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Ligue Un at SuperSport 2

Le Bresilien, Jose Toure - Thierry Henry and Jean Tigana combined. In Belgium to visit his cousin in 1985, loose cannon saw Toure on TV playing for Nantes against Inter Milan...surrounded by world-class footballers, Toure was the outstanding performer. A gold medallist with Les Bleus in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, Toure self-destructed by getting involved in drugs.

Jean Pierre Papin signed the mag when he was in Kuala Lumpur with Bayern Munich in conjunction with the inauguration of the Shah Alam Stadium in 1994

Loose cannon's first issue of Onze in 1987, featuring Bordeaux attacker, Philippe Fargeon, courtesy of Kak Lin's friends. Posted via mail. Onze later joined forces with Mondial to become Onze Mondial, one of the best football magazines in the world.

Astro SuperSport 2 will show Ligue 1

Loose cannon's love affair with French football began long before he reached his teens.

But there was little in Malaysia to satisfy his cravings for all things French.

Apart from a few column inches in either the New Straits Times or the Malay Mail, loose cannon had to rely on news clips on TV1 in the early 80s or the weekly show Dunia Sukan hosted by Abdullah Hasim and Marina Chin to catch a glimpse of Michel Platini's compatriots in action.

Having had enough of British propaganda and superiority complex through the various footy mags in the market, such as Shoot!, Match and World Soccer, loose cannon was terribly excited when he browsed through the mags at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris in 1986, the year Les Bleus advanced to the World Cup semis only to fall to the Germans.

Though France can be considered as a football powerhouse, Ligue 1 does not appeal to most Malaysians. Sometime in the late 90s, ntv7 did broadcast highlights of the game, with former national swimmer Jeffrey Ong providing commentary.

This season Astro SuperSport (811) has shown highlights of Ligue 1 and occasionally matches involving Olympique de Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux. Now it will be shown over 816. Good for Astro.

Writing under the pseudonym Herr Blitzkrieg in the Malay Mail in 2006, loose cannon pointed out to the German ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, that RTM used to show Football Made in Germany in the 80s. The season following the 2006 World Cup, SuperSport began to show Bundesliga highlights.

Published in the Malay Mail, July 5, 2006

SOMETIME last year, Herr Blitzkrieg was privileged enough to talk for a fleeting moment with German Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, Herbert D. Jess.

His Excellency Herr Jess, was pleased to say Germany and Malaysia have had a cordial working relationship in the world of sports for more than two decades.

"I remember when Bayern Munich came to Shah Alam in 1994, thousands of Malaysians watched them train. Our hockey team have participated in numerous tournaments in Kuala Lumpur and we have also exchanged programmes in football," said Jess.

Herr Blitzkrieg pointed out that a few German coaches had left a mark in Malaysia. Dettmar Cramer came to share his knowledge in Kuala Lumpur in the 1960s, while Karl Weigang guided Malaysia to the Olympic Games in Moscow, only for the country to boycott the 1980 edition.

In exchanging pleasantries, Herr Jess expressed his surprise as to why there was no German football on TV.

Herr Blitzkrieg politely told Herr Jess that at one time there was Football Made In Germany way way back in the 1980s, when Englishmen Kevin Keegan and Tony Woodcock were plying their trade in Hamburg and Cologne respectively.

Apart from consuming American propaganda through the series Combat where the Germans were portrayed as a subject of hate, Herr Blitzkrieg's TV diet included Italian Soccer, Football Made In Germany, Brazilian Soccer as well as the barely palatable Big League Soccer and Star Soccer.

Based on their performance, Juergen Klinsmann's boys have stated a strong case for Bundesliga matches to be shown again on Malaysian screens.

From Klinsi's starting 11, Jens Lehmann is the only foreign-based player, while Michael Ballack will only be joining Chelsea after the World Cup. Talent is awash in Bundesliga.

Astro SuperSport should lead the way. They have begun to show highlights of French football long after NTV7 and Jeffrey Ong gave up on it.

Too much English football, or the England team, is not good for the brains, one must remember.

Sven-Goran Eriksson's England helped Herr Blitzkrieg beat insomnia, and the English game has also helped produce a petulant yet talented player in Wayne Rooney, who will be bonded forever with Cristiano Ronaldo.

* Slowmental Riquelme, Sheva, Lamps and the Goofy One will be invited for a screen test for the hit TV series Lost.

