Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tun M and I part deux

( From left) renowned psychiatrist Tan Sri M. Mahadevan, renowned blogger the Tun and renowned businessman, Datuk Abdul Razak Latiff

Among my collection of Tun's books, these two now bear the Tun's autograph

The Tun and Datuk Malek Mydin. Malek's in-laws reside about 200 metres away from my in-laws' place in Kulim. Way back in 1993, I covered Malek as he huffed and puffed his way en route to finishing the East Coast Tour, or Jelajah Pantai Timur organised by the Wilayah Persekutuan Cycling Association. His brother Mutalib was a mechanic for one of the teams. Fame has not changed his much, as once he said hello to me at an R&R on the highway.

Former First Cartel chairman and Le Tour de Langkawi's driving force, Datuk Wan Lokman Wan Ibrahim (left), carries his camera wherever he goes, while Mahadevan did not ride on this particular day. "I've just recovered from flu," he told me. We chatted briefly about Botak Chin, as the Malay Mail once ran a series of articles on the plan to make a film based on the notorious criminal, here. I remember covering Wan Lokman during LTDL'97, the only edition which brought the peloton across the South China Sea, from Sabah back to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. "It was a logistical nightmare," he recalled. As for me, I enjoyed the experience of boarding the C-130, though. The food was not bad!

My guess is the Tun endorses Razak's bid in becoming the Equestrian Association of Malaysia (EAM) president. The incumbent is Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, who once served under Tun in the Cabinet. To understand the scenario, read here and here


Anonymous said...

Can get a copy of the "epitome of a statesman"

Tun's admirer from Manchester.

fariq ra said...

bro, syabas .. semua gambar banyak mahal ohhh... glad to see the 'sambungan' of tun story/pix after the first story...

rizal hashim said...

Tun's admirer from Manchester,

I'm not too sure where can we get a copy of the book. It cost me RM120, bought at the bookstore in PJ Hilton years ago. It was published by IKWAM.

rahman fariq said...
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angah said...

salam cik rizal,

come la to my new home .. .. i really luv to ready our blog every day la..