Saturday, November 1, 2008

TBJ toppled

Incumbent Tengku Abdul Majid Sultan Iskandar has suffered the ignominy of being defeated by Malacca's Nur Azmi Ahmad in the tussle for the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) deputy presidency. Nur Azmi garnered 26 votes as opposed to 14 for Tengku Majid.

Next, Tengku Majid will probably be focusing his energy on being the president of the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA). His brother-in-law Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has the unenviable task of giving MHF a new breath of fresh air.

The MHF line-up 2008-2010:

President: Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah
Deputy president: Nur Azmi Ahmad
Vice-presidents: Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohd Noh (28 votes), Datuk Rahim Arif (29), M. Gobinathan (25), Datuk Dr S.S Cheema (19)
Secretary: Hashim Mohd Yusof
Treasurer: S. Sanjilatheeban (29)

Read here to get a glimpse of what's in store for Tengku Abdullah.


Anonymous said...

Lu tinggal satu post kagi media officer or media consultant lu beb

darthvadai said...

thats the final cast

Let look at the positive side of this... A head on battle for the number 2 post was won or lost on what grounds. I know both well enough one had clout and one can work. Was he voted in based on those grounds or the affiliates jsut switching pin the tail on the donkey. When dead wood representatives vote like a whip you get thing like this. Why?

All due respect to the New DP who I know personally, he is got his work cut out for him, not only has he got to be the right hand man of the TM. Also get the house in oder. All the press statements he made bout the house not in order now he must stand up and set the house straight.

On the administrative end MHF need to get their paperwork, policies and procedures in order. Each VP should understand a portfolio and goals should be set in place.

This was a motion that started a few seasons back but all died off and I suspect we will end up with the same dilemma.

It in indeed refreshing to see Gobi there. As young as he is its important to have an individual of his caliber and his experience contributing to the association.

Funding is the biggest problem in MHF, while everyone talks no one bring in the money, you cannot and should not expect the TM to bring in the funds.

Back in the heydays its not the President that brought in the dough.

One VP already done his task of bring in fund from the organization he represents how about the other VP what can they work to bring in?

The other aspect is the constitution need to be re looked into. We have been too kind to the teams on the East of us, while the rational of having a secured VP seat dedicated to a representative from East Malaysia has brought benefits to them. Why? Coz the VP elected are hardly around for meeting and even if they are, you can refer to the minutes how many issues to they bring up.

Secondly its too costly for committee members to attend sub committee meeting flying here so even if they sit in the committee no point

There should be equal right among all affiliates but when development is concerned there should be equal focus, here the responsibility lies in the committee chairmen.

Lastly funding, no point hosting teams with all paid expenses then scrapping the bottom of the barrel. In my many conversation with the Treasurer I highlighted where the money could be better spent that benefits all the affiliated and the national team.

Lastly I think well I hope I am wrong but I believe one of the few national Association without a webpage. While we can spend Rm 700 for meeting, over a million for a tounament and travel allowances but we cant allocate RM 1500 to build a webpage and keep it running for a year.

When a paper on this was presented a few years back all the hue and cry and copyright and material and etc etc etc In short empty tins make more noise and I was proven right is dead... and we resort to a gmail address for a point of official communication

Having hosted 2 World Cups, Champions Trophies, Champions Challenge and other tournaments that comes to mind and yet we cant even have a decent webpage.

Do we know where our MHF archives of documents, photos, tournament records and information is?

So looking forward will anything actually change

Stick with me said...

TBJ's supporters in the media may spin the story by saying he pulled out of the contest in the morning.

That can't be true. If it was, then there would not have been a contest in the first place.

The fact that he didn't bother to turn up for the elections also shows what he thinks of MHF.

PS ... TBJ better concentrate on golf. He must get more members to support him or he may wave bye-bye to the president's post.

fariq rahman said...

congrats to tengku mahkota pahang. he certainly a quality leader for the post. one thing for sure, he will get cracking to make things happen... a man whose passionate for sports is no doubt... ! take note, during FAM days, not even a single cent was used by Tengku Mahkota for any trips, etc. In fact he has 'poured' so much from his own pocket... wish all the best to tengku mahkota pahang..

Anonymous said...

congrats to Azmi. he breathes hockey, sleeps hockey and eats hockey. but he must quickly learn to act like a true professional office bearers after this.

Anonymous said...

typical of fariqrahman. nothing else 2 write. emmm

suki said...

Let's hope hockey does not be used again for someone's personal gain,remember azmi also has his fair share of episodes in mhf.The one immediate thing to do is to remove all leeches that are from past era.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rizal

The 102 - Former Hockey Internationals have posted the proposal on their website which was presented to YB Minister of Youth and Sports.

I hope bro Rizal could create a article and link to the 102 link for all hockey lovers to see and how to rejuvenate Malaysian hockey.

Thank you for your support.

Hv a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Rizal

I was told that the 102 Former Hockey Internationals have updated their blog with including their 99 pages proposal.

Please write an article and also acknowledged their proposal by linking it.

With this all the sports lover especially the hockey lovers.

Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

When 10/2 will be toppled?I heard he is getting full support from the local newspaper reporters to do a press conference.How about is team, the assistant coach, the German and the Pakistant ?
Get coaches to apply. Select the ones with ideas and results.
Good luck to Malaysian Hockey.

Anonymous said...

When 10/2 will be toppled?I heard he is getting full support from the local newspaper reporters to do a press conference.How about is team, the assistant coach, the German and the Pakistant ?
Get coaches to apply. Select the ones with ideas and results.
Good luck to Malaysian Hockey.