Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inter-media - Footy and ping pong

The Star's Azhar Mahfof and Utusan Malaysia sports editor Meor Herman Shakri

Hafizal Hamad of RTM enjoys the feminine touch

Utusan Malaysia's Taufek Razak tussles with Badlishah of Berita Harian

Arnaz M Khairul of NST refrains from chopping Utusan's Sayed Hesham Idris's head

Even at his age, Lukman Salleh of Berita Harian is agile as ever

The sponsors' team finished third in the football competition

TV3 emerged runners-up in the footy tourney

The champions - NSC. So was it fixed?

Loose cannon should have played for this team. Kosmo! were more energetic and not clueless in front of goal. Loose cannon would be content cheering the team on from the sidelines

Liverpool fan Arrifin Ghani revelled in the striker's role, proving to be deadly as he was with the hockey sticks. Zawawi (right) takes a breather from his royal role

Loose cannon demonstrates a forehand return

Even the camera was not fast enough to capture loose cannon's lightning reflexes as he bagged the bronze in the ping pong tourney, partnering his one time rival at Berita Harian and now SAM president, Ahmad Khawari Isa

Alias Md Rani (left) having his breakfast (notice the cigarette) and Sufian Thauri Muhammed of Harian Metro entertaining thoughts of representing Malaysia in futsal

Berita Harian A registered emphatic wins en route to the semis (ping pong)

Loose cannon took home these prizes. According to rumours it was fixed

The Utusan Malaysia football team
ESPN Sportscenter presenter-cum-actor Rashid Salleh with loose cannon junior

Upon loose cannon's insistence, this picture was taken, the Malay Mail-Bloggers and the Kosmo! outfit. In the final analysis, loose cannon played for the wrong team!


Anonymous said...

kosmo did well, coz u were NOT in the team hahaha

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

Doctor Romario said...

well done guys...respect the veterans...looks like a real gruelling tournament...recovery is the best part.

for the game. for the world.

gary said...

lightning reflexes?