Thursday, March 4, 2010

A gentle reminder for Muhyiddin

Loose cannon remains a skeptic, a cynic is more like it, when promises are made to overhaul the education system to accommodate sports. They remain empty promises usually. Or perhaps the academic-oriented culture is so entrenched in our system that no King and Minister let alone a civilian can offer a solution or remedial measures.

But Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin who oversaw the successful staging of the Commonwealth Games in 1998, seems bent on bucking the trend. The Education Minister and former Sports Minister has pleaded to the rakyat, critics and the sports fraternity to give him time to revamp the education system.

Almost on a weekly basis, Muhyiddin has something to announce.

1. 1Student, 1Sport
2. Commitment to football
3. Sports department in every State
4. Panel to develop sports in school
5. RM89 million allocation for sports and co-curricular activities

But let loose cannon remind you, Tan Sri, that the key to all the ideas proposed is the implementation. The delivery. Even if you have strategic thinkers to produce a master plan, who's going to deliver at the grassroots? A sports secretary in an academic-oriented school? Pegawai Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD)?

In the meantime, Tan Sri, you should remind the MSSM guys to refer to you before slashing any sport or event from the annual calendar. This would prevent the controversy over the exclusion of 11 sports from the MSSM calendar.

Also please take note, Tan Sri, during economic downturns, the budget for sports in schools is the first to be reduced. No allowance, no claims et cetera et cetera. So how?

And last but not least, can we have the best experts imparting their knowledge to our kids?


Anonymous said...

It's not only the sports' allocation that get reduced in schools but also almost all co-curriculum funds.

Malaysia just will go on saying we want to be a sporting country but it looks like it going to the wind. Even if its written on paper, it going to be shelved in one corner of a building.

Sorry bud, the buck ends here for the sports fraternity. It's a want and not a need!

Anonymous said...

rizal..menteri sembab tu baru bangun tidur..tu yg membebel. nak bagi tau org dia dah bangun

Anonymous said...

Macam la tak tahu, rhetorik politikus ketandusan ide. Kena cakap walaupun tak berisi dan tahu tak akan berlaku.
Sedih sungguh aspirasi atlet muda dan guru-jurulatih mereka bila harapan menjadi kehampaan kerana sikap/tindakan tak berhati perut pegawai MSSM. I sincerely hope you keep track of this issue until the 11 sports are restored into the calendar. For the MSSM pegawai,I propose they be transferred back to school as a sport teacher (what else can they be?) and feel what is like to be toiling in the sun, looking forward to see one's charges perform only once a year. The same MSSM pegawai who sit pretty in air conditoned offices in Putrajaya cancelling the games at their whim and fancy are the same people who will be flying around the region accompanying the MSSM teams for ASEAN / Asian schools competitions.

Doctor Romario said...

Yes we need to upgrade everything as we will be bidding for SEA Games...Asian Games...Olympics and the World Cup in the near future.

For the Game. For the World.

tukang tengok said...

korang ni pelik. kalau menteri pelajaran tak peka pasal sukan korang bising. sukan negara merudum pasal sekolah tak bersukan. dapat menteri yang nak pulihkan sukan di sekolah korang kata macam2.

bagilah chan kat menteri tu nak buat apa yang patut. jangan tau kritik saja tapi sendiri tak tau apa.

kalau menteri nak buat macam2 maknanya dia tau lah apa yang patut dibuat untuk pulihkan sukan di sekolah. setakat ni aku tengok apa yang dia kata masuk akal. kita tengoklah setakat mana kebolehannya.

pakmat said... as far as sports in school is concern, it has long ago gone to the dogs..but then, for that matter, our education system, too, has gone to the is our luck that in as far as our education is concern, our politicians do not have the gumption to stick to a certain it is, we keep on changing our stance at every baying of a lone that matter of teaching certain subjects in English..just as it was bearing result, we caved in to pressure from certain politician out to score some me, whatever thing that a politician has a hand in it will fail..for political interests overides all other interest..and I know that inasfar as the children, mine and yours, is concern, they dont give a damn, so long as their political interest is served..sports in schools?..forget it..