* Football is orgasmic, to some of Herr Blitzkrieg's colleagues. No wonder because they allow themselves to be distracted from on the pitch activities. Joe Kampung gets thrilled by the commercials during half-time, Seeing Red cannot stop but ogle at the Brazilian girls while Latin lover El Loco loves to gush about panty-changing.

In contrast, Van Gyzi gets excited by the odds, ringgit and sen. Don Catenaccio seldom gets his predictions wrong because he is linked to the underworld while Goalfinger is sadly clinging on to the notion that England can play like Brazil, Argentina or France. What has the world come to?

* Herr Blitzkrieg's days as a columnist are numbered.

Astro is glad to announce the good news from the Sports Segment - Astro is truly the home of sports content with even more exciting sports action on Astro SuperSport 2 coming soon to all Astro sports subscribers beginning Wednesday 18 November 2009 on Channel 816 at no additional cost.

Astro SuperSport 2 (Channel 816) brings sports fans more choices in global sporting events like BWF Badminton, ATP Tennis, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and American sports such as NFL and NHL to name a few.

In addition, selected live boxing matches which were previously pay-per-view is now available on this new channel, giving our sports avid customers more value at no added cost.

Press Release

More Live Sports on the new Astro SuperSport 2 (Channel 816)
Sports fans can enjoy Liverpool TV, Chelsea TV, Barcelona TV and Live Boxing

Kuala Lumpur, 11 November 2009 - Sports fans in Malaysia will soon be able to get more live adrenalin action sports on Astro with the launch of a new channel Astro SuperSport 2 (Channel 816) from Wednesday 18 November 2009.

Astro SuperSport 2 (Channel 816) brings sports fans more choices in global sporting events like BWF Badminton, ATP Tennis, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and American sports such as NFL and NHL to name a few. In addition, selected live boxing matches which were previously pay-per-view is now available on this new channel, giving our sports avid customers more value at no added cost.

Lee Choong Khay, Head of Sports Business at Astro said:

"With ASSP2, we now have 6 best in class sports offering on our platform for an entry price of RM 66.95. We expect our customers to find Astro SuperSport 2 a good value proposition with the inclusion of new programmes and added hours of fresh sports content."

Furthermore, football fans will have more new football programmes such as Chelsea TV, Liverpool TV and Barcelona TV where fans can watch match highlights of premier league games plus UEFA Champions League and FA Cup games, pre and post match reactions, latest news and interviews with past and present football legends, exclusive behind the scenes footage and replay of classic matches.

Note: **Manchester United TV will be shown on Astro SuperSport (CH 811)


Anonymous said...

liverpooltv on astro? orgasmic!!!
but what channel lah? u only gave ur fav team's info

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

nstman said...

First things first. French football only attracts flies. Period. Propaganda or no, EPL rules. And that is a fact. Those who crave French League, pse go to Paris. You cant get french fries here.

Azmi said...

I believe that the Ligue Un as well as the Bundesliga are very entertaining leagues. In terms of publicity, pomp and the all too important $$$, the EPL is in a league of it's own.

However, it is a joy to be able to watch players like gourcuff, kallstrom, Licata, Lisandro Lopez and chamakh in ligue 1...

as for the bundesliga, you have to watch lahm, Anatoliy Tymoschuk, kehl, Jan Schlaudraff, Dzeko, Bradley, Grafite...

to nstman, watch the games before you diss...

Anonymous said...

NSTMAN you know why u only attracted to EPL because all this years we have expose only to EPL. sine our local football is just above the pits level, lets not our attraction for football jiust confined to EPL. there are many other leagues that have exciting matches and we can also learn from them. Even US MSL

Doctor Romario said...

World Cup fever.

for the game. for the world.

nstman said...

Thierry Henry has shamed the entire footballing world with his le hand of fraud. if Air Asia says everyone can fly, including cheats, then Henry says everyone can use his hands or balls to achieve final victory. The end justifies its means. henry always talks from his high horse. Henry pontificates. Henry is self-righteous. Henry the ultimate sportsman. Henry, what happen? Now you are telling young kids it's all right to cheat. Cheating is cool. So okay now everyone can cheat. Why" Because Henry said so. I pray France will be knocked in the first round in SA. This will be the ultimate poetic justice.

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