Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Easy job for MHF

The 99-page proposal by the Group of 102 ex-international hockey players to resuscitate the game is now in public domain and can be dissected here, the answers to our hockey woes

A small group of ex-players worked on the proposal which was submitted to the Ministry of Sports recently, supported by 37 Olympians, 29 World Cuppers, nine former national coaches, two former national team managers, 10 former national captains, one former World XI and 10 former Asian All Stars.

The new Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) president, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, and his team plus the two committees he intends to form (read here), will not have to crack their heads and split hairs. All they need to do is to implement the ideas expressed by the Group of 102!

And how lucky can MHF get. The Prime Minister in-waiting is from Pahang, and so is the Minister of Youth and Sports. Both are subjects of the State of Pahang, of which Tengku Abdullah is the royal second-in-command after his Ayahanda, Sultan Ahmad Shah. I'm very sure Tengku Abdullah will garner the necessary support to make things happen. If not, he will have to forget hockey and focus his energy on becoming the president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).


Mat Sabu said...

Tengku Abdullah is only the puppet, Sultan Azlan Shah and Aligendra still calls the shot bro ... come on la dont pretend as if you are not aware , so now you will be media officer in MHF ke .. selepas menghilangkan diri dari FEI event ..betul ke you sudah ambil duit dan lepas itu tidak melakukan kerja, dengar cerita Dan Guen Chin dilantik kerana mereka mendapati saudara tak boleh kerja, sama seperti di FAM .... mungkin saudara akan lari dari Tennis event juga ke ... hahahahahah manusia tak akhlak dan prinsip ...

Nstman said...

The people who destroyed Malaysian football are back in advising Tengku Abdullah, they are former journalist now turned businessman and this same group is advising him on MHF matters .... tell the @#@$%^^& go back and spend time with their family enough damage done by them la bro ... these were the same ppl who told TM that Malaysian football is ready to go professional , now look at the status of Malaysian football.... ex- editors and editors should mine their own business and not to advise TM on how to do the job ... dont look at cheap ways in getting Datukship la bro .. betul tak rizal ... tepuk dada tanya selera!

Anonymous said...

Pentadbiran hoki ni mesti diberikan kepada yang berminat dan yang benar-benar faham sahaja apa kemelut yang sedang melanda.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rizal

I salute these former hockey internationals for their good deeds that they have done.

This is first of kinds in Malaysian sporting history. We hope other sports shall emulate the same as the hockey boys.

The proposal is superb and well done to the panel who have done it.

I think MHF should bring this people into the system.

Bravo - 102

Anonymous said...

Dear Hockey Lovers

Please bring Maninderjit, Mirnawan, Nor Saiful, Sambu, Enbaraj and Dharmaraj into the system.

They were the best during their playing days. And they are the one that stood up during this hockey crisis and today the change took place due to them.

After reading the proposal, I have alot of respect and felt honour that such hockey internationals could provide a fantastic proposal.

MHF task is very easy and this is the bible of Malaysian hockey.

Long live 102 and new MHF....

Anonymous said...


The change started with the CINTA HOKI, then came the Rizal and Voice Blog.

But the final straw was the 102 Fomer Hockey Internationals movement.

Their proposal is very great and is all about the Right Person in the Right position

Bring back people like Rama, Bala, Maninderjit, Mirnawan, Dharma, Steven, Collin, Wallace, Beng Hai and the rest from 102 group.

Their proposal highlights their capabilities and with this they put MHF office bearers to shame.

Get these people to rejuvenate...

All the best MHF...

Anonymous said...

Well Done 102

The Change took place because of you all.

The people who did not sign sure feeling the guilty that they were not part of this exercise.

The Proposal is excellent and Weel Done and Congrats to Mike, Mirnawan and K Enbaraj.

To Enbaraj and Azlin Fairus - you started the ball rolling.

Make the game alive and put these people in MHF sub committees.

Call them 102 to help MHF and they can do a good job.

Thank you to Minister, Datuk Mazlan, Dato Zul and all relevant parties in involving and helping the game.