Purple Haze said...

Implementation can be very simple.

Every school is to be provided with either a field or a hall (or preferably both). Those who already have one (or both) will be at the back of the line for allocations.

Next, let each school choose 2 sports that they wish to pursue. It might be that everyone wants to plkay football. Okay, so be it - at least the school gets to choose and they have to run with it.

Thereafter, let MSSM councils organise age-group competitions in the sports including some of the minor ones like volleyball and cricket so that there might be (over time) some schools that can excel in them.

This is not to say that each school is limited to only two games. They can pursue more but the govt allocation will be the same. The school will have to manage the budget.

And if the schools fail or are found to have squandered the allocation, take them off the support in 5 years time.

azam said...

pengumuman memang indah namun bila diperingkat persatuan, tidak mampu melihat masa depan tak boleh jadi juga

Anonymous said...

aku sokong 'tukang tengok'

komen yang lain-lain tu cakap macam semua orang lain tak betul. korang je yang betul. Cam bagus.

sukasukan said...

salam bro, nmpk gaya panas isu ni, tp at the same time, everybody is concern abt kurangnya kepentingan sukan at schools. well its high time sukan kembali ke sekolah, bukan ke kedai bata. that is where ianya bermula, if u cant tackle d grassroot, you cant sampai ke kemuncak piramid. wat is dpm trying 2 do is okay, at least i think he's sincere abt sports at school. sama ada pelaksanaannya berkesan atau tak, itu menjadi tanda tanya. i hope at least usaha dpm mengkocakkan sikit peranan sekolah yg selama ni menenggelamkan sukan, akan memastikan sukan akan kembali aktif at schools.

p/s: jgn jadi nama je sek sukan bkt jalil, tapi x bg budak training, sebaliknya suruh pi tuisyen utk spm, ujung tahun ni.

Anonymous said...

Syabas Sdr.Rizal for having finally put Muhyiddin, seriously under your focus.
I think what you said is that, Talk is Cheap.The proof of the pudding is in the eating.Right now, what the Minister and DPM has done is talk.
We are not seeing concrete plans as to how he is going to move things-especially the schools division that remains without a clue as to what developing grassroot sport is all about.
Muhyiddin is taking the top down approach to sport in schools. He will not succeed.
We are without the necessary infrastructure for a majority of schools today.We are aso without the necessary sports culture in schools, having slowly been eroded in favour of academic excellence.
Parents still do not believe that their children can achieve academic excellence if their participate in sport.Neither do headmasters.
Schools like VI miss the Murugesu's in their midst.
There is a whole lot of work to be done to just TRY and set sport back to the "good old days".
Right now, all we are doing is still talking.


Anonymous said...

Alo tukang tengok,
Sekali air bah, sekali pasir berubah. Setiap YB yang pegang jawatan menteri memang melaungkan usaha nak memartabatkan sukan di sekolah. Kalau anak remaja kita membawa kejayaan di peringkat sukan antarabangsa seperti sukan SEA, bukan main Menteri dan semua pegawai MSSM nak tumpang nama dan terpampang luas gambar memeluk atlet muda kita kat suratkhabar. Bukan tak ada langkah yang diambil tapi segala usaha membangunkan sukan di akar umbi dimusnahkan oleh 'little Napoleons' seperti pihak MSSM membatalkan 11 temasya sukan tahun ini ikut suka hati mereka. Kenapa 11 dan bukan semua sekiranya bajet dicantas? Justifikasi 11 sukan tersebut? Kalau ditanya, "Oh.. kami yang merancang dan melaksanakan program, maka kamilah yang paling arif.." Tukang tengok dan penyokongnya, anonymous, turun padang dan lihat usaha guru dan pelajar cuba meningkatkan mutu sukan. Jangan sokong membabi buta.

