Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Foreign help...

The National Sports Council (NSC) is toying with the idea of naturalising more foreigners to help our sporting cause.

Read here.

NSC, over the years, have enlisted Irina Maharani, or formerly known as Irina Kotcherova (shooting), Yuan Yufang (race walk) and Hidayat Hamidon (weightlifting). Hidayat won the 69kg gold in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur before going missing and then making a comeback in Manchester 2002.

Yufang participated in her third Olympics in Beijing recently, while Irina is now a coach.

To a certain extent I agree.


mohamad mroweh said...

its not bad idea to hire foreign athletics , now we are in the new world , look at france,,, many of the sports men r from african orijin,, also turky took ethiopian girls, bahrain took from morco and ethiopia,,, qatar,, many and many,,,the idea is this,,, for a local runner to improve, he must do training with foriegn mates so that he can folow the same rythm and level,, ,,,and also he will comit to the foriegn standard ...malaysia have 6 stars sports structure,, this can atract many sportsmen from the poor african countries,, to come to malaysia and train here, so why we dont scout for this type of talent ,, who can serve the country for many yrs,,

KerinchiGuy said...

can you imagine hundreds of fans at the KLIA waiting to welcome back mercenary-sportsmen who had just won some gold medals for malaysia.

you cannot? i thought not.

stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

U tertinggal lagi dua orang yang di import supaya menjadi rakyat malaysia adnan jusoh dan rakib ahmad(roning tamanga)
Bagi saya banyak benda yang perlu di lihat, bolehkah persatuan kebangsaan sediakan satu sistem latihan dan juga kejohanan kebangsaan.persatuan kebangsaan tak ada duit dan mereka tak bersedia utk mencari duit,cuma mengharapkan 100 dpd msn. So kalau persatuan berubah dan jangan di politikkan I rasa boleh buat,tengok fam dah la bro sampai bila tak akan maju



khairyn said...

ah... but it's the collaboration of two anak malaysia that ends the olympic medal draught eh?

selamat menyambut ramadhan :)

muhammad hakimi said...

1st of all we have to look into the interest of Malaysian towards our sports. Most of our youngsters seem like losing the appetite to get involve in sports due to politicking, back stabbing etc etc. Look at wider scope 'bout these foreign athletes. Perhaps just concentrate on team events instead of giving an 'open policy' to all. Football or Volleyball or even Table Tennis. The culture of 'welcoming' them at KLIA all the time if they win world level tournament or even conferred them with Datukship for bringing back the title should be scrapped! Itu membazir masa!! We are pampering them too much! I'm seriously thought we should give it a go. Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Bung Karno said...


So these foreign -born Malaysians come home from Olympics with gold medals.

A few of them, gymnists, are 15year olds. By 2012, the govt pay RM 2m for gold + Tan Sri titles. For 15 year olds ?

One maonth after, they resettle in their country of birth.

Good luck Malaysia.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara said...

To quote one of your posters

Following Malaysia's failure to win a gold medal in Beijing, the cabinet has decided to recuit foreigners to represent the country in the 2012 Olympics.
If Anwar Ibrahim forms the government, expect to see Tyson Gay sprinting for us in London.
If Najib is in power, he will recruit Naidan Tuvshinbayar, who won Mongolia's first ever gold medal via judo.
If Tengku Razaleigh wins control after the UMNO elections, he will get Thai boxers.
The only fear is, that may be in London not as Malaysia but as Semangat 2012.

Maybe Datuk Zol was reading this?

Anonymous said...

Saya terkejut bila terdengar KPMSN hendak mengadaikan maruah bangsa dengan memberi kewarganegaraan kapada atlet asing. Bila MB Sel cadang bukan UiTM utk rakyat Malaysia kita bising, tapi kerakyat kita sanggup me%^&&*kan. Tolong lah gunakna kepakaran anak Malaysia untuk menghasilkan atlet Malaysia.
Kalau harapkan mereka kat MSN, yang berkelulusan entah Business kah pertanian kah Perikanan kah...ide-ide macam ini lah akan timbul......

Anonymous said...