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank Minister, SAP and NSC for providing the platform to 102 and they were very excited with the proposal.

Hip, Hip Hip Hooray to Minister, SAP and NSC.

Anonymous said...

Salute the 102 especially Mike, Mirnawan and Enbaraj for coming up with an outstanding proposal that never before in Malaysian Sports history such a document is produced by former athletes.

Are Mike, Mirnawan, Enbaraj, Azlin in the committee or think tank or advisor to the President?

Because their proposal signifies their credibility and in-depth knowledge of the game. Get Mike, Mirnawan and Enbaraj to help MHF. These people know what they are saying and how to achieve World Class stature.

Appeal to NSC and MHF that please select them to help the dying game.

Hockey Lover.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tengku Mahkota

Please call this group of 102 to help your put right things in place and let them be your advisor.

Read the proposal and I shall give them a first class degree standard in their facets and analyzing skills and recommendations about the changes required for the game.

Bravo to the author of the proposal - Maninderjit, Mirnawan and Enbaraj for the first-rate job.

All hockey fans and followers appreciate for the effort and good deed.

Love hockey…

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank Minister, SAP and NSC for providing the platform to 102 and they were very excited with the proposal.

Hip, Hip Hip Hooray to Minister, SAP and NSC.

Anonymous said...

Now Change has come

Now for the hard part…

Did TM meet this group of 102 and discuss the matter. Sources indicated that TM has not met them.

Hope TM meets them and gets cracking.

Recommend MHF Office Bearers to meet because this proposal is better than the Wawasan document that MHF has. Use this proposal and see the changes.

Before naming the sub-committees, look at these 102 group personalities, they were 1975 success team and the rest.

Dig out the former internationals to help out Managerial post, Coaching and Chairman of game related committees.

GET 102 to take priority over WAWASAN…

All the best

Anonymous said...

en rizal
sebagai pembaca blog saudara saya ber mnat dengan tulisan mat sabu dan nstman
Wartawan, sama ada x atau yang masih bertugas sedikit sebanyak telah menjadikan sukan kita ini cacamerba, jangan terlibat dengan politik sukan jalankan tugas sebagai wartawan

saya bangga sekurang-kurangnya bekas pemain sanggup buatkan satu kertas kerja bagi menaikkan mutu dan tahap hoki negara
tahniah tapi kalau boleh masukkan mereka kedalam kancah untuk menaikkan mutu sukan ini.

Saya juga minta supaya di FAM juga kalau boleh pemain dan bekas jurulatih sama-sama buat sesuatu untuk menaikkan mutu sukan bolasepak.

Tetapi secara peribadi saya rasakan yang pengurusan FAM sekarang ini sukar untuk menerima pandangan daripada pihak luar kerana sebagai contohnya pemain import itu merupakan satu kuasa sampingan bagi membantu permainan pemain tempatan, Malaysia satu2nya negara yg tak ada pemain import, jepun pada musim akan datang akan menetapkan yg mana jumlah pemain import adalah seramai 4 orang dan yang mana salah seorang mesti asalnya daripada benua asia.
Ini memberikan peluang pada negara2asia untuk maju bersama dlm permainan bolasepak.
Wak indon pun akan buat musim depan cuma FAM sahaja yang membuat satu pergerakkan mundur kebelakan dan bukan maju ke hadapan.

bagi sukan hoki saya juga mencadangkan agap liga hoki di pertingkatkan mutu dan juga kedatangan penunton di stadium, tak macam tahun awal 80 stadium ramai

Pengurusan juga perlu di lakukan dengan betul, cuba kita jadikan pesatuan sukan kita ini sebagai sati syarikat yang mana kita perlulakukan sesuatu untuk keuntungan syarikat dan bukan keuntungan pribadi

Biar mereka yang memegang jawatan ini benar-benar mereka yang suka kan sukan ini dan bukan akibat kerana pangkat
tahniah saudara rizal, saya rasa awak salah seorang calon untuk media officer PHM dan lepas ini perpangkat dato

Anonymous said...