Voodoo Child said...

Good idea Purple Haze. One thing though. Minister will only last 5 years, aft that new minister with a new story. So how?

Ramli Ghose said...

Dalam Harian Metro hari ini 9 Mac 2010:-

UNGKAPAN ‘Tipah Tertipu Lagi’ sesuai ditujukan kepada skuad Harimau Muda A. Sama ada disedari atau tidak jurulatih atau pemain skuad bawah 21 tahun itu sebenarnya ‘dikenakan’ majikan sendiri iaitu Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) dengan misi ke Slovakia

Saingan kompetitif Liga Satu Slovakia yang dibangga-banggakan FAM serta peminat bola sepak tempatan sebenarnya palsu semata-mata.
Sebaliknya dua perlawanan diharungi Harimau Muda A setakat ini termasuk baki 12 perlawanan lagi bukannya perlawanan liga tetapi sekadar perlawanan persahabatan. Perkara ini terbongkar apabila Pengurus Komersil kelab Slovakia MFK Ruzomberok, Michal Mertinyak mengesahkan bahawa perlawanan antara kelabnya dengan Harimau Muda A Sabtu lalu adalah perlawanan persahabatan yang tidak memberi sebarang mata dalam liga sekali gus bercanggah dengan apa yang dijelaskan FAM kepada pihak media tempatan sebelum ini.

“Perlawanan Malaysia U21 (Harimau Muda A) dengan MFK Ruzomberok B hanyalah perlawanan persahabatan jadi MFK Ruzomberok B tidak mendapat mata dari perlawanan itu,” jelasnya ringkas menerusi kiriman e-mel semalam.


APA yang dibimbangi seperti tulisan saya pada 5 Februari 2010 sah menjadi kenyataan walaupun sebelum itu pihak berkenaan 'memperli' kononnya ada pihak yang sengaja pandai mengkritik dlm blog mengenai pemergian Harimau Muda ke Slovakia.

Seperti yang dinyatakan dalam tulisan tersebut, penyertaan HM hanyalah untuk mengisi kekosongan yang ditinggalkan oleh ŽP Šport Podbrezová. Dakwaan bahawa pasukan yang bermain menentang HM akan diberikan mata dan dikira dalam carta liga memang sejak dari awal lagi susah untuk dipercayai dan diterima akal. Namun begitu, pihak berkenaan tetap mahu menegakkan benang yang basah.

Maklumat yang diterima dari Slovakia menyatakan, Liga berkenaan telah bermula pada 11 Julai 2009 dan berhenti rehat pada 28 November 2009 setelah mengharungi 18 perlawanan, 11 dalam pusingan pertama dan 7 pusingan kedua (liga berkenaan mempunyai 12 pasukan termasuk HM dan bermain 3 pusingan menjadikan jumlah perlawanan 33 kali).

Ini bermakna, apabila liga disambung semula pada 27 Feb 2010, hanya 4 pasukan sahaja yang 'sempat' menentang HM pada pusingan kedua ini sementara 7 pasukan lepas telah 'terlepas'.
Jadi, bagaimana pihak berkenaan berkeras menyatakan mata akan diberi kepada 4 pasukan ini jika menang dgn HM? bagaimana dengan nasib 7 pasukan yang jadual melawan HM sudah terlepas?
(HM akan bermain 4 perlawanan dlm pusingan kedua dan 11 perlawanan dalam pusingan ketiga)

Kita yang tak paham sangat matematik ni pun tambah blur bila FAM kata mata akan diambilkira. Apa mekanisme yang mampu digunapakai oleh pihak pengajur untuk memberikan mata itu?

Anonymous said...

Ramli Ghose,
Alahai apa nak diherankan. You pernah tengok FAM mahu mengaku kesilapannya? Sedangkan team Zimbabwe yang hidup-hidup dia goreng kita, FAM masih tak mahu mengaku kesilapan mereka. FAM alaf baru yang kita kenal, memang susah nak mengaku kesalahan sendiri...

