Sunday, August 17, 2008

Samir's perfect debut

The English Premiership is taking a backseat as far as I'm concerned due to the Olympics in Beijing but while surfing channels just now, I had the good fortune of witnessing French international Samir Nasri's deftly struck goal for the Gunners against West Brom.

But to me Samir has to make the quantum leap if he is to be considered a key figure in Arsene Wenger's scheme of things.

If the Gunners think they have bought the new Zidane, they are sadly mistaken.

He is instead similar in many ways to Alain Giresse or Youri Djorkaeff, intelligent and nimble attacking midfielders who can play in the hole or on the flanks depending on the situation. Samir will do well if he can work towards emulating Djorkaeff in terms of overall contribution to the team, goalscoring rate and above all the swerving free-kicks.

But for sure Samir will improve under Wenger. Question is how fast and how much! By the way I applauded his through ball to Adebayor only for the Togolese to miss in the second half.

I'm no Arsenal fan but I appreciate their game. Also they have a French-speaking backfour, comprising three French and one Swiss player. In fact as many as seven French-speaking players were on the starting XI.


utusanLFC said...

Forget Arsenal. This season will be Torres's all over again. Last season he scored 33 goals (25 in the league) and he continued his good form in the Euro by scoring the winning goal for Spain (I won 2K for that!) and last night, he BANGED in he's 1st goal of the season. And Samir is not Torres, brader.

Anonymous said...

what perfect? he looks ordinary la, apart from the goal. Did u watch the only saw the goal what?
no la, he was lucky no one tracked him, ahh mediocre team like WBA, what can they do...bounce back to Div 1.

somemore home ground, see if he can hold his ground against better teams, then we talk..hahaha


Anonymous said...

Abang Rizal, spot on. Samir will be a revelation. Platini-esque. My analysis is simple, Chelsea look imperious and Man Utd are arent changing a winning team buying prudently unlike free spending Liverpool whom spent 20 million quid on keane whom only is worth a third of that money. So Arsenal will squeeze just nicely between Chelsea and Man U and it will go to the wire if arsenal keep injury free.


Arnaz M. Khairul said...

He joined the wrong team. Always had an eye on him. Damn, the line-up: Samir, Benzema, Ben Arfa, that O Lille youngster Cabaye... It is gonna be football's US Postal, Discovery.... But they also need a Johan Bruyneel in football to make it happen.