Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ow remembers...

A picture tells a thousand words, they say. From left Ow Soon Kooi, Datuk R. Yogeswaran (hockey), Datuk Lee Chong Wei (badminton), Datuk Soh Chin Aun (football), Datuk Misbun Sidek (badminton), Mirnawan Nawawi (hockey), Aidil Zafuan (football), R. Puvaneswaran (karate), Zaquan Adha Abdul Radzak (football) and Daniel Bego (swimming), with the Olympic Sports Hotel as the backdrop.

Only six of them are Olympians, though.

Ow, chairman of Olympic Sports Hotel, was skipper of the national team in the late 70s. Read

He belongs to the group of people who are mindful of the past...that's why he paid tribute to the late Datuk Mokhtar Dahari and Datuk Ho Koh Chye.

It is unfortunate, though, that the sports fraternity and the National Sports Council (NSC) or the Sports Ministry are not fully utilising the hotel, strategically located at the heart of KL. Sure NSC has Casa 1, 2, 3 or 4 but we can always have a win-win situation for all.


Anonymous said...

With a walk-in rate of RM138 for sports association...why should the NSAs or any sports fraternity want to patronise the Hotel?

The hotel lacks any recreation facilities but charges a rate that makes any sports association bled.

Parking charges is also 4star...but not enough space to park. Weekday: Max- RM7...weekends: RM5.

If you want the sports fraternity to patronise the hotel have a better win-win...rather than say it but the win is more slanted to you, Mr. Ow.

Silent Observer said...

Anon, yeah why would NSAs want to stay at a Sports Hotel which only charges RM133.20 (not RM138) with breakfast, because they would rather stay at a 5-star hotel and bleed their own associations.
Or we know of some officials in NSAs who would bargain for the best rate and then ask the hotel to mark up the bill and pocket the difference.
Probably, Olympic Sports Hotel does not condone this and that is why NSAs shy this hotel.
And please do not forget that this hotel fills the kitty of OCM with their rental which is much more than the previous management - to be exact RM75,000 per month!
Do forget the renovations to a tune for of RM5.5 million while the contract from OCM to fulfill the renovations obligations was only RM3.5 million.
This hotel is no longer the hotel you used to know under the previous management which had cockroaches running around and smelly carpets.
This company also employs former state and national athletes.
When they are doing so much for sports, why cant the NSAs and the sports fraternity support them.
Yes, they may not have a gym, but it is in the pipeline. Be patient lah!
And for parking, do forget it is in the city you are talking about. And tell me which four-star hotel offers RM 5 or RM 7 for a day for parking?
If everything is to be given free or cheap and expect first class service, you must be dreaming.
Here is a hotel catering for sportsmen and women, so just support them if you can.
If not, continue to stay at 5-star hotels!

Anonymous said...

Dear Silent Observer,

Not all sports associations has the luxury like FAM, BAM, MHF, SRAM or any high paying sports to pay top dough to even stay in 5star or even 3star. If they can get a decent meal at any hostel why not...for those associations money doesnt grow on trees and they done get any funds from anyone other than finding their own.

If the hotel management wants to throw tat much of money in renovation...who going stop them? ocm as owners of the property will say go ahead...but u still have to pay your lease of RM75k a month without fail.

We have and must always remember why did the hotel first existed for...if we forget or divert from the real objective or purpose then all arguements about why the NSAs are shying away is irrelevant as night & day.

Whether the hotel has former state or national sportsperson under them is on their own initiative and those concerned should be thankful of it.

It's not just the NSAs I'm talking about but also all the SSAs to even want to stay there.

One thing for sure I would have to stay in YMCA if ever I got a choice between Olympic Sports Hotel & another.

Anonymous said...