Kawan-kawan semua,

Kalau ada idea nak majukan sukan sila daftar dengan KBS untuk turut serta semasa konvensyen Sukan yang akan di adakan selepas raya. Jangan asyik melalak tak tentu pasal, kutuk sana-sini tanpa beri sebarang pendapat yang konkrit.
Yes saya orang sukan tapi bukan orang MSN. Saya dari persatuan. Kita perlu sama-sama berusaha (bukan berkelahi) di dalam membangunkan sukan. Saya yang berada di persatuan lama masih tercar-cari resepi rahsia untuk menghasilkan pemenang pingat emas pertama di olimpik. Bukan senang seperti kata-kata kawan di sini.

Pengorbanan atlet, ibu bapa telah banyak. MSN juga telah menyalurkan banyak peruntukan. semuanya masih perlu diperbaiki.

England membelanjakan $222 juta paound untuk persiapan olimpiknya. Kita RM 19 juta. Jadi hasilnya memang la boleh dijangkakan.

Jangan sebab kita dengki dan sebagainya kita kutuk agensi-agensi yang melaksanakan program. kenapa kita tak kutuk diri sendiri.
adakah anak kita digalakkan menceburi bidang sukan??.
adakah kita menawarkan diri secara sukarela dalam membangunkan sukan??
Adakah kita terlibat dalam membuat dasar yang berkaitan sukan dengan memberi maklum balas dan cadangan bernas??

Berkokok di tepi pagar memang senang tetapi yang melaksanakan memang susah.

my two cents opinion
"Guy from Kodiang"

Anonymous said...

kalau nak ikutkan hati dan perasaan semua orang, satu apa pun tak kan jadi. yang penting untuk sukan itu sendiri, buat lah apa yang baik asalkan minat masyarakat Malaysia kembali bercakap positif pasal sukan, kembali meminati sukan dan mula menyokong akan kebangkitan sukan negara.

Arnaz M. Khairul said...

Bro, how can you agree?
This is MSN taking the easy way out and admitting their failures. Well, I agree that MSN are failing in some areas, but not all.
At the end of the day, results do matter. But then again, we should take a step back and embrace the pure principles of sport.
It should be about trying, and keeping ourselves trying. This is always a problem when we have politicians calling the shots. They just want to look good, no matter how they do it.
We should just keep what we have going and keep on learning how to improve the system and our development programmes.
The idiot politicians are always the ones who come up with the simple conclusions like, and I quote a respectable former football administrator who played a media role in Beijing,: "Our people don't have the physique. We're not built for ..." this sport and that sport... bla bla bla... These sorts of leaders should just remain in the political parties and get out of sport.
I am sure the examples from Beijing, such as the maimed table-tennis player from Holland, the one-legged marathon swimmer, that distance swimmer from Tunisia who won a gold medal, a Panamanian gold medal-winning long jumper and China winning a fencing gold medal should be enough to prove that these people are wrong.
They, the politicans, spend all the money and then try to put the blame on our people for their failures. That is wrong.
I am all against it. For MSN is not a business and they need to develop learning skills, not thinking all along that what they have is expert knowledge and expert advisors. WE need to develop learning skills, all of us in Malaysian sport.
IF we fail, we fail. But we must keep on learning.

Anonymous said...


What is the use when we are only proud to be Bangsa Malaysia but don't have the determination and mindset to strive for sports excellence or for that matter in other areas also. When our naturalised foreign athletes win a medal, can we consider it an achievement?

We are not professional in our approach and frequently happy with what we have achieved regularly. It takes more that words to perform at International stage. From training approach right up to nutrition we have to be discipline and practice scientific approach. We can not just hope for the best but need to practice sports like a religion to be the best. No talk about roti channai, maggie goreng and etc if we are serious enough. Can the athletes change their mind set and practice this?

izinni said...

pelik ... FAM nak ban import footballers. ni lain pulak kisahnya.

we have many good sportsmen still undiscovered. if the power that be in national sports take the time dan effort to really go out and train them, i'm sure we have more chong wei or even better.

btw, salam ramadhan for you and mrs :)

Hussain Abu Bolt said...

hello bro,

why only look for foreign athletes. kita patut cari foriegn DG of Sports, Foreign DG of ISN maybe get a foreigner and make him senator minister to handle sports. That way our sports culture will be similar to foreigners or at least we can pretend that we are as good as foreigners and that the Jamaicans or americans or the russians are no better.

maybe najib should read this and take cue.