Monday, February 27, 2012


Moi at bola@mamak? Actually it was fun to be part of Bola@Mamak over Astro SuperSport last week, thanks to the invite from Nick and Gang. Meeting Orangeman, Adrian and Ross Yusof in the flesh was really mentally-stimulating hahahaha.

I uttered a word not suitable for night time TV, silly me...naturally it was given the bleep censor. Imagine sitting on the chair normally reserved for Dez Corkhill.


Anonymous said...

I wish u cd be on the seat permanently. I really enjoyed the show but pls don't bring any BPL supporters into the show! I'll definitely switch to other channel :)

Belacak said...

I vote LC and Orangeman to be on the seat! Both of u are good in pointing out comments and ideas.

I think both of you miss the point of Political influence in footballer selection. There are cases where selection of players were made base on the recommendation by the friend-of-the friend of so and so Dato'.

It will be good program if BM has Bahasa Melayu subtitle.

Anyway, hope to see you on the next episode. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Sokong cdgn Belacak pasal subtitle tuh. Aku xde mslh utk tulis, ckp atau faham english, tp bola@mamak tuh aku rasa satu2nya rancangan bola yg memberi input berguna walaupon slot masa utk liga-m xbyk mcm bpl.Kalau ade subtitle, mungkin lg ramai yg blh follow n membangkitkan isu2 bola malaysia melalui facebook tuh.

HSKAMAL said...

Sorry Bro Rizal,

Who are this people in "Bola@mamak"
After watching it for the first time i tried to consume their comments and views,but i failed - You know what? after knowing that this guys are all a bunch of people from the entertainment industry, i quickly understood their views and comments are just mere fun and enjoyment for them-self and not in anyway reflect any qualified coaches views and analysis.

White-men came to malaysia and taking all malaysian for a ride... We, malaysian like to angkat matsalleh even when they sound stupid in their views and comments... - oops, sorry bro...

Don't play play ah...(PCK)

However, have fun and keep-on tickling your viewers.