Kadang2 pelik jugak bila kita bercakap pasal nak spport OCM atau Hotel OCM tu sebab kita kena ingat that tanah tapak Wisma OCM tu milik sape...bukan milik Kerajaan jugak.Sudahlah tu,berapa banyak pulak duit Kerajaan yang sudah disumbangkan untuk pembinaan bangunan OCM tu.Tambah pulak lagi duit untuk kontinjen pegi temasya2 sukan pun sebahagian besar disumbangkan oleh Kerajaan jugak!!!Yang untung OCM dapat income tiap2 bulan.Itu pun premium tanah OCM mintak diskaun dengan Kerajaan jugak.Sudahlah tu,NSA kena bayar pulak sewa ofis kat Wisma OCM and Kerajaan pun kalau pakai Wisma OCM untuk aktiviti sukan yang ada kaitan dengan OCM pun kena bayar jugak!!Yang teruknya, orang kuat OCM bukan main lagi mengutuk dekat belakang pegawai2 Kerajaan kat KBS and NSC.. Mana boleh jadi macam ni..bro!! Sepatutnya OCM kena allocatekan sebahagian dari bangunan dia kepada ajensi Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab untuk memajukan sukan yang at the end of it akan mewakili OCM(MALAYSIA) ke temasya2 sukan antarabangsa jugak..

epain said...

sollution terbaik...gunakan fasiliti di bukit jalil....

bukan bercakap pasal murah atau mahal rate hotel...

Anonymous said...

Bro Anon 8.26,

Skrg ocm dah jadi bongkah...bukan macam dulu bila mrk lebih membantu dan mendorong persatuan sukan dan tidak sekali2 bercampur-tangan dlm hal pentadbiran persatuan sukan.

ocm skrg bagaikan sebuah parti politik yg x tau halatuju mrk sendiri. mrk hanya tau mengatakan menutup pintu pd ahli politik utk menterajui persatuan2 sukan tp mrk sendiri lupa lihat diri mrk sendiri. ada 2 - 3 drpd mrk lebih hebat dr ahli politik luar. caci mencaci...beranggapan ocm adalah hak mrk utk berbuat sesuka hati utk kroni mrk.

dengar2 sec gen ocm tengah giat mengusik MFF krn kroni mrk bekas presiden dan penolong setiausaha MFF yg lepas(penolong setiausaha ocm skrg) telah dikalahkan di pengundian MFF tahun lepas. kalo ocm bole berbuat sesuka hati mrk utk memastikan hanya kroni mrk yg bersekeduduk dlm persatuan kebangsaan apa pula mrk nak mencelah ketidakpuas hati mengenai berbagai hal lain pula.

They are corrupted but not me...I'm the Emperor of OCM.

Anonymous said...

I would go with any argument that NAs use the Olympic Hotel. Understand that the RM75,000 the hotel management pays the OCM, goes towards sports least that is what is supposed to happen. So, why not support the hotel? As for Soon Kooi, he is one fine bloke who has not changed over the years, despite being a successful businessman.I am actually proud of him.I think NAs should try and seek special rates from Soon Kooi. I am sure he will consider. But at the end of the day, we need to remember that the Olympic Hotel is a business. So, if you want to be subsidised, go ask for the money from the OCM. The OCM, it seems, is more intent on hoarding all the money it gets for the trust fund, established under very secretive circumstances by one official who wants to lord over it, when he retires-if he does at all - or gets booted out of the Olympic body. But that's another story for another day.


Anonymous said...

One particular NSA got a shock of their lives when they heard they are being charged the same rate as any walk-in customer. Seems that the special rate for NSA doesn't exist anymore after the year end.

Previously NSA was charged RM110 (until year end 2009).

OLD GUARD said...

DAMNED if he does, damned if he doesn't -- that's Ow Soon Kooi's dilemma.
Ow's company is paying OCM a monthly rental of an exorbitant RM75k only because they see it as a way to support sports in the country.
Obviously, they had also counted on some support from the sports fraternity. But alas, that has not been the case.
The National Sports Council (NSC) almost always uses a hotel along diabolic Old Klang Road. One of the ironies is this -- Minarwan Nawawi is in the employ of Ow's company. Mirnawan is also the manager of the 2011 project team. NSC (or the MoE) had written to Ow asking for Mirnawan's release to be with the team for its various local and international assignments. But the team is stationed at the Old Klang Road hotel. There is no reciprocation.
Take the Asian junior volleyball championships which will be played in Cheras. The teams will all be staying in a hotel at Sri Petaling. The Olympic Sports Hotel is less than 15 minutes away but not considered. It is beyond comprehension why a hotel, recently refurbished to a tune of RM6m, that charges perhaps RM120/day is not the preferred choice but rather the hotels that charge more than RM150.
Is there more than meets the eye to these deals that defy logic and common sense?