Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BAM secretary suspended?


Suspended ( or rather soon to be ) Badminton Association of Malaysia Hon. Secretary P. Ganga Rao was neither shocked nor surprised when contacted last night.

" If what you are telling me is true, then so be it, " said Ganga.

" I have not been informed about it and really I will have to await for official notification.

" I have always put the interest of badminton as a priority and will continue to do so.

" if they ( BAM ) feel that I have acted against the interest of badminton, then I have nothing to say.

" Let us wait for the show cause letter and take it from there.

" I am aware of certain quarters claiming that I have acted against the interest of BAM and will reveal all at the right forum."

Ganga added that he believed that in the end the truth will prevail.

It is learnt that BAM President Dato Nadzmi, General Manager Kenny Goh and Peter Yeow made a representation to the BAM Patron for the suspension of Ganga. -


Move over, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

The more pressing issue is the rumour swirling around the corridors of BA of Malaysia (BAM) that its secretary P. Ganga Rao is to be issued a letter of suspension upon his return from Melbourne tomorrow.

BAM apparently has gathered enough evidence to initiate a disciplinary action against Ganga for alleged misconduct. The mainstream media is expected to go to town with the story, two months ahead of the Thomas Cup finals in Kuala Lumpur.

BAM president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh who is bound for a medical treatment in Germany for a month beginning Friday, is said to have given the go-ahead for action to be taken against Ganga.


AJK Biasa said...

Syabas Presiden BAM. Bila pulak agaknya salah seorang setiausaha yang paling hebat dan no 1 di malaysia ni nak ikut jejak langkah SU BAM?

Anonymous said...

Eh! what happen la? what did he do or didnt do. Come on loose cannon spill the beans man. I am proud to say I read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Rizal,
Not all that glitters is gold. neither is all that is written the TRUTH.I would like SAM under the new and dynamic leadership of Sdr.,Hawari to investigate Bakti's REAL role in this whole Ganga episode.Is it really the interest of the BAM that he has at heart or are we talking of REAL vested interest at work.I think you know, what I am talking about. It seems that these days, sportswriters are all so caught up in their own alliances and web of intrigue, business and politics, that we are not sure if they can be trusted. For a fistful of dollars, some of us, are ready to sell our journalistic principles.Just look at how, some of us are willing to give SO much space and coverage to certain events in our papers, blogs etc. Sportswriters are being dragged into taking sides in the quarrels of NAs, not because of the fight for justice but because they have a vested interest. Just look back at the MTA crisis and you know what I am talking about.What next for what was once a noble profession, now reduced to neing on par with the world's oldest.By the way, I hear Bakti has quit BH. True?