mat sabu...what do you have against rizal. Dont attack if you dont know truth. He was asked to leave because he is too good for the FEI dumbos. Dan left after just 24 hrs.

mr objective said...


frankly, many of us are quite sick of your belly aching, u criticise everything and everyone, including the organisation u work for, but u neither have the balls nor the dignity to leave nst. maybe u want to hang out with royalty and najib, but cant because u dont have the calibre and the brains to. i believe u r just f#$%&@g jealous of these guys, u probably r a nobody in the newspaper industry and these guys whom u criticise are all that u wanna be but cant. grow up man u stupid ass and be someone, and spend more time being a better journalist, cos if u r one, u wouldnt be wasting your time making all these comments in everyone's blogs.

Anonymous said...


I respect and felt admire the work undertaken by these 102 former hockey internationals.

This group created the change and allowed the qualified people with merit shall be appointed to head the sub-committees.

Please include the 1975 players who signed the campaign and also look at the rest of the members.

And those who did not sign due to vested interest; stay away and play other sports and you are not entitled to speak.

The author of this proposal – Maninderjit Singh, Mirnawan and Enbaraj;


P/s – This proposal is 100 times greater than the Wawasan document prepared three years ago…

Anonymous said...


You fought and made the changes.

You the 102 Spartans shall be always remembered as a legacy for the good deeds that you all have done.

Beautiful work and the quality of the proposal is impervious.

Players like Enbaraj, Azlin, Mirnawan, Saiful, Sambu, Mike, Ho, Yoges, Kuhan, Dharma, Collin, Steven, Beng Hai, Yahya, Nasihin, Bala, Ow, Kt Rajan, Calvin, Gobi and the list can go on and on…

Look at the 102 Former Internationals blogspot and see the players who signed the campaign.

Congratulations 102 Spartans… You will be always remembered in Malaysian sports history.

Thanks to the Minister, NSC and SAP.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rizal

I salute and thanks the Minister, Datuk Mazlan Ahmad, Dato Zolkeples and all the relevant parties.

This movement is only possible with the support given by Minister and his team.

Weel done Minister, NSC and SAP for the good job and congrats and all the to the 2012 London.

Anonymous said...

mr objective

itu pandangan nstman
semua wartawan punya pandangan dan kalau boleh nak masuk campur dalam percaturan persatuan, ini lah malaysia sekarang kalau tak di berikan muka nanti tak ada story about that association

tepuk dada dan cubit peha kiri apa kata hati

Anonymous said...

Watch the fun as everyone in hockey know what this guys the so called saviours of hockey are.In Malaysia it is always for the kang tow,meaning every man for himself. First it was sarjit and the gang to plunder and now this group will do the same.

Anonymous said...

nice touch at the end...truly the pen is mightier than the sword.

for the game. for the world.

Nstman said...

Mr Obejective

Yang kamu marah ini apa pasal relax la brader .. kalau apa yang diberitahu itu menyakitkkan hati anda.. minum la sprite .. kalau saudara minum benda yang taksub minum juga la .... Kalau setakat nak dapatkan pangkat datuk tak payah buat apple polishing la bro... apakah saudara dengki dengan orang lain yang boleh kerja anda ... saya bukan macam saudara ... sehingga mahu jilat menteri pun ada untuk dapatkan kontrak ... jadi saya rasa simpan saja komen anda ... kalau saya bertulis dengan menggunakan nama samaran Nstman tak kan la saya kerja di nst pulak bro .... balik la minum kopi la bro ...hahahaha

The Real nstman said...

Nstman is not from nst there is only one nstman thats me

nstman's waterloo said...

Rizal, I suppose it is time for you to just leave out any comments that come from this so-called "nstman"..
It seems so many people are just using this pseudo to stir shit all over the blogs.
There's one idiot who lives in self-imposed solitary confinement upon retirement in the home that he paid for in cash, who began going around throwing shit all over the place as nstman.
Now, since this old hag made a name for nstman by spreading crap and talking cock, more than one person has taken after him and even shared the pseudo to do similar cock talking and crap spreading.
These are the types of people that mothers regret naming.