Kes terbaru yang ramai tak sedar, ref Malaysia tidak dibayar elaun mereka sejak Januari hingga la ni. Kalau ditanya bila nak bayar, mesti ada saja alasan yang tak masuk akal akan diberikan.

itulah FAM....

Anonymous said...

As long as politicians still involve in sports, lets not even hope anything will change. As they say, if you keep doing things in the same way, how can it yield different results? - Once an angry young frenchman.

one-in-the-hole said...

Plse plse plse. Where is the 1Malaysia ideals when the man in the street is faced with GST but the elites who can afford big cars, big homes and big women now get to park their big bums on BIG bbb...uggies????

Tolong la, is there no sensitivity; do these people who act like Santa Clause know how obscene that gesture is? If only Robin Hood were still alive today..where's the compassion of our great Tun Razak?

one-in-the-hole said...

Plse plse plse. Where is the 1Malaysia ideals when the man in the street is faced with GST but the elites who can afford big cars, big homes and big women now get to park their big bums on BIG bbb...uggies????

Tolong la, is there no sensitivity; do these people who act like Santa Clause know how obscene that gesture is? If only Robin Hood were still alive today..where's the compassion of our great Tun Razak?

Anonymous said...

I only hope that BSSK can come out with a statement to clear the air on what is/are the "real" situation", but I am also aware that they (BSSK) are not supposed to/cannot make any press statement. Government procedures that only the Minister, KSU or KPPM in MOE's case can make press statements.

This is my analysis from what has been reported and after the briefing to the 11 NSAs effected regarding the root cause of the problem. A budget cut from RM 6 million to only RM 1.5 million

So why are people barking up the wrong tree as regards the roles and functions of MSSM officers. What can they do with that limited funds?? They had to make the best of what they can do with the RM 1.5 million.

They are not the ONES who cancelled the 11 sports initially. All along they had planned to have all the 25 sports in 2010 calender immediately after the last MSSM games in August 2009, but were told not to finalise the 2010 calender for there might be a slight budget cut. Most expected it would be between 15-20% which is alot, but when the final figures were released by Bahagian Kewangan KPM that MSSM was getting only RM 1.5 million instead of the usual RM 6.0 million, WHAT can they do???. This is a 75% less. The sports that was decided for 2010 was then based on the RM 1.5 budget and was for games/sports that was going to be contested at the 2nd Asian Schools Games that, where Malaysia was going to be the host this time in July 2010. Thailand was the host last year and Malaysia did not send teams due to the overseas travel ban of H1N1.

The co-curriculum funds are supposed to come with the RM 85 million announced by DPM is for PCG - Per Capita Grant and not for MSSM activities. Is it coming?? when it is coming ??? that is a RM 85 million question??

Anonymous said...

aduii... Ramli Ghose..

sebelum HM p sana lagi pun orang dah tau yang game2 HM memang tak dikira mata pun. Harian Metro tu pun satu ketinggalan zaman yang teramat sangat. Sape yg jadi raja lawak ni sebenarnya? Harian Metro tu laaa yang buat lawak. Aku siap tengok kat news TV3 lagi, awal2 lagi diorang dah cakap game2 HM memang tak dikira mata pun. HM hanyalah mengisi 1 slot kekosongan dan perlawanan2 diorang hanyalah sebagai perlawanan persahabatan.

lain kali selidik dulu bro. jangan main hentam jaa.

ok.. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Apa lagi alasan yang bakal diberikan oleh setiausaha FAM Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad setelah segala – galanya terbongkar luas. Pekung yang dibuka melalui email oleh Michal Mertinyak iaitu Pengurus Komersil kelab Slovakia MFK Ruzomberok kepada akhbar Harian Metro semalam telah menceritakan segala – galanya terhadap tindakan kaki kelentong badan induk bola sepak negara ini. Hati peminat mana yang tidak kecewa setelah apa yang diwar – warkan oleh FAM sebenar bohong semata – mata.

