Saturday, July 5, 2014

10 months, after...

Please accept my apologies for not having updated this blog for almost 10 months. The ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil has given me a reason to muster enough energy in my zombie-like existence to pen a few words. Since loose cannon last wrote the Malaysia Cup final review, a lot has happened obviously.

First and foremost, loose cannon was invited to write for the renowned footy mag, Four Four Two, the Malaysian version of course, in January. An honour indeed.

In the latest issue, the managing editor, Lee Seng Foo, suggested loose cannon to write about Dengan Izin, the hard-talk show mooted by Slamet Sazly Yakub, who comes up with ideas on the magazine shows over Astro Arena

Since early May, I have a new task. As editor of Arena E Mag, published or produced by Astro Digital Publications Sdn Bhd.

Surely highlighting Arena colleagues is a good option

The E Mag provides loose cannon the opportunity to explore another realm, where video, text and pictures are combined as one to cater to the young and tech-savvy audience. As a freelance editor, loose cannon gives himself a year to helm the E Mag under the watchful eye of managing editor, Datuk Hishamuddin Aun, before walking away into retirement. It could be earlier, if loose cannon's mid-40s psychological and physical state do not permit. 

Throughout the entire World Cup season, loose cannon is slated to appear on 18 occasions as a pre-show, half-time and post-match pundit. It's loose cannon's third successive stint following Euro 2012 and the Confederations Cup in 2013.

Shortly after the Dutch massacred Spain 5-1, loose cannon said while holding the 2010 FIFA World Cup technical report: "This goal by Iniesta in the 2010 now belongs to the museum. This defeat marks the beginning of the end of an era"

Former KL and MyTeam attacker Stanley Bernard Samuel has gone a long way since loose cannon covered him more than a decade ago. He was a member of the national Under-17 side helmed by Zainal Abidin Hassan and I covered the team extensively for the Malay Mail. Stanley has what it takes to make it as a serious football analyst. 

Loose cannon is thankful that he is part of a group of selected journalists picked to vote for the FIFA Ballon d'Or award since 2010

With Burn as host and former national defender Asmawi Bakiri as fellow pundit. Asmawi was a player at the Shah Alam Section 11 Project School whom I had the pleasure of interviewing in 1992. Graduated through the ranks to play for Selangor and the national team under Abdul Rahman Ibrahim. Now a regular feature of Astro Arena football shows. 

Loose cannon's views are also sought by Astro Awani, where loose cannon appeared on the talk show Bual Bola for the 2010 South Africa edition. Read the blog four years ago here

But on one of the live afternoon's news segment, loose cannon's mind went blank, not being able to remember Netherlands' opponents in the second round...what an embarrassing moment!

Ahead of the World Cup, loose cannon was contacted to appear as a guest of Persepsi, a talk-show of Islamic-based TV station Alhijrah. Appearing beside Sports Minister, YB Khairy Jamaluddin, was indeed a privilege.

Why is that loose cannon appears to be shorter than everyone else? But seriously having KJ saying "Rizal is a thinking journalist" indeed made loose cannon's day hahahahah. The topic was Mutu Sukan Negara and loose cannon was introduced as Personaliti Astro Arena. Persepsi is on every Monday and is hosted by Badrul Sani and Farhah Ruslan.

Surely the icing on the cake was loose cannon being featured as a guest in the GOOOL daily insertion of Harian Metro, the highest-selling Malay newspaper in the country.

For 20 years loose cannon spent his journalistic days waxing lyrical or offering opinions on people. Certainly a nice change. Someone commented how could they blow up loose cannon's picture bigger than that of Karim Benzema hahaha

Also being featured on Unreserved along with KJ, Jason Dasey, Abbas Saad and Shebby Singh was an honour too. Thank you Dazman.

Loose cannon thanks Allah for the blessings. Have a blessed Ramadan to all.

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