Friday, October 17, 2008

Hammam blames the media?

Cheek to cheek, eh... Chung Mong Joon (left), Blatter and Hammam. Mong Joon, fondly known as MJ within the football circle, is the son of the Hyundai founder. He's not in Hammam's camp.

News from Bukit Jalil is that Mr Mohamed bin Hammam Al Abdulla is trying to pin the blame on the Malaysian media for Asian Football Confederation (AFC)'s decision to shift elsewhere.

I think Hammam is not only trying to move to Dubai and bring AFC along with him, but he's also eyeing the FIFA presidency. If not, he would not be issuing this kind of statement. Read here


kajang-today said...

why not imposing a term?

elok jgk, takdelah pemerintah FA tu berkuasa sampai akhir hayat walaupun performance tak sebagus mana.

You rasa negara mana elok start dulu saranan Hammam ni?

A Little Birdie said...

Will your ex-boss also be nominated for the FIFA secretary post?

Arnaz M. Khairul said...

If Hammam is so lame as to blame the media for his decision to shift, then he should take AFC and shove it up his *SS..
If he wants to sit in that chair and expect it to be as comfortable as his childhood cot, then he should move into a Siberian palace.
Not only will he be able to rest in comfort, he would be so far away, no media would ever bother to find him.
Then again, he's no Michel Platini or Sepp Blater, let us get that straight. He admits to his inability to handle even Malaysian media. I wonder whether he aims to take Asian football to similar levels as Europe. Because if that ever happens, I think the media frenzy that is sure to come with it, would chase Hammam and his palatial AFC house away to Antartica!!

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Malaysia dont need the AFC office in KL. similarly other international sports organization such as badminton. We are preoccupied with living with the past that it was Malaysia who was the driving force behind the setting up of the office. While theAFC office continues to flourish, Malaysian football continues to slide. Its like some political parties still unable to make changes...still living on past glory.

Anonymous said...

Say 'syukran' to Hammam and 'ma'as salamah' to AFC. They even can move to Ulan Bator if they want to, coz the President will have more peaceful mind there. Even he can starts employing new staff there. Cun-cun brader.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Rizaldo.

For the Game. For the World.

Freak On A Leash said...

Blaming on Malaysian media? Well, that's the easy way out. As we know, he is very pro-Arab so anything Malaysian media do which is against his views, we are to be blamed.

Anyway, we knew it all along that he hates it here and the local staff, which explains the exodus out - in fact some are in FAM now.

Only those who know how to bodek can be there now. Little bird told me that one of his staff can get kicked out and come back in again - why? Same species.

Enough said :)

Shahrim said...

think of this. afc house in dubai or abu dhabi.

well, uae or middle east is only few hours away from the fifa hq in zurich. the relocation to middle east will augurs well for mbh in his ambition to become the next fifa president.

if you notice, lately, he is making all the right noise to destabilise blatter's position in fifa.

it is an open secret mohamed bin hammam (mbh) has been eyeing to move the afc house to the middle east ever since he took over the presidency.

all of mbh's out-of-this-world wish list of requirements for a new afc house is only a wayang. it is a fact he hates all the regulations in this country.

the ball started to roll since 2004 with a report from middle east that mbh wanted to move afc house there. and for your info, i remember saudara rizal hashim back then made a report about it in malay mail.

the afc president dislikes all the red tapes and he was upset with related regulations and laws in this country (immigration and employment law in particular), he dislikes the local staff, he has issue with the afc house land title and many others. and i m not quite sure why he hates so much the local staff which include the long-serving staff in afc.

this guy is a very smart fella. among his first steps, he reduced the role of dato' peter velappan (dpv) to get a better grip on afc administration. it was an open secret that the so-called dato' peter velappan's retirement was not entirely a fair voluntary exercise.

later in december 2005, mbh initiated a move that is almost unheard in malaysia employment practice.

mbh 'offered' all of the local afc staff a fixed term contract, a conversion from their permanent staff status.

and guess what. the fixed term appointment for all local staff was set on four-year period and the contract will tamat tempoh somewhere in december 2009.

yes, you guess it, it will expire just nice, right about the time few months after the afc congress in middle of next year. of course, the relocation is subject to availability of a host nation willing to provide them with special privileges.

we know well the possibility is there. most of the delegates from various national associations may vote for the the proposal to move afc house elsewhere since mbh has a very good 'relationship' with most national associations across asia.

as arsenal fans always said, "arsene knows what he is doing".

in this case, mbh knew how to execute his plan and he works it out very well.

abdul rahim said...

It should be implemented in Malaysia first. Let the professional run the FA and state's FA.