Sunday, November 23, 2008

So, who is Federer's favourite footballer?

Roger just before he boarded the private jet from Shanghai

Last year he was wearing jeans. This year Roger made sure he was properly attired for the dinner with DPM. Blake looks like a film star, I might add

No wonder Cikgu Badiozaman called me Kenit (shorty) those days. The rest of Class 1A, led by monitor Haizan Khir Johari, followed suit. I'm a midget among giants.

Bernama TV's Azlani (left) and Aziman with the Swiss ace

Angela Archer of IMG (foreground) is the link person between the stars and the rest of the world


nstman said...

Federer told me the best footballer in the universe is Maradona. Maradona is the best among the best. Second is the overrated Pele, a hero to Fauzi Omar and Larazarus Kok.

kajang-today said...

Cikgu Badiozaman later on in his life,went to paris as part of MFI set up while Haizan is one of the 4th floor boys.

Both are not making and "making" headlines as you are now. Guess hero hindustan memang selalu menang last.

Anonymous said...

the media consultant make the game great

hcfoo said...

No wonder tennis forums have been really quiet. Coz there's no batik this year.

You know what, I think Sharapova would look great in baju kurung or kebaya :D

My Team rulez said...


at least Pele never cheated to win a world cup and he won more than el diego

maradona used handball against england 1986 to score

against belgium 1990, when he saved the ball on the line from a corner, a game argentina would have lost. they then fouled their way to the final

and 3x a drug cheat. no wonder such doyens of sports like rokk and fauzi look up to the great pele, who is a gentleman and the greatest ever footballer.

maradona? good but not good enough

Khan said...

I wonder how many of the other great players were on drugs too...

nstman said...

I agree Maradona is a cheat, but we are talking about skills which are out of this world. And Maradona is from another planet. Granted Pele has won more world titles but you must remember Pele had great players around him. Maradona only had mediocre players around him. Brazil had the heavier artillery compared to Argentina those days. And talking about skills. What skills does Pele have except heading ability and a quick feet. Maradona does everything a human can only dream about. Maradona may be a cheat but he is the greatest cheat of them all. His cheating is as good as his god-given talents. As I have said before and am saying now, Pele is the greatest player on Earth, but Maradona is the greatest in the universe. We can argue till the cows come home or the chickens come home to roost, but nothing can change the universal opinion about Maradona. Maradona is god. It's time for the Pelestas to get out of their denial mode and admit their hero is not No 1.

izinni said...

midget dari segi ketinggian, to be exact. hehehehhe