Akhbar Harian Metro semalam yang bertajuk Raja Lawak di Slovakia memang benar – benar mengejutkan haku sebagai salah seorang peminat bola sepak tanah air. Jika sebelum ini haku beria – ia memuji tindakan FAM yang menghantar skuad muda negara menimba pengalaman bermain dalam perlawanan kompetetif diluar negara, sekarang aku diantara ribuan peminat bola sepak yang kecewa dengan tindakan FAM menipu hidup – hidup para peminat bola sepak tanah air. Mereka bersungguh – sungguh dan memekik bahawa tindakan mereka berjaya menyelamatkan nasib skuad Harimau Muda, tetapi sebenarnya tidak, mereka bukan saja menggunakan skuad Harimau Muda untuk menutup kelemahan mereka, malah sanggup menipu demi menyelamatkan diri.

Bukan itu saja, FAM juga sanggup membazirkan sejumlah wang untuk menampung perbelanjaan pasukan – pasukan yang akan menentang skuad Harimau Muda A dalam perlawanan – perlawanan “liga”. Jika dulu Datuk Azzudin berkata kepada media yang FAM bukanlah bodoh mahu menampung pasukan yang akan menentang skuad Harimau Muda A, ternyata sekarang beliau berjaya memperbodohkan para peminat dengan terbongkarnya berita yang dikeluarkan oleh akhbar berkenaan. Dan bukan itu saja, ia menunjukkan kebodohan sebenar FAM setelah pekung didada mereka terbongkar seluas – luasnya.

Haku tidak mahu mengeluarkan sebarang spekulasi berapa komisyen yang pegawai – pegawai FAM dapat setelah berita yang mengatakan FAM membayar pasukan – pasukan lawan yang akan menentang pasukan muda negara ini, tetapi bagi haku tindakan tersebut merupakan satu pembaziran kantung FAM. Mengapa perlu dibayar kepada pasukan – pasukan berkenaan sedangkan wang tersebut boleh disalurkan ke tempat – tempat yang sepatutnya seperti pembangunan diperingkat akar umbi ataupun membantu pasukan – pasukan negeri yang sedang mengalami masalah kewangan? Tidakkah ia membazirkan sejumlah wang dana yang diberikan oleh kerajaan kepada FAM untuk memajukan bola sepak negara?

Oleh itu, tindakan yang dilakukan oleh FAM ini bolehlah diibarat nasi sudah menjadi bubur, segala penipuan mereka akhirnya sudah terbongkar. Haku sangkakan FAM sudah berubah dan nasib skuad Harimau Muda A dapat diubah, rupanya tidak. FAM masih ditakuk lama, gemar bermain sandiwara. Mungkin inilah akibatnya jika jawatan – jawatan tertinggi FAM dipegang oleh ahli politik dan juga oleh orang – orang yang tidak tahu langsung pasal bola. Jika FAM tidak berubah, maknanya zaman bola sepak negara akan suram sampai bila – bila.

Kepada skuad Harimau Muda A dan juga Coach Azraii Khor, diharapkan anda semua bersabar dengan penipuan dan sandiwara FAM teruskan berlatih dan maju demi negara bukan demi mereka – mereka yang berada di atas singgahsana FAM. Sesungguhnya haku dan juga mungkin peminat – peminat bola sepak diluar sana akan terus menyokong anda dan akan terus berusaha memastikan FAM akan dapat dirombak 100% demi masa depan bola sepak negara -

Purple Haze said...

Voodoo Child,

Aku tak tau lah after 5 years but my idea is really to get down to the grassroots and motivate them to do well.

If someone has a better idea, go ahead but as some commentators have said, DPM is still talking only.

Action mau. And if it works, why change it ?

Anonymous said...

why no comment onm today 'MAI SINI'statement