Friday, June 25, 2010

Two days before the KL Marathon

The Singapore bladerunner

Marathon running is about overcoming obstacles, the inner strength to beat the odds.
The Standard Chartered KL International Marathon on Sunday will no doubt parade runners with tales to share. A case in point - Singapore Bladerunner or Shariff Abdullah to his family. Born without a left ankle and used to walk with a prosthetic leg, the Bladerunner puts many able bodied individuals like loose cannon to shame. Read his blog here and the Sun's report here

For a group of running enthusiasts from a variety of background, the marathon is an opportunity to run away from the daily stress. Read the Malay Mail's report here

For high performers like Malaysia's Shaharudin Hashim, it's a matter of breaking personal bests. Read the Bernama report here

For first timers, read tips for beginners from Miss Jewelz here

And always count your blessings. Read here


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