you exclusively by Talk Cock Publication Ltd.

Group A
A1: Awani-Espn
A3: TV3
A4: Kosmo
A6: The Malay Mail
A7: Harian Metro

Group B
B1: Utusan
B3: Sinar Harian
B4: The Star
B5: Sponsor
B7: Berita Harian


shapawi said...

Salam Bro...

Terror jugak hang no !!!!Aku tumpang bangga jugak lah dengan hang Zal!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro...
Tau la selalu keluaq kat rancangan RTM tapi janganlah undian RTM sampai dalam 2 kumpulan. BERNAMA mana?

muhammad hakimi said...

Wi, Rizal ni kira macam pemain ke 12. Kalau yang no 11 betul-betul injured dah nyawa ikan parang baru dia dipilih dan diturunkan. Wassalam

Anonymous said...

The Inter-Media event will see the return of a certain player with a sweet left foot...So beware on Sunday. He is out for revenge...


Anonymous said...

yeah,..the sweet left foot is out for revenge tp hanya kalo team dia lepas group of death...dan team yang dia nak jumpa layak dr group B..

The Sweet left foot..:)

Doctor Romario said...

Rizaldo are carrying the flag of St.John's...Send a volley of cheers on high...Shake down the thunder from the sky !!!

For the Game. For the World.

sukasukan said...

Hmmm, dgr crita terbaru, Rizal Hashim sudah jual semua game. Tu sbb Malay Mail teruk kena belasah.

p/s: Rizal bukan mcm dulu lg. Skrg ni main lebih gelak drp berlari.

sukasukan said...

Dgr crita terbaru, Rizal jual semua game kat inter-media di MSN. Tu sbb Malay Mail kalah teruk.

P/s: Rizal skrg bukan mcm Zidane masa dia men utk BH. Skrg dia lebih gelak drp berlari.