Sunday, August 12, 2012

When top media boss gives credit to Jaya'98...

New Straits Times Press Group Managing Editor Jalil Hamid gave special mention to former National Sports Council (NSC) director general, Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad, the driving force and the strategic thinker behind the Jaya'98 programme in his column today. Rightly so! Read his take here.

Having reported the NSC's programmes extensively from 1991 to 2008, I know for a fact that weightlifting was given a new lease of life with the setting up of a centre in Kuala Rompin, shooting moved away from the skeet and trap of Ally Ong, Kaw Fung Ying and Ricky Teh to ISSF categories (air pistol, air rifle, prone), cycling from emphasis on road to track and archery was developed - all under Mazlan's instruction. Mazlan was director-general of NSC from 1993 to August 2005. His shoes have proven too big to fill by his successors. Read something never before published in mainstream media


Anonymous said...

Bro give some credit to current management too..they manage to achieve what dato mazlan failed to achive during his tenure.

Yes we agreed dato mazlan revamp the whole structure and put in place something which going on until now but without someone manage it right for sure we didn't get today success.

Don't endulge to much into history and deny the future.

P.S I thought you already decree this olympic was a failure???

rizal hashim said...

who's denying the future?

not delving into history, just stating fact and linking an opinion from a top boss of a newspaper to this blog!

current management easy job of continuing a legacy. any new ideas?

that is why i label London2012 a failure.

mimya said...


should the current NSC management don't have any idea of creating malaysia sport's way forward...they should at least enhance or polish the masterplan that have been successfully crafted by Datuk Wira Mazlan's regime.

btw, I still believe the current NSC don't do that much...perhaps they should just begin with solving problems in KOM and BAM.

I am glad Datuk Lee Chong Wei won a silver medal again...but I am not happy for the fact that BAM can rely on that to say that they are succeed and on the right track (in fact they are DON'T - pls compare with China and Korea)'s similar to the case of football....i am glad we won AFF cup and sea games gold...but felt quite irritating as FAM becomes more arrogant and stubborn due to those victories.

come on the current something with KOM and BAM...that's the minimum thing you guys should do!

Anonymous said...

Seldom agree with RH on his points because of "certain" reasons. BUT
have to agree with him on this.. ITS A FAILURE!
Should change the current management!

HSKAMAL said...

When we talk about history, can i know what happen to the track and field events? We had many Asian standard runners and why NSC failed to produce runners like these?

To say that Dato Mazlan, was better is something we have to re-consider taking into consideration the failure to produce track event athletes.

For the records:

Batumalai Rajkumar
Rabuan Pit
110 meters event

Can Dato explain why we failed in these area of sports?

Anonymous said...

hahaha tang bantai no 1

Anonymous said...

Why is it so difficult for some to see. LONDON WAS A FAILURE BY ALL ACCOUNTS. PERIOD# The first step in any recovery process is to accept that we have come short...WAY SHORT. Those responsible should be made to leave right away.
Guess what, let them do the postmortem and new '4 year plans/ Road to Rio' it will not be surprising to see them justifying warming the seats another 4 years.And the story will go on till we loose everything.
Lets get on with it. Bring on some new faces and let them start fresh.

rizal hashim said...

HS Kamal, for your info,

When MAAU rejected the Russian coaches in 1993, Datuk Mazlan mooted the idea of athletics school at SAAS, Kajang, with coaches Dr Edwin Ozolin and Dr Sergei Sidorenko as the training leaders.

As a result,

1. Zaiful Zainal Abidin (national 400m record holder)
2. Noraseela Khalid (400m hurdles national record holder, silver medallist Asian Championship 2005, Asian Games bronze medallist 2006)
3. Roslinda Samsu (Asian Games silver medallist 2006, Asian champion 2007)
4. Malik Tobias (first decathlete to break the 7,000 mark barrier) not even Hanapiah Nasir did this
5. Nazmizan Muhamad (doubles SEA Games gold medallist 2003, first Malaysian after G Rajalingam in 1967)
6. Moh Siew Wei (national 100m hurdles record holder)

The job to produce athletes lies with the associations/schools. If these fail, then NSC must do something, which they did in 1993.

Now you tell me, your friends Zol and Ramlan, have they come up with something similar?

Let's judge them objectively.

Any ideas to produce divers, runners, footballers, hockey players, gymnasts or think beyond the existing infrastructure or system?

HSKAMAL said...

Thank you for the info bro Rizal.

Anyway, Zol and Ramlan are not my friends, but i respect them based on their leadership and ability in producing athletes directly or indirectly who can bring medals home from the olympic games. What about Dato Mazlan? was he able to bring home olympic medals when he was at the helm of NSC?

Nevertheless,i don't deny the ability of Dato Mazlan in our sports development, but lets not compare as everyone has got their shortcomings in someway.

dah berjaya 1998 said...

Anonymous August 13, 2012 2:47 AM - May I know what exactly "they manage to achieve what dato mazlan failed to achieve during his tenure"? Have beautiful offices, travel overseas a lot, split NSC & NSI but still achieving similiar results? Do share.

Anonymous said...

Awak tinggal nama hj zaki abd rahman dalam ulasan awak. Kalau tuan haji zaki tidak merancang pelbagai program pembangunan termasuk bakat khas olahraga saya rasa tiada nama-nama yang awak nyatakan di atas. Ye dato mazlan dg waktu itu tetapi siapa yang merancang program bakat khas? Siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh melawan karim? Jangan sapu bawah karpet nama hj zaki dan agungkan dato mazlan. Is not fair

rizal hashim said...

khas buat anon 8.58am,

idea datuk mazlan, dilaksanakan oleh hj zaki.

betul hj zaki yang laksanakan, saya juga satu-satunya wartawan yang aktif menulis mengenai olahraga dan isu semasa...

lain kali baca dulu la blog ini dari april 2008 baru komen noo hahahha

dah berjaya 1998 said...

HSKAMAL August 14, 2012 1:31 PM - "was he able to bring home olympic medals when he was at the helm of NSC?" he didn't laa, but 'Pada temasya Atlanta 1996 badminton menyumbang perak menerusi beregu Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock dan gangsa daripada perseorangan, Rashid Sidek.'. I believe Dato Mazlan held office starting from 1993 as mentioned by Rizal. So, only 3 years after he was at the helm I guess? Yes, I agree. We should and do not want to compare. One of Dato Mazlan's shortcoming I believe was he does not like to fire his staff. Hence ramai yang lupa diri now.

Anonymous said...

tuan rizal...lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama ka?? by the way what happen to noraseela yang tuan sebut-sebut?? setakat sea games?

Anonymous said...

En rizal blog awak terlalu popular. Mana nak baca 2008 punya. Jauh ke belakang. Tap sebut la nama hj zaki di celah-celah keagungan dato mazlan. Jangan la lupa dia. Mana ada org baca blog 2008 kalau sekarang dah 2012. Apa punya turrr da. Pembaca baru mana tahu. Baru adil kan kalau sebut nama dia. Satu lagi pandelela bukan product ssbj. Dia sekolah di ssbj sahaja. Ssbj mana ada buat program terjun. Yang laksanakan msn. Takan tak puji msn? Kalau nak kaitkan ssbj sebab bersekolah di sana then kena war-warkan sekolah asal pandelela yang asal. Baru adil. Kenapa selalu defensive bila ada teguran? Tidak boleh ada ide bercanggah ye?